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The Results Are In … Two-Thirds Majority (67%) of T/E Parents Commit to Full In-Person Learning!

TESD parents were asked to select full in-person learning or 100% virtual instruction and submit the District’s form by March 3. As we learned at the special board meeting this week, the commitment was important to aid the District in the logistical details (such as classroom setup, bus routes, cafeteria/lunch arrangements, etc.).

The results from the parent’s commitment form are in and posted on the District’s website. Districtwide, the commitment is approximately two-thirds majority (67%) of parents are choosing full in-person learning and approximately one-third (33%) of parents are choosing virtual instruction.

The response to the District is clear — the majority of the parents want their children back in school full-time. Starting March 15, the schools will be open four days a week for instruction (Wednesday virtual only) with the hope for five days a week to follow. Once the schools reopen for full in-person learning the hybrid model will no longer exist although students can remain completely virtual.

T/E parents commitment to full in-person learning is shown in the graph below – Districtwide breakdown and also by individual school:

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  1. To those who have commented on biological sex and sports, I would like to share this detailed information from Rebecca R. Helm, Biologist and Assistant Professor at UNC-Asheville:

    “Biological classifications exist. XX, XY, XXY XXYY and all manner of variation which is why sex isn’t classified as binary. You can’t have a binary classification system with more than two configurations even if two of those configurations are more common than others…

    I see a lot of people are talking about biological sexes and gender right now. Lots of folks make biological sex seem really simple. Well, since it’s so simple, let’s find the biological roots, shall we? Let’s talk about sex…
    If you know a bit about biology you will probably say that biological sex is caused by chromosomes, XX and you’re female, XY and you’re male. This is ‘chromosomal sex’ but is it ‘biological sex?’ Well…

    Turns out there is only ONE GENE on the Y chromosome that really matters to sex. It’s called the SRY gene. During human embryonic development the SRY protein turns on male-associated genes. Having an SRY gene makes you ‘genetically male.’ But is this ‘biological sex?’

    Sometimes that SRY gene pops off the Y chromosome and over to an X chromosome. Surprise! So now you’ve got an X with an SRY and a Y without an SRY. What does this mean?

    A Y with no SRY means physically you’re female, chromosomally you’re male (XY) and genetically you’re female (no SRY). An X with an SRY means you’re physically male, chromosomally female (XX) and genetically male (SRY). But biological sex is simple! There must be another answer…

    Sex-related genes ultimately turn on hormones in specifics areas on the body, and reception of those hormones by cells throughout the body. Is this the root of ‘biological sex?’

    ‘Hormonal male’ means you produce ‘normal’ levels of male-associated hormones. Except some percentage of females will have higher levels of ‘male’ hormones than some percentage of males. Ditto ‘female’ hormones. And…

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    Maybe cells are the answer to ‘biological sex,’ right? Cells have receptors that ‘hear’ the signal from sex hormones. But sometimes those receptors don’t work. Like a mobile phone that’s on ‘do not disturb.’ Call and call; they will not answer.

    What does this all mean?

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    Try out some combinations for yourself. Notice how confusing it gets? Can you point to what the absolute cause of biological sex is? Is it fair to judge people by it?

    Of course, you could try appealing to the numbers. ‘Most people are either male or female,’ you say. Except that as a biology professor I will tell you…

    The reason I don’t have my students look at their own chromosome in class is because people could learn that their chromosomal sex doesn’t match their physical sex and learning that in the middle of a 10-point assignment is JUST NOT THE TIME.

    Biological sex is complicated. Before you discriminate against someone on the basis of ‘biological sex’ & identity, ask yourself: have you seen YOUR chromosomes? Do you know the genes of the people you love? The hormones of the people you work with? The state of their cells?

    Since the answer will obviously be no, please be kind, respect people’s right to tell you who they are, and remember that you don’t have all the answers. Again: biology is complicated. Kindness and respect don’t have to be.”

  2. Thank you for your post. Planned Parenthood also should be thanking you. It has been reported, their business model has been changed to perform more sex change operations to young Americans. It has become a very profitable business model. Unfortunately for those young Americans, if they change their mind as they grow older, it’s difficult to reverse the operation.

    “Please be kind”
    Yes, please be kind & respect young, developing girls and allow them to compete in sports against other biological girls.

    Otherwise, they are vulnerable to low self esteem, anxiety & depression.
    Not to mention, loosing college scholarships by biological boys.

    After all, kindness trumps everything and goes both ways.

  3. Who isn’t kind? One can agree that no one should stigmatize another human being because of who or what there are. It is important to be tolerant and treat everyone as a child of God. However, sports in this Country is defined generally into, because of fairness, a division where the sexes normally do not compete in co-ed fashion. I don’t understand the bottom line with the “Not Either/or” post. Is it that we should not be concerned about the inherent unfairness of biological boys competing as girls in sports? One can be very sensitive to someone’s plight but also feel there has to be boundaries that fit with common sense. Is the solution a radical re-evaluation of how sports are conducted? How about how athletic scholarships are awarded? Being kind what TESD is all about. Not sure what is being advocated other than what seems to be normal here in our excellent school district.

  4. The teacher with the. screen name—-not either/or——is describing the gender spectrum which visualizes gender as a continuum stretching from men to women and masculine to feminine. Gender identities other than man or woman are considered to be non-binary.

    * A 2015 Fusion Millennial poll of adults ages 18-34 in the USA found that the majority see gender as a spectrum, rather than a man/woman binary.
    * A 2017 Harris Poll of millennials found that 12% identify as transgender or gender non-conforming.
    * Research by J. Walter Thompson Intelligence (the research arm of the global marketing communications company) found that 56% of those aged 13-20 know someone who uses gender-neutral pronouns (such as they/them).

  5. Does anyone know why my 6th grade daughter was asked to complete a survey to indicate her preference to either continue the current arrangement of four days of in-person instruction with virtual instruction on Wednesdays, or return to five days of in-person instruction after April 19.
    The parents all received the same survey.
    Are parents really leaving it up to the kids to decide, and more importantly, is the board really going to consider student opinion?

    1. Inmates…..asylum, and either/or,

      I can’t answer your questions inmates….asylum, but I have a few questions I’d like the teacher—-either/or——— to answer if he/she would.

      Based on the content of either/or’s comment, I’m assuming he/she is a teacher at CHS. There’s a wide gap between what high school aged children and their parents understand regarding information and knowledge about gender fluidity. I have often wondered how high school aged children know so much about gender fluidity and why and how they fiercely defend it and their peers who identify as non-binary. I’m wondering if the teacher —-either/or —- could please comment on this.

      Specifically, I’m wondering if when teaching the children the information that’s in your comment, do you give them instruction on how they should interpret this information?

      Do you moralize to the children in your classroom and tell them they should be kind to children who identify as gender fluid, the same as you instructed readers to be kind to people who identify as gender fluid on this blog?

      This is very new to parents and the general population. I don’t have a problem with it, I’d just like to know how it’s being taught in the schools.

      * and since you’re a teacher, maybe you could comment on the survey and why it was administered to students.

  6. So, what’s the feedback about going back to school?
    Looks like the high school and middle school (predictably) are having some positive tests.

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