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Will 2021 Mark a Sea Change in Local Tredyffrin and Easttown politics?

The 2021 Primary Election is in a few weeks on Tuesday, May 18 but how many know the candidates on the ballot? In the lead up to the primary, campaign signs are dotting the community but for some, the candidate names may be unfamiliar. Locally we are seeing less incumbents seeking reelection.

Tredyffrin Township supervisor Kevin O’Nell (D) and Easttown Township supervisors Marc Heppe (R) and Jim Oram (R) will not seek reelection. The four members of the TE School Board not seeking reelection are Scott Dorsey (I), Tina Whitlow (D), Mary Garrett Itin (D) and Kyle Boyer (D).

With many incumbents not seeking re-election, it means “new” names on the ballot. Over the last several weeks, many of the first-time candidates have reached out and I have had the pleasure to meet and get to know them. My initial reaction to the candidates I met is “wow” and, that our community is lucky to have so many well-qualified residents willing to serve! Thank you!

Below is the list of our local candidates for Tredyffrin and Easttown Townships Board of Supervisors and for the TE School board.

Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors

There are three Tredyffrin Township supervisor positions available – two at-large and one in the middle district. Currently serving middle district supervisor Kevin O’Nell (D) has chosen not to seek reelection. At-large supervisors Murph Wysocki (D) and Matt Holt (D) are seeking re-election. Terms are four years.

Two attorneys, three corporate executives and a member of the Army National Guard will vie for Tredyffrin Township’s three available supervisor seats.

For Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors, the Tredyffrin Township Democratic Committee has announced the following candidates:

  • Supervisor at Large: Murph Wysocki, Attorney *
  • Supervisor at Large: Matt Holt, Attorney *
  • District 2 (Middle): David Miller, Retired executive, president of Chesterbrook Civic Association

* Incumbent

For Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors, the Tredyffrin Township Republican Committee has endorsed the following candidates:

  • Supervisor at Large: Sean Sweeney, Corporate executive
  • Supervisor at Large: Jim Zdancewicz, Business executive
  • District 2 (Middle): Nick Sarracino, member of Army National Guard


Easttown Township Board of Supervisors

There are two Easttown Township supervisor positions available – currently serving supervisors Marc Heppe (R) and Jim Oram (R) have chosen not to seek re-election. The Supervisors, who are all elected at large, serve staggered terms of 6 years.

An attorney, a corporate executive, an engineer, and an educator will vie for Easttown Township’s two available supervisor seats.

For Easttown Township Board of Supervisors, the Easttown Township Democratic Committee has endorsed the following candidates:

  • Supervisor at Large: Alex Bosco, Professional Engineer
  • Supervisor at Large: Eric Unger, Attorney

For Easttown Township Board of Supervisors, the Easttown Township Republican Committee has endorsed the following candidates:

  • Supervisor at Large: Alessandra Nicolas, Corporate executive
  • Supervisor at Large: Jay Jennings, Educator


TE School District School Board

The TE School District school board race is going to be interesting as there are no incumbents on the ballot – Scott Dorsey (I), Tina Whitlow (D), Mary Garrett Itin (D) and Kyle Boyer (D) are not seeking reelection. Terms on the school board are four years.

Voting Precincts:

Region 1- Tredyffrin E-2, E-3, E-4, E-5, M-1, M-2, M-5, M-6, W-3, W-4,
Region 2- Tredyffrin M-3, M-4, M-7, W-1, W-2, W-5
Region 3- Tredyffrin E-1, Easttown 1-7

The Tredyffrin Township and Easttown Democratic Committees endorsed the following candidates for the office of Tredyffrin-Easttown School Director:

  • Region 1: Dr. Yolanda Allen, Nonprofit executive
  • Region 2: Dr. Robert Singh, Vascular surgeon *
  • Region 3: Susan Audrain, Retired
  • Region 3: MaryAnn Piccioni, Constituent Services Advisor for State Representative

(* Region 2 School board candidate Nancy Coradi (D), Sales & Marketing Specialist is challenging Singh in primary)

The Tredyffrin Township and Easttown Republican Committees endorsed the following candidates for the office of Tredyffrin-Easttown School Director:

  • Region 1: Leslie Elken, Educator
  • Region 2: Deanna Wang, Pharmaceutical consultant
  • Region 3: Rachel Kill, Senior underwriter
  • Region 3: Bill Nolan, Retired cost price analyst


The COVID-19 pandemic overwhelmed the functioning of school districts (and school boards), including T/E. Few would question that this past year has been difficult for schools, and for school boards who oversee them. Could this be part of the reason that no incumbents are seeking reelection?

