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T/E School Board Votes Unanimously to Reopen Schools!

T/E schools to fully reopen!

At Monday night’s special T/E School Board meeting, the administration presented its revised reopening plan which includes the following:

  • Increased in-person instruction beginning March 15 (contingent on county level transmission rates)
  • A virtual instruction option will be available to families for the remainder of the school year
  • The plan will begin with 4 in-person days with 1 virtual day (Wednesday) each week
  • Potential move to 5 in person days as early as April 19

The school board members weighed in with their comments and question followed by many, many questions from the community regarding the plan. The questions were varied and specific and included asking for details about middle school and high school testing procedures between virtual and in-person learning, cafeteria/food service arrangements, six versus three feet social distancing in the buildings, and the list went on and on. I would suggest that all parents watch the video as soon as its available for administration responses to the specific questions.

Rather than phasing in the school reopening (as done in some of the other school districts), T/E will open all schools starting Monday, March 15. The only caveat to the reopening start date would be if the county covid level transmission rate were to greatly change in the interim.

After four hours of presentation and discussion, the T/E School Board voted unanimously (9-0) to reopen schools.

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  1. Thank You Patty for your help and leadership!
    It only took national coverage for TESB to realize their policy needed to change. After months of stonewalling concerned parents whose kids have been fighting depression & anxiety.

    For the record, All of the current school board members were ELECTED as Democrats. Taking advantage of the hyper anti Washington DC politics. Resulting in left of center
    school policies to be implemented. Not to mention an ongoing fiasco with our taxes. (One SB member did switch to Independent 1.5 yrs ago).

    This is the very liberal SB who gave us the “white privilege questioner for our Conestoga HS students.
    Yes, so your HS student can come home and ask, “why do we have three TVs, Central Air and two cars?”….AH, because we worked for them!
    Your mother and I put ourselves through college, paid off our college loans, saved for a down payment, pay our mortgage, save for your college education Yes, we are blessed and we also help the poor by donating to programs…
    MLK day and donate to Arch to help under privileged kids
    But that isn’t good enough…they want to shame us and our kids so we have white guilt.

    It has to stop.

    THEN, they hired a company from Oakland, CA to tell our teachers that they are racists.
    It’s a no win program–if you try to help underprivileged kids, you have white guilt and are racist.
    If you don’t’ help underprivileged kids, then you are racist and should have white guilt.
    It is not a useful tool in bringing a community together. It forces people in their corners without anyone communicating about issues and allows for stereotypes to fester and grow.
    But they mean well.
    With the pandemic and parents scrutinizing the SB, it may be an opportunity for parents to take closer look at what is REALLY going on with their schools. It’s easy to go about one’s busy life and think our #1 schools are doing a good job. Is it a coincidence that during this SB’s tenure, our #1 status has been slipping away, with their focus on social issues? You may want to take the time and take a closer look. After all, it’s your kids they’re trying to influence & mold.

    1. Clearly you have not been paying attention. This decision has nothing to do with national coverage. This decision was in line with same consistency the administration and board have shown throughout the pandemic. They have always followed the guidance of the CCHD. Once the guidance was changed to allow social distance of less than 6 feet, there was never a doubt that they were going to open schools to more students.

      1. You’re absolutely right Joe, like most parents, I’ve been busy with work, family & avoiding covid.
        Since you’ve been paying attention, maybe you can help me–

        Why did the distance change from 6ft to 3ft?
        Why did it take until now for it to be implemented?
        Wash.Post reported back on NOVEMBER 12, 2020, studies showed that 3 ft was safe.
        Studies were completed prior to national election yet, results published, Nov 12th-Why?
        In other words, Joe the science was out there showing it was safe to have 3ft distance months ago.

        Why did the concerned parents need to form a group, 800+ strong, in the first place?
        Why did the same group need to have a visible lawn sign campaign?
        And while you’re at it, why did the residents with their “Love TE teacher” lawn signs,
        did not have “Open Up our schools” lawn signs?

