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Sen. Andy Dinniman No Fan of Digital Billboards – Shows His Support for BAN the Digital Billboard in Paoli on Facebook

On his Facebook page this morning, Senator Andy Dinniman continues to speak out against digital billboards — and supports our BAN the Digital Billboard in Paoli campaign! Thank you Senator for standing with the residents of Tredyffrin Township in our opposition; we appreciate your support!

Thank you Senator Andy Dinniman for opposing digital billboards!
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  1. “Lipstick on a pig”. Well-spoken Senator! Let’s get after the Tredyffrin Supervisors to prevent Pig herding/ rogue billboards in Tredyffrin now and in the future.

  2. I disagree that they don’t look nice with the landscaping and water features – it’s just that having one at the intersection of 30 & 252 is not a good place for one.

    They certainly look better – in the right spot – than many of the crumbling billboards I see everywhere.

    1. Glad that you are on the same page as those supporting the BAN the Digital Billboard in Paoli campaign! A digital billboard absolutely has no business at the intersection of Lancaster Ave. and Rt. 252 in Paoli!

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