With four seats available on the TE School Board and no incumbents on the ballot, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens. Except for Scott Dorsey who is a registered Independent (although he was elected as a Democrat), the remaining school board directors are all Ds. The nine candidates vying for the four school board seats represent diverse and varied backgrounds.

In recent years, I do not recall a primary election for the school board where there is a challenge for a seat, but we have that this year. The local democratic committee officially endorsed Robert Singh as their candidate for Region 2. However, Nancy Coradi (D) is challenging Singh in the primary election. Here is a case where your vote in the primary election matters. Once the votes are counted, either Singh or Coradi will move onto the general election in November against Republican Deanna Wang.

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  1. So glad to see this email concise and explaining well lets hope we get our schools back they way they should be ….

  2. Why are you seeking elective office?: I believe that all judges in Pennsylvania should be required to possess a law degree as a minimum requirement. I am the only candidate for District Judge 15-1-02 who holds a law degree; additionally, I have over a decade of experience representing clients and the citizens of Chester County in court in both criminal and civil cases. I have advocated in courts ranging from District Court to the U.S. Supreme Court, and I know how a good courtroom should be run. I believe in equal access to justice and the sanctity of the protections enshrined in our Constitution for all people.

    The single most pressing issue facing this district is: The single most pressing issue facing our district is ensuring that all people who enter a courtroom can leave with the knowledge that the judge who heard their case has the legal education and experience necessary to properly evaluate and adjudicate their case. As the only candidate with a law degree and broad experience practicing in the criminal and civil justice systems, I believe that I possess the qualifications necessary to fulfill this necessary role.

    What are the critical differences between you and the other candidates seeking this post?: I am the only candidate for District Judge 15-1-02 who possesses a law degree, and the only candidate who has advocated for clients in court. I have been a criminal prosecutor at the Chester County District Attorney’s Office but have also represented individuals accused of crimes. On the civil side, I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants. I believe my qualifications and experience make me the most independent candidate, as judges should be.

  3. Before reading this post, I did not know that 4 school board directors were not seeking reelection. I hope that we can look forward to board members serving who have a better grasp of finances. Annual tax increases needs to stop.

  4. Are any of those running parents of current students? Ideally elementary or middle school? It would be nice to see someone who has school age children (not kids who graduated x amount of years ago) who can put themselves in the shoes of those who decisions will be made for in terms of school actions in the future. I am glad to see a few educators on the docket.

    1. Let me think — I know that candidates Nancy Coradi, Deanna Wang, Leslie Elken, Rachel Kill and Robert Singh all currently have children attending school in the District. According to her bio, candidate Yolanda Allen has two children but I do not know their ages or whether they attend District schools. The children of candidates Bill Nolan, Susan Audrain and MaryAnn Piccioni are grown and not currently attending District’s school

      1. Dr. Allen presently has a child in the middle school and the high school. They are a wonderful family who has been in the district since the kids were little.

    2. Local Parent of Elementary Child,

      Thank-you for your comment but the last thing we need on the docket are more educators. Directors Stacy Stone, Sue Tiede, Kyle Boyer and Roberta Hotinski…..all ex teachers, ex Administrators, current teachers and/or educational professionals. They are all inherently bias towards the Administration and teachers and teachers Union. Decisions are made with the teachers and Administrations best interests first. Tax payers are after thoughts in a system that routinely justifies granting Administration anything they want with no over site.

      It’s the same thing as having a Magistrate Judge who is an ex cop with no law degree. Think about that.

      Tredyffrin Easttown residents are highly educated and extremely sophisticated people. We deserve better than to be represented by people who are on our Boards and head our Courts who can’t do their jobs effectively because they lack objectivity due to the nature of their professional backgrounds. Teachers and Administrators should not be on school boards. Cops with no law degree should not be judges.

      The good ole boy network is over. Elect qualified, educated people who fairly represent all citizens.

    3. I have a son just graduated from CHS last year and a daughter who is a 6th grade in TE Middle School. I have been sitting in the school board meetings for the past several years and founded Chinese American Parent Association to engage more actively with school district governance. I am a parent of TE student therefore I can absolutely feel what other parents feel. If you want a parent representative who understands what real issues we are facing nowadays to be on school board, please vote for me if you live in Region 2.

      1. Our school board members need to utilize the experts in the community. As I just commented to Robert Singh, we cannot all be good at everything – rather than confront those they aim to serve, school board members need to be willing to listen and take advice when needed.