        One would think, they would support BOTH teachers & students, they’re not mutually exclusive–
        we’re all in this together, right?

        You see, by doing the detective work Joe, not accepting things as they are presented, with critical thinking, we may come up with the same conclusions.

        Look, I’ve been busy & not paying much attention, so I’d appreciate your honest, objective insight.

        1. I understand your frustration. We are all in this together. I believe the issue is that many in the public are directing their anger and frustration at the wrong people. If the science was there in November to support 3 feet, then that is an issue that should have been taken up with the CCHD. The point I was trying to make is that the school board and the administration have consistently left health decisions in the hands of the professionals at the local health department. Once they issued guidance, TE always had a plan in compliance. Perhaps there needed to be lawn signs suggesting people contact the health department.

        2. Poster “Concerned Parent” has been SO BUSY with work, family and avoiding COVID that they have time to write these tedious, long posts unrelated to what is going on. YAWN. Stop trying to create conflict where there is none. Teachers are getting vaccinated and now happy to go back. Students and parents are happy to have school resume full time vs hybrid where we were. Move on and stop whining about everything. NOTE: This is coming from and being posted by a person that has posted literally one other time. The people that don’t bother to post replies think you sound ridiculous.

          1. Concerned Parent can post whatever concerned parent wants to post whether you agree with it or not. I’m grateful for all comments and all information posters share on this website.

          2. “Move on & stop whining about everything”…

            Obviously, from your unhinged reaction to what I posted, I struck a nerve. Why? What I posted was truthful and sought answers. (Thanks Joe for your insight).

            Your tactic of trying to shame & intimidate posters who have different views from your own, is very telling and frankly, disappointing.

            That aside, I get it, it’s been a long year and we still haven’t gotten word from CCHD when we’ll get our vaccine.

            NOTE-It sounds like you did not have kids or know of neighbor’s kids, who suffer from anxiety & depression during these trying times. Otherwise, you may have a different tone.

            1. I think the white privilege/guilt is what hit a nerve for you. Why did the survey bother you so much? Does it make you uncomfortable to take a look around and acknowledge that not all families who “work for it” are as fortunate as you? Personally, I think we can all benefit from reflecting upon and learning from each other. I’m thankful that our schools and school board aren’t choosing to continue to look the other way with respect to equity. Would an all republican board have been so in tune with the world outside of their bubble? I don’t think so. The way you listed the things you did, such as donate, honor MlK day,.. struck me as someone who protests too much when it comes to equity.

              1. Fair point. However, as mentioned, hyperbole was used to emphasize my point.

                The only protest I make is when a school wants to minimize parent’s hard work. The questionnaire, minimizes hard work. After all, if you’re privileged, it’s because of your status in life. Not reinforcing overcoming setbacks & hard work. But we can agree to disagree. And if you do the research, it is a liberal initiative. Which leads to question what’s the next liberal initiative to be forced on our kids?

                Are you and this community going to support girls and their ability to play school sports? Or are you going to stand by as biological boys play against girls? Let’s not twist this around, I’m not talking about trans bashing.
                I am talking about supporting girls.

                Sports give girls a way to build their self esteem. Sports also allow girls to obtain college scholarships which we all know, can help many under privilege girls.

                Just trying to get in front of an important issue. Because every candidate running for TESB will need to honestly answer this question and others which affect our kids.

              2. You may agree to disagree, but I continue to find your viewpoint incredibly skewed. I don’t agree at all that the questionnaire minimizes hard work. I feel that you are continuing to miss the point of the questionnaire and the greater issue of equity. I hope I’m wrong, but it feels that you are hiding your bias and/or ignorance behind your argument.
                As for the research, is this really liberal agenda, or simply one that encourages an open and honest dialogue about the inequities in our society. It may be threatening to the status quo of many, but does that make it right? I’d rather feel “uncomfortable”, but be able to learn and help to make a better environment for our children and community.
                As for sports, and our daughters- I have a daughter who is very active in sports. I’m very familiar with the benefits of sports for girls. However, I’m not twisting anything around- your defensive denial about non trans- bashing screams the exact opposite. I absolutely support all girls playing sports, and won’t dignify your biological boys comment. I support young people being comfortable in their skin, make/female, white/people of color, and feeling comfortable with themselves. I do not support your thinly veiled racist and transphobic comments. There is a world outside of your white privileged bubble, and I hope that at some point, you’re able to reflect and look beyond your comfort zone to try to imagine how others struggle.

