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Rumor or Fact – Is Republican Representative Ryan Costello Considering Retirement From the 6th Congressional District?

Related imageRumor has it is that Republican Rep. Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District is considering retirement. At least 38 U.S. House Republicans have announced they are retiring, running for another office or resigning outright — will Costello add his name to the list?

If Costello were not to seek re-election this could be a game-changer for the Democrats. But Costello doesn’t have much time to decide – he is up against a fast-approaching deadline –his petition and required signatures to run is March 20.

When you look at the map of Pennsylvania’s 6th District, gerrymandering is particularly glaring. With the recent redrawing of the congressional map by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Costello’s district was greatly affected. The new map has the boundaries of the 6th District to include all of Chester County and the city of Reading.

State Republicans want to keep the old lines and are challenging the proposed redistricting map in court but no final legal decision has been made.

There could be an interesting twist in the 6th Congressional District race, which no doubt is being discussed in the backrooms. If Costello does decide to retire, who becomes the replacement Republican candidate for the 6th Congressional District? Republican Michelle Kichline is the current chair of the Chester County’s Board of Commissioners. In 2014, Michelle replaced Ryan Costello as County Commissioner; would she now run for his seat in the 6th District?

The clock is ticking down – March 20 is less than a week away and if Costello bows out, it would give a new candidate less than a week to gather the necessary signatures to run.

This week saw Democrat Conor Lamb win the PA 18th Congressional District in a special election, in a district previously held by a Republican. Knowing that Trump carried the 18th District by 20 points, this swing from Republican to Democrat was national news and may well be the reason for the Costello retirement rumor. And the Democrat victory in the special election could also cause pause to any potential Republican replacement candidate in the 6th District.

If the incumbent Republican Representative Ryan Costello were not to seek re-election, Democrat challenger for the 6th District, Chrissy Houlahan, could find herself in an enviable position.

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  1. Although I not have met Costello’s opponent, with the push-back he’s received from some of his constituents, it probably makes sense for him to drop out of the race. But I don’t see Ms. Kichline stepping in as the R’s replacement candidate. She does have name recognition as a County Commissioner and before that as a Tredyffrin supervisor, but with the political climate what it is, I don’t know that she would have any better chance at winning than Costello. Just my two cents, thanks.

  2. Call him and ask.
    Government jobs pay less so it could make sense.
    Benefits and work hours may enhance your life style.
    He is an attorney so he may make more in the private arena.

  3. Pattye,
    There continue to be supporters obtaining signatures for his ballot petotions as well as petition notary events.

    1000 signatures are needed from the whole of Chester County.

    Costello has supported immigrants, public education funding, safe school legislation, Opioid treatment funding and the extension of CHIP ( health care coverage for kids in need).
    He was honored by the Multiple Sclerosis community.

  4. Interesting that in a snowstorm on the first day of spring, there is nothing better to do than watch the White House press conference, and lo-and-behold John Gizzi brings up Ryan Costello’s expected imminent retirement and whether the high rate of Republicans walking away has anything to do with the President. Of course Sarah Sanders has no idea who Costello is and reverts to the Administration’s record of achievements.

    No smoke without fire, and there’s almost daily smoke here.

  5. It is being reported that Ryan Costello plans to drop his bid for reelection in the 2018 House election for Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District.

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