  5. Thank you, Pattye, to lay out this year’s race for our voters. It is quite important for the local residents to come out to vote. I have forwarded your blog to CAPA-TE (Chinese American Parent Association at TE) community. Your blog has provided so much insightful information to our members. I just want to thank you for running this website and keeping us informed with community matters.

    1. Thank you Deanna. Since making this post, I have received several emails and calls from residents who had no idea that four current board members are not running. With the certainty of four new school board directors as a result of the November general election, it makes it really important for people to do their homework and know the candidates.

      I appreciate your sharing the candidate information with the Chinese American Parent Association — for school board and for township board of supervisors.

      Residents need to take the opportunity to learn about the candidates before the election. For those residents that are not yet registered to vote, now’s the time — the last day to register to vote in the primary election on May 18th is May 3rd. For information on voter registration, here’s the link:

  6. Thank you Pattye for your informative preview of the candidates. We have a wonderful roster of talent from our community to lead in the next four years. As every election cycle this election is vital for the school board. In the next four years they will need to make crucial decisions on what the school life will look like in a post pandemic world. Will they continue to raise taxes or have the boldness to challenge the last 16 years of tax hikes? Will they support a 0 tax increase? They will have to negotiate the contracts of the Superintendent, Business Manager, Teachers, TENIG, Staff and Act 93 employees. Will they renew the Superintendent and Business Manager contracts? How will they navigate spending and education programs? Will they support building a new elementary school? How will they engage the public for their input on all issues? These are all relevant issues the new members of the board will face in the next four years.I am hopeful for candidate answers. Will all the community be able to participate in seeing the candidates in a public debate answering questions from the public? I want to also note that it is great that candidates have children in the district. I’m a guardian of a child in the district, but I am an old guy who also wants seniors to have a major voice on the board. They pay taxes and vote just like any other voters. Best wishes to all the candidates. Don’t let your Political parties keep you from your true instincts. To the candidates be honest about who and what you support. Be you and don’t be afraid to say what you really think. I thank you for not being afraid or intimated to run for Political office in these complex times. May you have a great experience in running for political office. -Scott Dorsey

    1. Thank you Scott for your insightful remarks — hopefully the school board candidates (as well as those board members who will continue to serve) will carefully consider the crucial decisions which await.

      I, like many others in this community, was so troubled by the 2.6% tax increase last June, in the middle of the pandemic — which marked the 16th straight year of tax increases. I also recall that it took nearly 2 hours last year for the solicitor to read all the comments from the public — only ONE resident supported a tax increase, the rest were in complete opposition. Elected to serve all the residents of the TE School District, the Board remained unmoved by the outcry from the community and passed the tax increase 8-1. Only YOU continued to voice opposition and voted against the increase!

      Will the budget vote June 2021 be any different? I watched last night as the Board voted 6-3 in support of the 0% tax increase. But will the tax increase cycle really be broken with the final budget vote in June? I know that you have the backs of the residents Rev. Dorsey and will vote against a tax increase, but how will the remaining Board members vote? As some of the Board members who voted against the 0% tax increase stated last night — they felt it was disingenuous to approve a preliminary budget at zero increase and then turn around and vote for a tax increase in June. Only time will tell if the the community will face the 17th straight year of a tax increase.

      There was disappointment mentioned during the meeting that so few residents had sent comments in about the budget — the truth is that sadly the resident comments simply haven’t made a difference on the budget (or other issues for that matter).

      The community is really going to miss your voice! Thank you for weighing in with your comments tonight and hope that you will continue to do so, it makes a difference!

    2. Anyone expected a quick change in direction from the district and school directors will be disappointed. Novice school directors are fairly clueless for two or more years and will be rubber stamps for the administration. The superintendent, solicitor and business manager will give dozens of reasons why the administration’s advice is sound and why school directors should vote accordingly. Budgeting, staffing and labor negotiations are complex subjects requiring experience and perspective before a school director will “buck the party line”. Neither are present in novice school directors. I’d be interested to hear how long it took Mr. Dorsey before he felt confident to vote in the minority. It took me years.

      1. Thanks for your comments Keith. Several “new to politics” school board candidates (and supervisor candidates) have reached out to me in the last several weeks. Understanding that they are not yet elected and that they are new to the politics, there was a common thread among the candidates — that they decided to run because they feel that the community no longer has a voice.

        There is a real commitment among some of these candidates for change. I get that making promises as a candidate is much different than making decisions once elected. However, I am encouraged by many of these school board candidates — they are making commitments for change that I never heard school board candidates say in the past. I’m hopeful.