              3. First, I know I struck a nerve with YOU, otherwise, you wouldn’t be compelled to defend the questionnaire.

                Unfortunately, according to your perspective, someone with a different point of view, must be racist, homophobic, transphobic and any other veiled names to shut down an open conversation.

                You mentioned white guilt, you do realize, there’s liberal guilt as well.

                For the record, you will allow your daughter to compete with biological boys?
                80% of parents see it differently for the reasons you conveniently ignored.

                You want to be the voice for the underprivileged, and that’s commendable, but who’s being the voice for our daughters?

              4. Something…nerve,

                Your comment down below directed at Concerned Parent- “ I feel that you are continuing to miss the point of the questionnaire and the greater issue of equity.”. The use of this word “equity” is the latest buzz word. Equality vs Equity. I’m all for equality, give the same opportunity to all that are willing to put in the time and effort as well as give those that need it a hand up. Is there work still to be done on this front for all people of all colors and socioeconomic groups, definitely, and great strides have been made in the last half a century and are continuing. Equity, on the other hand, ensures the same outcome no matter the time and effort that is put in. This is very dangerous. This goes against the initiative to work harder, be better, strive to make something of yourself and/or contribute to society and yes, benefit yourself whether financially, spiritually or historically. Why work hard if everyone is promised the same thing in the end?? And by the way, to make this happen you have to take from someone who has worked hard for it to give to others that some of the time stand there with their hand out with no intention to contribute to the greater good.

                As for trans girls competing against biological girls in sports, wow, your first instinct to call Concerned Parent transphobic is sad. I have 3 daughters. If one of them was a high school track star, had her eye on a college scholarship to a university that in no way would be within our reach financially, and she loses a championship, scholarship qualifying race to a trans athlete (biological male) you can bet I would be furious!! Not because I am trans phobic, or any other phobic you want to throw out, but because I am a thinking person and this is just not right. Biology is biology. It’s science. A biological male has a larger lung capacity and muscle structure from birth. It’s not fair. Are there females that can compete against males and win, sure, but to force a girl to compete against a biological male is discriminatory.

      2. My OCD kicking in here.

        CCHD makes recommendations. The school board at the last meet said they make regulations. That is incorrect.

        The SB can take guidance and advice with whom they feel is credible. At the end of day it is a SB decision and knowone else.

    2. Just for clarification purposes. In 2017 I won both the Democratic and Republican Primaries. I was unopposed in both Primaries. In the November 2017 election I won as both the Democratic and Republican Candidate for School Board. I had 6,000 votes as a School Board candidate. It might still be the record for most votes in this district as a school board candidate in a November Election. Remember school board candidates can cross file and run in both parties primaries. The question I have for any candidate in these times of division how will any candidate represent all the people beyond your party affiliation? We are in a time we need to unite and come together to do great things. -Scott Dorsey

      1. Every time you post something all I hear is you yelling from the the back of the township building room at 1:30AM while seated and arms folded like a big baby. About a parking lot. You should be thankful that the PC meetings aren’t recorder.

        1. I agree. He may be speaking out for us this year. Where was he the whole time he was president of the Board? Certainly not helping out kids or taxpayers.

          1. I disagree with your opinion of me, but everyone has a right to their opinion. I encourage every citizen to consider to run for office. It is a great experience. My mother always told me that I could always take a good spanking and not cry at all. If you can’t take criticism this might not be job for you. I am proud I stood in the past for no tax increases, no fences, no outsourcing TENIG employees, no increasing student fees, no policies that negate the voices of parent groups and many other issues in which I will get no credit for in this environment. Good criticism makes you a stronger person. I am thankful that Ms. Benson has given people an opportunity to freely speak their mind. The opportunity to be critical of our leaders is what makes our country great.

            1. Scott…I second your statement concerning your comments and voting record over the years.
              I sat through most of those very long meetings.. Board and committee meetings are available on video or noted on the TE website, While I remain a permanent member of the audience I have great respect for those who chose to run or are elected to the board. Thank you for your dedication and service .

            2. Look, a lot of things have been said on this thread and you can see some parents are not happy–TE could be better. And since you were on the SB and president, some (not all) of the responsibility falls on your shoulders.

              I’m not writing this to pile on.
              In fact, Scott, you broke a barrier, because you worked hard (knocked on those doors) was qualified, got elected as 1st AA on TESB.
              That was not an easy accomplishment.

              Then, elected president–and that’s a good thing! You proved to be a positive role model for our community and students. But, as Teddy Roosevelt said, it’s not easy in the arena. It’s not an easy job and the next SB will need to find some common ground and focus on improving academics etc.if we want to improve TE’s legacy.

              Personally, one accomplishment I didn’t see on your list–you helped move the Education Committee from 1pm to 7pm. (You don’t think I forgot). Allowing more parents to have a say in their kids education.
              And I thank you for that.

        2. You can call me whatever name you so choose. I have been call every other name on this site and others. That comes with the territory. You have every right to be critical of me, but I will put my character up against any local official. There is plenty of video tape of me in action in my meetings. I am one of the most approachable person in this community. Your always welcome to talk to me one on one. I will keep your real name and conversations with me, confidential. I am always willing to meet with anyone who hates me. I will also buy you coffee or tea

          1. Fair enough. But you aren’t seeking re-election, and neither are the rest of them. The school district is worse than it was when you got on the board…taxes are up, test scores are down, rankings are down, but more importantly morale is down. T-E is still a nice place to live, but it isn’t as much about the schools as it used to be. That might be the fault of the times, but is also the fault of the board and administration.

            1. I don’t know whose morale your speaking about. Rather it is fair or not people have complained about the morale and high taxes for as long as I have been in the district. Before I got on the board previous boards made major cuts to the education system because of the stock market crash and raised taxes. The board seriously considered replacing TENIG employees with outside contractors. Remember the E.I.T. debate and puting fees on families for student services. If you ask those who fought against segregation in 1932 in this district there has always been a morale issue. I have been in the district for thirty years. I was warn as I came into the district by residents that if a black students was put in special education that they would be labeled in that category through their entire educational history in the district. My children did not have that experience because my wife and I were extremley watchful of our children experiences. Drugs and alcohol were always an issue in this community and they still are in issue that no one likes to talk about in our community. We made sure to know every friend, coach and teacher of our children. My parents were the only baby sitters for my children. Do I think things have changed. Yes I do, but it is beyond the politics. What brought me to this community was that average income families like us could live in this community and raise our family. I worry with these rising taxes, new homes and housing developments that average hardworking families like my family will be priced out of this community. I am now raising my nephew as his guardian. This district has saved his life as a student. He was ready to give up as student and now he has a very positive attitude towards education. The reason I am not running is because I am working two jobs with the addition of ministers duties. I barely have enough time in a day. I humble enough to know someone else is very capable to serve on this board. I can go back to enjoying my wonderful family and paying my bills in the worst pandemic of our times. To anyone who wants to run for public office, it will be very time consuming, but if your family supports you, go and do it. It is a honor to serve your community.