    3. Scott, Thank You for your insights and excellent questions! I wholehearted agree with you, candidates need to be transparent and honest with the community (both school board & supervisor candidates).

      And Thank You Pattye for providing voters the candidates. Now, it’s up to the voters to do their HOMEWORK—read candidate’s Facebook pages, twitter posts, and ASK why are they running, what do they plan to do, what is their vision of TE etc.

      By doing so, it should reduce any surprises once they are elected.

  7. Mr. Knauss,
    I have been running for office for the last 12 years. Every candidate has the desire to change and focus on transparency. Once your on the board you are met with reality. To make significant change you need to convince 4 other board members. In my early days I voted against the para-professionals being turned into contracted services, the business manager contract and act 93 pay raises. I was in the minority vote in each of those situations. I did have to fight for respect. I did learn early it was important to communicate with all board members and be not intimidated by others who had been on the board for years. You do spend several hours in preparation in reading materials for meetings, policies and committees. I was glad my older children were on their way out of the district. It puts them in a spotlight that may not be good to them. You have to walk a fine line in making sure your family is not given any special treatment. People will look up your children’s social media and check every word they say. My experience for nephew is much different than my older children. He was picked on by other students and found it difficult to make friends. You will not have the same privacy. Every donation that you received and gave to political and non profit groups will be scrutinize. No one from the public really understands what you go through after the campaign is over and governance begins. Don’t get me wrong it was a great experience, but it is a sacrifice for your family. You are in the spotlight. People will approach you at all times while you are out with family or sporting events. I have no complaints. I will always cherish the experience. -Scott Dorsey

  8. Scott Dorsey,
    Upon reading your post of making sure your family is not given special treatment, one had to wonder an obvious question. Was your son given special treatment when hired to work at CHS. You were the school board president at the time. Your son was hired as security. The position requires 2 years experience along with other qualifications. As hired right out of college, did he have necessary and required qualifications? Was there an unspoken ‘wink and nod’ to hire him among board members, the school and staff administration ? I have no doubt that he is a nice young man. But the question does lend itself to ask, was there preferential treatment in his hiring?

    1. Aware Parent,

      Thank you for allowing me to talk about my son. He was a Student from College of Holy Cross with his degree in Sociology. One the best colleges in the country. He was an Academic Honor Student in Sociology. Winner of the College President Award. All Patriot League Football player. Police Departments ask if he would be interested in being a police officer like his grandfather and cousins. Personally as his dad, I thought he was over qualify for the Stoga job and I would have prefer him working as an NFL scout or for many of the Holy Cross Alum. By the way he made mode more money an hour doing jobs for DoorDash. I had my first job at his age age as a Private Investigator with no experience in 1986 with a firm in Harrisburg. 55fI did not aquire with anyone for him to come back to Stoga. The joke in our community is that the only reason I got elected was on the popularity of my children. My children know more people than I ever have known. He was asked to coach both Conestoga football, track and basketball teams. He opted to coach at Marple Newtown. Whatever Martin got he received on his own. Malvern Prep has tried recruiting him to their staff. Martin never needed me for anything. He is even more handsome than me. If anything he got the job despite of me. I was never that popular. He currently lives in New York, sells real estate, loves the Lord and is pursuing his acting career. By the way his first paid acting gig was for the cable show Mare of Easttown. To all the candidates these are things to be aware of as you move forward. Someone will always question your every move. That is their right. Don’t be put off if someone questions you in an alias name. You can always contact me personally if you have a question and I will always keep your identity confidential. Candidates be honest and prepare your family/children for being under the microscope. Best wishes to all the Candidates. -Scott Dorsey

      1. Scott,

        As you state above, as a public official, Aware Parent has every right to question your every move and I’m glad he/she did question your son’s employment by the District when you were President of the School Board. IMO, public officials should be held to a higher standard of conduct than a typical citizen but that doesn’t happen in TE.

        Aware Parent/Resident or any resident should watch very closely what public officials say and do. It is our constitutional right and our civic responsibility to hold officials accountable for their actions.

        And your pot shot at Aware Parent for using a screen name is uncalled for. No one knows better than you do, having served on the school board for as long as you have, that citizens and parents who speak up suffer immeasurable retribution—-to themselves, their families and their children. You don’t and you never will suffer retribution because you served on the school board.

        Scott, YOU be honest.

        I thank you for your service and I thank Aware Parent for their comment.