              1. Scott, thank you for serving the community. Your voice of reason on the school board will be missed. I 100% agree with you on the drug and alcohol issues that have been going on for years. My children(all grown) talked about kids selling drugs in the classroom right under teachers noses. Weapons in school too. I’m talking in the past 10-20,years. It is still happening. Other than that nice Arch meeting that they hold every year to show statistics of how many kids use drugs, drink, etc. nobody wants to talk about the homes where high school children and their friends are allowed to drink freely under the guise that “”it’s safe, we collect everybody’s keys, they have to drink somewhere, etc.” Parents who leave their prescription meds where the kids can get to it(don’t think they don’t)My children are all grown but at the time we tried to do the same as you, calling the parents ahead of time where the kids would be for the night, knowing their friends. I fear I did not do a good enough job because I continue to find out years later that homes that I thought were like-minded were allowing the kids to drink despite me having talked with the parents directly. Fortunately none of my kids ever got in serious trouble. Parents you need to be diligent. If there is one house where the kids want to go every weekend, check into it.
                I share your worry that rising taxes will price average income families out of this district. My siblings and I come from a blue collar family and were raised in TE Schools(the parents allowing drinking parties was going on then too in the 70s) my parents were very strict so I never got into trouble. I married into a blue collar family. Most of my kids are blue collar. One out of my four children who live in the area are the only ones able to live in this school district. We need to find a way to stop raising taxes. As I approach living on a fixed income, I worry that taxes will force me to leave my home of 30+ years. Sad.
                Saying this year has been a challenge is an understatement. I do hope you can enjoy some time with your family after your school board duties are done. Thanks again and best wishes.

    3. Concerned Parent, could you please elaborate on the “white privilege questioner? I no longer have school age children and am really curious as to what this is and why it was sent out(or given to the kids) Also what is the company that was hired and told our teachers they are racist?
      As far as the ‘tax fiasco”, I’m sorry but you can’t blame everything on a liberal school board. Taxes have been raised 16 years in a row I believe and the school board was not in democrat control all that time. The taxes keep getting raised because we have a business manager who can’t seem to figure out how to make a proper budget. Art needs to go. For some reason his contract keeps getting renewed AND they give him bonuses. Who gets a bonus for their job when they make million dollar errors?
      Look at the administration not the school board for a reason as to what is going on. It has been happening for years and it does not matter who is on the school board, for some reason nobody will stand up to the administration and things continue to decline. I’m glad that a lot more parents seem to be aware of what is going on now. Maybe things will finally change.

  2. Thank you Concerned Parent for your comments. My husband and I whole hardly agree. We have lived in the district 27 years and all three of our children went through the schools from K-12. The SD has changed and I don’t think for the better. The difference from my oldest and youngest experience (6 yr difference in age) was very very different and not in a good way from the early 20-teens to the late 20-teens.

  3. Concerned Parent,

    What do you mean that

    THEN, they hired a company from Oakland, CA to tell our teachers that they are racists. Who is they? What co. And why?

  4. Let’s not turn it into this, please.

    If you’re worried that extremists helped create this mess then I’m pretty sure being an extremist on the other end is only doing the same harm.


  5. My comment was in response to concerned parent.

    I do get it. I understand what you’re saying and it s a valid concern, but I just think bringing that argument into this issue is counterproductive,

    I think we will all take our school board voting MUCH more seriously from here on out. A good lesson for all.

  6. If not now, when?
    Unfortunately, STOP you have it wrong. The SB did not just wake up and start to ignore parents concerns. They’ve been doing it for YEARS. They have been pushing THIER personal, liberal agenda onto our kids for years. Their reaction to the pandemic just woke parents up to that realization. I’m not highjacking the conversation, merely highlighting issues this SB has forced onto our students, for parents who are just now paying attention.

    For the record, I’m a moderate who deeply appreciates our teachers and values my neighbors who spoke up for their kids.

  7. I am still concerned about this. There are no vaccinations to be had for teachers and staff (or vulnerable kids, for that matter). If there is an outbreak and someone dies or is permanently disabled because of COVID, are all of us on the hook for the liability here even if we opted our kids out virtually?? I still don’t see a plan here. Just a group of parents ganging up on the school board to force the schools open. We are most of the way through the year at this point. What is the point of making it this far to give in now?