        Do not ever let anyone shame you about using a screen name when expressing your opinion. The Supreme Court says you can do it and it’s your Constitutional right.

        1. Aware Citizen,
          I am sorry you took my references to using an alias in a negative way. If you read my whole message I stated that is your right and I am good with however people want to deliver their message. I just wanted everyone to know my door is open to you and everyone to meet with me on any issue and your identity will always be kept confidential. I have done that for many families. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Scott,
    You say,
    “I am sorry you took my references to using an alias in a negative way.”

    This is not an apology. It does not take ownership for your words and it does not show remorse or understanding for what you say above. It implys there is something wrong with me.

    If you don’t want to be called out for saying::

    “”””To all the candidates these are things to be aware of as you move forward. Someone will always question your every move. That is their right. Don’t be put off if someone questions you in an alias name. “”””

    You might want to rephrase your message so it doesn’t sound so angry, accusatory, or blaming.

    And finally, taxpayers and parents, residents and citizens don’t “question your every move.” Everything you say about your son is true but when he gets a job in the school district when you are President of the schools board, it gives the appearance of impropriety. And it should be questioned.

    ****I don’t think it’s a joke. You did win your first election because of your kids.

  10. Aware Citizen,
    I have no issue with you. You have a right to say what you want to say. You may like my answers, but that is what makes America great. We can agree to disagree. I do take issue with the appearance of impropriety. If you have proof of something please share. It is interesting you attack me, but many former members of the board before me had family work in some type of capacity for the district. Again everyone has a right to their opinion. I just ask if you are going to make an accusation about my character or family show the public the proof and let’s have a real debate. Have a great day.

  11. Scott,

    You and your family are the greatest of all time.

    It is common practice in the business and legal communities to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. IMO, it should be even more considered in the political arena.

    I am not attacking you. I am bringing to light actions by public officials that give the appearance of impropriety. You mention above that:

    “””but many former members of the board before me had family work in some type of capacity for the district.””

    I find it troubling that you don’t understand how troubling this is.

    Where does it stop? It doesn’t stop.

    We have an ex cop with no law degree serving as a Magisterial Judge.

  12. Aware Citizen,
    I understand what you’re saying, but your not understanding what I am saying. If you’re going to say I am guilty of an impropriety with absolutely no proof. Is that fair to me and my family? We have played by the rules and law as a family and you’re going to throw shade(accusations) at me with no proof. What does a person running with with no law degree have to do with me? The voters will make that decision on that candidate. I am always willing to debate facts and not fiction. As I said before, every citizen has the wonderful right to their opinion. Again, we will agree to disagree. I do wish you and your family a great afternoon. Please enjoy this wonderful weather.

  13. Have attended SB meetings for over 29 years not once have I heard ANY discussion of the impropriety of a family member working for the district. Why now ?
    Also in the state of PA one does NOT have to be a lawyer or have attended law school to be a minor court judge . If it bothers you now just before a primary WHAT have you done to change the law ?
    Nine US presidents NEVER even attended attended college..had ENOUGH of the political pettiness.Scott and Tom are decent men and do not deserve this .

    1. CHV,

      Thank-you for attending board meetings for 29 years. We need more citizens like you.

      You ask:

      “”””Have attended SB meetings for over 29 years not once have I heard ANY discussion of the impropriety of a family member working for the district. Why now ?””””

      Until Scott’s comment, no one knew about it until now. The Administration is not going to announce at Board meetings or anywhere else that they hire family members of Board members. They know that it gives the appearance of impropriety, they know it gives them power and they know the highly educated and extremely sophisticated residents in this community would see straight through it and know exactly what it means.

      You ask:

      “”””If it bothers you now just before a primary WHAT have you done to change the law ?”””””

      I have done nothing to change the law, and it has bothered me for years, not just now before the primary. Although I do believe the law should be amended to ensure that every elected judge be required, at the very least, to have a law degree, the easy remedy is to elect a qualified person with experience on both sides, prosecution and defense, who is highly qualified and has earned a law degree!

      This is NOT political pettiness. Because people are nice or are your friend or you like them does not mean they are qualified for important positions in the community that affect people’s lives in a very serious way.

  14. Scott,

    The proof is evident.

    When the Administration gives family members of Board Members jobs, it gives the strong appearance that decision making by that Board member may be compromised due to the bias that may be created by the family member getting that job from the Administration. Your family member works for the very same people who come to you for approval for what they want.