    1. A group of parents ganging up on the SB??? On the hook for a death? That’s the most ridiculous statement I’ve read here. Take some time and watch the meeting and you’ll see the plan, it’s very well thought out. The kids need to get back in school, not living in fear which seems to be what you’ve been doing.

  8. My son knows a teacher that works in the middle school, the teachers are getting vaccinations. Groppe said last night during the board meeting that over 200 teachers and staff in learning support received authorization to get vaccinated also. On the news today, they mentioned that Wolf my use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for teachers, they are evaluating whether to use them on schools that are fully open. Would that apply to TESD having one virtual day a week?

    1. Wolf will make the announcement Wednesday. Just saw it on local news and then googled. PA allotment of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be earmarked for teachers. They will now be in group 1a. PA National Guard may be used to set up clinics and administer the shots. I guess more info tomorrow.

    2. I really hope you are right. As of now less than 10% of Pennsylvanians have received a vaccination. Again, forcing the school board to reverse course after a short period of high pressure from a handful of vocal parents does not feel like a plan here. Shame on all of us if we don’t speak up.

  9. i did not support the opening now.We should have waited until most teachers and staff have been vacinnated..After spring break…….

  10. To Concerned about Concern

    Regarding the example of the Privilege Questionnaire, it’s called HYPERBOLE. Was it over the top? Maybe. But that’s hyperbole, to show how ridiculous the questionnaire is. My point still stands, our school needs to focus on educating our kids and leave out SB member’s personal, political agendas. You can get details from your neighbor’s whose kids attend Conestoga HS.

  11. I agree with reasonable parent that we the community, should speak up. Shame on us if we don’t.
    I also agree that the teachers and staff should be inoculated before bringing back all students.

  12. Concerned Parent,

    What do you think about Amanda Gorman, the poet at Biden’s inauguration who lives in Los Angeles, and wrote on Twitter that as she approached her building, the guard demanded to know if she lived there. “You look suspicious,” he allegedly said.
    “I showed my keys & buzzed myself into my building,” the 22-year-old Gorman wrote. “He left, no apology. This is the reality of black girls: One day you’re called an icon, the next day, a threat.

    Do you think if she were white she would have been treated that way? She’s smart, she’s educated and she works hard…….and she’s African American.

  13. Yes, my wife and I saw Amanda Gorman at President Biden’s inauguration. Her words were emotional & thought provoking. Reminded us of a young Maya Angelou!

    It’s a valid point regarding her situation at her building. That is, if she was asian, white etc, would there be a different outcome? I’m certainly not going to whitewash the guard’s behavior. Nor deny other situations that have occurred. To that point, it reinforces anyone in security, police etc need to be educated (not defunded).

    1. CP

      And I hope this doesn’t sound like a pile on, because I don’t want it to but your comment,

      “Reminded us of a young Maya Angelou!”

      Would you have made that comparison to MA had Amanda been white? Do you have a category for black female poets, so when Amanda came along, you lumped her in there? Do you think you would ever compare a black person with a white person who both possess extraordinary talent or skill at something?

      1. Your comment reflects where we are in today’s society. No middle ground.

        First, I agreed with you saying it was wrong that Ms. Gorman was profiled. I valued your initial post.

        But then you went on to twist my comparison. My comparison was a compliment. Period. In fact, I’m not the only person who made that comparison. Gorman, herself told Vogue, that she “studied Angelou Mya’s work to prepare” for her reading. You loose credibility when the facts reveal otherwise.

        How do you expect people to meet you in the middle if you constantly change the goal posts? Or maybe, you don’t want people to meet in the middle? Keep everyone in their corners, afraid to have an open discussion. Why bother if you’re going to twist things around and get people defensive. I respect your perspective, I don’t know if you respect mine.

        Here’s an idea–have TESB post the Privilege Questionnaire. That’s right, post it right here.
        Serves two points–
        1-shows the community the SB is transparent-show what they’re requesting from our students.

        2-it can be used as as an educational tool for the community.

        That’s the real purpose of the questioner in the first place–make people aware. SB member, Scott Dorsey can spearhead this initiative for the community.

        1. Okay, I didn’t know that “Gorman, herself told Vogue, that she “studied Angelou Mya’s work to prepare” for her reading.” I take you at your word that your comparison was a compliment. Aside from that, do you think you would ever compare a highly talented black person with an equally highly talented white person?

          I don’t expect anyone to meet me anywhere. I’m not a left person, a right person or a middle person. Past experience and what I see shapes my perception and influences my attitudes opinions and beliefs. How anyone living in the USA could say black people are not discriminated against is beyond me.

          I like your idea. I would like to see the Privilege Questionnaire. I have to tell you though, I don’t think I’ll have a problem with it. It wouldn’t offend me if my kid came home from school and asked me why we have two cars, a big house, take vacations and all the rest. Actually I would LOVE that. .

  14. CP

    This goes way beyond re-educating security guards and police. This is not an isolated incident for black people. They face this indignity every day of their lives. Smart, educated, hard working black people who are just like you, except for the color of their skin. How would you like to have your dignity assaulted and your integrity questioned on a daily basis? This is what your white privilege affords you, and it is priceless.

  15. Tina,

    You say:

    “Why work hard if everyone is promised the same thing in the end?? And by the way, to make this happen you have to take from someone who has worked hard for it to give to others that some of the time stand there with their hand out with no intention to contribute to the greater good.”

    By your logic then we have to talk about slavery. Black people built this country for free. Where’s the equity there? And please don’t give me the old, “well, that was then, this is now” speech. You don’t think that effects black people to this day?

    Agree with you 100% about:

    “Not because I am trans phobic, or any other phobic you want to throw out, but because I am a thinking person and this is just not right. Biology is biology. It’s science. A biological male has a larger lung capacity and muscle structure from birth. It’s not fair. Are there females that can compete against males and win, sure, but to force a girl to compete against a biological male is discriminatory.”

    1. Questions,

      I agree slavery affects some black people of today, but not all.
      I don’t understand how my “logic” automatically leads to a discussion of slavery. My brain just doesn’t automatically go there I guess. I do not believe in Equity for slavery, Equality yes but now Equity. Again, there is a huge difference, I don’t know how to explain it any better.

      There are a lot of people in this country who fall into one category or more that have been mistreated or denied at some time in our history. Equity for all then? If you start down that road it is a slippery slope. Like I said in my earlier post, there is work to be done on the Equality front but I just can’t behind Equity.

      1. Equity and equality are bound together. In order to create true equality of opportunity, equity is needed to ensure that everyone has the same chance of getting there.

        1. We agree, they are bound together and are both important. My daughter works with autistic children, a very real and important case of equity.

          Equity comes in many forms education, health care, job opportunities. My caution lies when any group is promised the equality of outcome (equity) and it would require endless and very intrusive government interference with the lives of all citizens there is a problem. When the outcome infringes on the freedoms of someone else it’s in a gray area.

          I think we are saying the same thing, we just think about getting there differently. I never said I was a smart woman, but I am a thinking woman.

          Thanks for you comments.

          1. Hi Tina,

            You sound like a smart woman to me.

            You say:

            “””When the outcome infringes on the freedoms of someone else it’s in a gray area.”””

            I’m not suggesting we infringe on the freedoms of others.”

            If we could start with becoming aware of communications and actions that subtly exclude, negate or nullify the thoughts, feelings or experiential reality of a person of color, it would go a long way in helping blacks feel equal so they could know they have opportunity.

  16. And American slavery was a massive institution that shaped and defined America at the time and today. The institution left a profound legacy for the descendants of enslaved Africans, who even after emancipation were subject to violence, disenfranchisement, and pervasive oppression, with an impact that persists today.

    I don’t believe you can compare American Slavery to “other people” in our country who have been mistreated or denied.

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