    It’s the same thing as an ex cop (with no law degree) serving as a Magisterial Judge. He’s friends with the police. He is inherently bias. To walk in a court room and see the judge laughing and socializing with the police who are there to make a case against the defendant, is disconcerting and demoralizing to say the least.

  15. Aware Citizen,
    Again I disagree. We never will agree on that point. You will continue to throw innuendos with no facts. I think you just like talking with me. I end with with a great quote from one of my favorite actors Anthony Hopkins. “It is none of my business what people say or think about me. I am what I am and I do what I do. I expect nothing and I accept every critique or criticism. It makes life easier.” As I go off the board I wish each candidate the best success. This election isn’t about me. It is about the candidates and their vision for the school district. Thank you Pattye for this venue for the community.

  16. Scott,

    I am not throwing innuendos with no facts. You are distorting my organized, well laid out, very clearly stated points.

    Yes, you’re right, I do like talking to you and you must like talking to me too because you have been all day long.

    Please continue posting your comments on CM’s. We learn so much from you about how things work. I appreciate it and I know others do too.

  17. Thank you Pattye for keeping our community informed about local politics. Years ago, there were small town newspapers which provided this information. Sadly, such news sources have all but vanished, and only through your tireless efforts and those like you in communities across our America is the public able to learn about those running for local office.

  18. CDC, Lead by Science or Political Science?

    The Center for Disease Control, CDC, is lead by science. Turns out, CDC may actually be lead by Political Science.

    Recently, emails allegedly reveal how the National Teachers Union tried to influence the CDC in not opening up schools.
    By not having schools fully opened, it adversely affected the economy (some moms had to quit their jobs & stay home with their students) and more importantly, hundreds of children have suffered from anxiety & depression. Not to mention, the challenges of learning virtually.

    It’s great that teachers have an influential voice. But who is representing the students? Afterall, science (Evidence Based Medical studies) has proven, elementary children are nominally affected in spreading & contracting COVID. Studies were available back in 2020.
    Locally, it took over 800 parents to band together and represent their children by petitioning the TESB to fully open their schools.

    From the recent CDC emails, we can now clearly understand the politics behind the decisions to keep the schools closed. It has been shown, a number of the current TESB have received campaign money from the local teacher’s union. (this is public information that, by law, has been revealed). It may be a nominal amount, but speaks volumes who the board member represents especially during contract negotiations.

    With the coming elections, TE voters would be wise to use this information in helping them decide who will represent their students going forward.

    (Be clear, no one is against teachers. In fact, this community strongly supports & values TE teachers! The question remains, who is representing the students–the emails are revealing).

    1. For the record I never received an endorsement from any of the unions or monies for any of my campaigns. I wasn’t that good in winning any endorsements outside of the political party. I didn’t try hard in winning endorsements. I loved knocking on doors. I did a lot of door knocking. I self funded most of my campaigns and the other donations came from friends. One of the reason I will never run again is that I hated raising money for campaigns. I do agree it is important before elections that the the public should know who endorses and donates to your campaign. Each campaign has to file information monthly of all donations. The information is made public – Scott Dorsey

    2. Have you seen “1986 The Act”? “Science” is very much politicized. The CDC is more interested in serving political agendas and taking in $$$ than protecting the public, especially children. It’s not about the children and sadly education is no longer about the children. Our children are very depressed, highly anxious, lonely, feel unsafe, hopeless, and many are suicidal, some are addicted – yes – here in T/E. Unmask them, stop the social distancing nonsense, stop spraying them with cleansers, stop the political arguing, turn off the news, keep political agendas out of our schools, stop the hypersensitivity propaganda, stop dividing them by race, sexual identity, political affiliation, disability, social class – The madness has to stop

      1. “1986 The Act” by the discredited Andrew Wakefield? The man ultimately responsible for 83 measles deaths in Samoa due to his fraudulent accusations about the MMR?

        That antivaxx crap isn’t going to work here in Chester County. We have the highest Covid vaccine uptake in the state, and among the highest in the country. We are a pro-science, pro-rationality county, and getting more so every passing year.

      2. Thanks, Barbara for your great comments. I have to say that people need to realize the consequence of a highly divided community, that is we will lose the people’s power to oversight any governing body when you don’t have a unified community. School is all about educating the kids to be critical thinkers, to be able to master the knowledge, build that solid foundation to be an independent learner with passion of learning and to be creative that drives future innovations. This is what America is so great about, people can have free mind and that freedom nurtures better ideas. We really should keep the political agendas out of our schools. It is so poisoning to the young minds. They are losing their ability to think freely. That is very concerning.

    3. Thank-you to “It’s all about the Children” for this significant and revealing information.

      Here’s what we’ve found out in a short period of time.

      1.) The Administration hires family members of board members. It’s so normalized and viewed as standard operating procedure that board members are blind to how troubling it is.

      2.) Teachers, through the teachers Union give money to support candidates they want elected to the school board. We have 2 ex teachers/administrators on the board and 1 current teacher serving on the school board.

  19. Pattye or others – Do you know where the school board candidates stand on Critical Race Theory being introduced into the K-12 curricula and our school district’s ties to the Pacific Education Group which is known for pushing Marxist propaganda and the “Whole Privilege” narrative? Has there been any open discussion about this before being adopted? Why are our local school admins and teachers attending their trainings? Are taxpayer dollars being used for this? Are parents being invited to review curriculum materials? I went on the and am alarmed at what I found under the “diversity” initiatives and the letter to Dr. Gusick from the Main Line NAACP. I have neglected local matters for far too long as I have been involved in health freedom initiatives and studying the mental health impacts of COVID hysteria on children. That’s another discussion.

  20. I found this on the website under school board – policy 5/4 notes
    What is this? – a totalitarian dictatorship? School Board members are citizens elected by other citizens. This is not the way to welcome public opinion – Yes, things may get heated – and if you can’t take the heat, don’t run for School Board. This below is unacceptable. “obstreperous”? “Irrelevant”? “Abusive”? according to who? Shame on whoever wrote this? You are granted the privilege to serve the community – not power to abuse it’

    “In order to promote public discourse of issues that concern the District community, at every regular monthly business meeting of the Board, the Board shall provide at least two (2) opportunities for comments or questions from the public. The public comment periods are reserved for District residents and taxpayers to the District. Additionally, the Board will accept comments from sitting public officials for non-campaigning purposes. At every standing committee meeting of the Board open to the public, the committee shall provide a reasonable opportunity for comments from the public regarding the subject of the meeting. The Board reserves the right to eject any unruly or obstreperous individuals from public meetings. Consistent with applicable law, The the presiding officer Board member or solicitor may:
    Policy 1120
    Tredyffrin/Easttown School District
    1) interrupt or terminate a participant’s statement when the statement exceeds time limits established by the Board, or is:
    a. personally directed, b. abusive,
    c. obscene, or
    d. irrelevant,

    2) request any individual to leave the meeting when that person does not observe reasonable decorum
    3) request the assistance of law enforcement officers to remove a disorderly person when their conduct interferes with the orderly progress of the meeting, or
    4. 4) call a recess or adjourn to another time when the lack of public decorum interferes with the orderly conduct of the meeting.

    1. Barbara Ellis,

      Thank-you for your outrage.

      Yes, when citizens stand up and voice their opinion in committee/school board meetings, the Administration can characterize their presentations any way they want to by sitting down the next morning and creating a policy that prohibits or intimidates the resident from speaking out again. Policy is designed in a way to severely restrict speech by citizens and written to protect and shield Administrators/teachers from accountability.

      And yes, I’ve often wondered how the Administration gets Board Members to go along this.

      1. follow the $$$$. Know the agenda. Local leadership and our school district are following mandates of Agendas 21-50 and taking in those county/state/federal/global dollars to do so even if they truly are not aware. The school board should not be censoring public debate and we taxpayers must make sure they don’t

  21. 2021 Municipal Election Campaign Finance Report Deadlines

    Type of Report Completed Filing Deadline
    24-Hour Reporting Daily Tuesday, May 4, 2021

    (begins) (ends/includes) Tues., May 18, 2021

    So finance reports for 24-Hour Reporting Daily, starts today, Tuesday, May 4, 2021 and ends May 18, 2021

  22. This forum is great!. Thanks Pattye for having this forum for so many years. Though I’m new here to this district, I’m not new to the planet. School boards should be transparent, have the students AND community interests in mind; Always.
    Someone posted that SB directors are clueless and become rubber stamps to the school administration. I think that’s true for the most part. Perhaps we need to choose not only members of the community with credentials, but those that have a track record of being independent thinkers and business minded with fiscal responsibility, and not afraid to seek counsel from others.

    1. You raise a point that has bothered me for as long as Community Matters has existed — board members “afraid to seek counsel from others”. We are lucky to live in a community whose residents are educated, smart and willing to be involved yet there is an unwillingness to listen. We need a working partnership between the school board and the residents rather than a continual battleground.

      Although the Board asks residents to watch meetings and send in comments/questions — there is little or no response to those who do. As an example — in June 2020, in the midst of the pandemic many school districts “put on hold” tax increases. For nearly 2 hours, the TE solicitor read comments from residents begging the school board not to raise taxes (in addition to receiving emails and phone calls prior to the meeting). The resident comments and concerns made absolutely no difference — taxpayers received a 2.6% tax increase, marking the 16th straight year of increases. The public is asked to be involved but sadly, it has made no difference.

      I grew up in a world, where you “played to your strengths” so if there was someone in the room that understood something better than you, you listened – everyone cannot be good at everything! To my knowledge there is no one currently sitting school board member with a strong financial background so wouldn’t it make sense to take advice from the qualified financial experts in the community (Ray Clarke, Neal Colligan, Mike Heaberg, etc. etc.) who are willing to help? The suggestions/comments from community experts are also dismissed. Our school board members should be accountable to the public who elects them.

  23. Dr Singh, Welcome to Community Matters and TE.

    From what you say, your words can resonate with the parents of TE. As the endorsed Democratic nominated school board director, why do you think the Democratic party selected you over your opponent?

    Thanks for clarifying.

    1. Having spoken to both of the Region 2 ‘D’ candidates Nancy Coradi and Robert Singh, it is my understanding that Robert Singh was already in the TTDEMS endorsement process when Nancy Coradi expressed her interest. If the TTDEMS or the candidates have a different version of the process, they are encouraged to respond.

    2. Hello and thank you for your question,
      I approached the ttdems in January exploring the possibility of running for school board. After several meetings on zoom and introducing myself to them, there was no one else on the meetings that expressed an interest and therefore they endorsed me. I was surprised my self that I would have a primary opponent, but here we are. I hope that helps.

      I want to correct one sentence in my post above. I meant to type “I think that’s not true, for the most part”. That will teach me to proofread.

  24. Science or Political Science…An Update…

    This past week, the head of the National Teachers Union abruptly held a news conference stating that all schools should open in the fall, in person, full time! Timing is interesting. Why the announcement, now? At the end of the school year and less than a week before primary elections…Mmm.

    During the same week, the CDC abruptly announced that Americans can do away with our masks! Once again, why the announcement, now? What is it based on? We are not at the recommended 70% Vax rate yet.

    For just last week the same Director of the CDC was on CNN saying kids will need to wear masks while playing soccer, outside! But, she went on to clarify, they did not have to wear masks while playing tennis.
    Locally, we were told we need a mask to vote. Now, we don’t.
    Makes you wonder, are these decisions led by science or political science?

    Where are those lawn signs, “Stop the Madness” when you need them. Oh, that’s right, that political party is now in control. In other words, now more than ever it is abundantly clear there needs to be a balance of power.

    While going to the polls or voting by mail, it is hoped this community has realized we need a balance of power on our school board & supervisors and not just vote along party affiliation.

    After all, One party rule does not make a democracy nor an effective way to govern.

  25. I want to compliment the TESD Administration for their recent posting highlighting a program on June 5th, “Youth Mental Health First Aid”. It is presented, in part, by ARCH. ARCH, Area Residents Caring & Helping, is an excellent resource for parents and has an informative web site. Prior to the pandemic, ARCH also sponsored knowledgeable speakers on helpful topics such as resilience, drug addiction etc. With the anxiety, depression, a number of our kids suffered from the pandemic, their web site can be a useful resource.

  26. On a positive note, I want to compliment the TE Administration for their recent efforts in providing helpful information for our children on their recent weekly posting.

    It also highlights a local resource, ARCH, Area Residents Caring & Helping, which is an excellent resource. Prior to the pandemic, ARCH provided live, informative speakers on topics such as resilience, drug addiction etc. For parents whose kids experienced anxiety & depression during this pandemic, ARCH’s website can be a useful resource.

  27. Pattye – can you shed light on the recent rumors around Tredyffrin Supervisor candidate Sweeney wanting a debate on storm water issues? Isn’t he the same guy who bought and demolished the historic Ann Pugh house?

    1. I too have heard the talk about a supervisor storm water debate but I nothing more to add – don’t know with certainty if the debate was actually proposed and/or by whom. Sorry, I have no further details.

      Re your second question, yes candidate Sweeney and his wife purchased the historic Pugh Road farmhouse and had it demolished. My understanding from Mr. Sweeney was that there was mold inside the house and that it could not be saved. The original barn and garden shed on the property (which had their 18th century date stones) still remain and are used by the property owners. Hope that this helps clarify.

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