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Know Your Candidates Before You Vote! Tredyffrin Supervisor & T/E School Board Candidates Forum

With less than a week to go before Election Day, do you know who you are voting for? If you are undecided or have a specific issue to discuss, please consider attending the Chesterbrook Civic Association’s Candidate Forum and learn about the Tredyffrin Township supervisor and TE School District candidates on Saturday. Open to the public, the event will give voters an opportunity to bring important topics to the forefront — Saturday, November 4, 10 AM – 11:30 AM at Tredyffrin Township Building in Chesterbrook.

What do each of the township supervisor candidates feel is the single most important issue facing the township? And what is their background and/or experience makes them qualified to help with the issue.

School board candidates — how will you balance the sometimes-conflicting interests of the students, taxpayers and teachers. And what in your background and/or experience will help you meet the needs of these three groups.

Use this opportunity to learn in depth about the understanding of issues, the personal perspectives, and the goals of candidates standing for election in our pending local elections. The importance of knowing your candidates and what they stand for is especially significant in these times, when recent history teaches that what politicians say they plan to do is not necessarily what they actually do after being elected.

It’s important to know the issues, and to vote. Not voting can influence an election as much as voting does. If the person you did not want to win an election prevails, it may be that people who were eligible to vote did not vote.

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  1. Kyle Boyer shouldn’t be allowed to run for the School Board. As a District school teacher, he has a clean shot on goal, unchecked and uncontested power. School Board Directors should be contesting his campaign, not endorsing it with their silence. I’m voting for Doug Anestad and every voter in our District should do the same. This Board identifies too strongly with the Administration. We need leaders.

  2. It would be an enormous burden for Kyle Boyer and a likely disaster for taxpayers to expect him to protect and control the information he will likely be tempted to exploit when he talks and socializes with his teacher friends and colleagues on a daily basis. This is a very bad idea and Citizens in our District better think long and hard before voting for Teacher Kyle Boyer.

  3. This is a wonderful opportunity and long overdue. I hope this will be video tapped as I am care giving for elderly parents out of town. Please consider posting this for concern residents like myself.

  4. “Teacher Kyle Boyer”….um…what was his opponent ‘s profession? The negative smear campaigning is incredible! I notice, however, Kyle Boyer doesn’t seem to be taking part in the negativity. He defends himself, but doesn’t sling mud at his opponent. He is a respectful, honorable man.

    1. How is it negative to point out that Kyle Boyer is what he in fact is…..a teacher? Why is it negative when opponents of Kyle Boyers candidacy present the truth to voters that the fox is in the hen house and Kyle Boyer, if victorious, will vote on raises for himself and his friends?

      1. Oh Taxpayer voter, it’s not negative at all to point out that Mr. Boyer is a teacher, silly! It was just funny because re: “Teacher Kyle Boyer”…what was his opponent’s profession? And his opponent’s wife’s profession?
        The negativity is that some opponents of Mr. Boyer are not presenting the truth; they are spreading rumors that they really don’t know anything about.
        The dramatics are a little out of control… “the fox is in the henhouse”?! Oh my…

        1. After reading Mr Boyer’s tweets and how he consistently bashes a sitting President of the United States, including snarky remarks toward the First Lady, (one can see why his followers love him) but you have to ask; what is going on inside his classroom?

          Not to mention, how is he going to reach across the aisle as a School Board member (if elected)and be able to form a consensus when 75-90% of his tweets are one sided and consistently bash Republicans.

          Look, I get it, some people are fired up about Wash.D.C.politics and the past presidential election. But THIS IS A LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION. I’m not seeing the same inflammatory rhetoric from Mr Boyer’s opponent. These are serious concerns.

          Mr Boyer’s followers state he is a good teacher.
          And I’m sure he is.
          But his tweets show another side–reflecting the Political Science Major/Politician side. If elected, how do we know how he will preside? How do we know he will represent ALL of Region 2? His tweets are not reassuring. That’s a big risk.

          I know Mr Boyer’s followers will try to say I’m bashing — I am not. I’m simply highlighting his own words and trying to understand how these conflicting tweets are appropriate for a Middle School Teacher let alone a potential School Board Director.

          Don’t take my word for it, read for yourself,
          GOOGLE: Kyle J Boyer Twitter

          Since concerned citizens have recently been commenting about his Twitter account, innocent, non-political tweets have been posted. Take 5 minutes and read the past year tweets (or even further).

          I don’t expect everyone to agree with this post. But for the School Board position, I do expect healthy vetting of both candidates.

        2. Me has a good point. Doug Anestad was a teacher and his wife is a teacher, but he’s been away from education for a long time and his attendance and participation in committee and school board meetings have positively influenced the whole community many times over.

          Kyle Boyer is a minister? We could have two ministers and a teacher on our school board? Oh my……

    2. Excuse me today Mr Boyer slung the mud at his opponent
      The only person who did so.
      Grateful to Chesterbrook Civic Association for hosting this event.

  5. Re TESD Region 2: There has been a lot of discussion here about Mr. Boyer’s eligibility and motivations, and those are important, but I hope that voters don’t lose sight of the full set of qualifications needed to be effective as our representative. In my decade paying attention to the District’s affairs, I have seen that requirements include:

    – In depth knowledge of all aspects of the education system in general, and of our district in particular
    – An approach based on data and objective analysis
    – A willingness to think and act critically and independently; to challenge assumptions, proposals and “we’ve always done it that way”
    – An ability to balance the interests of all constituencies, from kindergartner to senior citizen
    – Last, but totally not least, the ability to devote the time to all the above

    Mr. Anestad has for many years consistently demonstrated these qualifications in countless public forums (fora?), so he’ll get my vote.

    1. As a person who has himself dedicated a huge amount of time to School District matters, Ray’s comments are right on target. Too many School Board members defer to the Administration, particularly the Business Manager, far too often. School Board members need to thoroughly analyze the facts, think critically, and challenge the “wisdom” of the Administration.

      As a current District teacher, I hardly think Mr. Boyer is prepared to be such an independent thinker. A far superior candidate, Doug Anestad will get my vote.

  6. I am honored to endorse Doug Anestad for Region 2 School Board. People are tired of the same old, same old excuses in politics. I call it the “political reality.” People are tired and want a game changer. Doug Anestad is a game changer. I admire the way he has passionately fought for our community. I admire his energy and dedication in attending over 100 meetings and subcommittee Board meetings and speaking intelligently on a wide range of issues. I spoke recently with someone who was passionately interested in changes at VFMS, and this person reminded me that everyone knows the traffic situation is a disaster. Who doesn’t think that? The more I thought about it last evening, the more I knew the person’s larger point was right: we need to fix the problem ASAP. I took chagrin at my inability to get the job done, even though, believe me, it is difficult to achieve consensus and move in politics without the votes on the Board and community outspoken support. Then I got to thinking how it could be done. We just need more: more leadership, more of an authentic voice, someone who has a passion for working out the details in the most informed way, more of a willingness to stand up for issues like this among our 9 Board members. Someone smart with significant credibility fighting for Chesterbrook and Region 2. There is a difference between the young man facing Doug Anestad and Doug. Doug, much like Michele Burger, earned his credentials to run the hard way in community leadership and achievement. He has fought the good fight, and sometimes won and won big for our community (which is incredible for an outsider). Add him to the very skilled and sympathetic people already up there, and you will see some good change. He will challenge the rest of us (particularly the administration) to take up our achievement level. He is one more voice in a district that has had some bumps for more accountability and transparency. TE is a great district, but part of that greatness is always improving! Doug Anestad is always “working the challenge,” whether it earns him praise or not. He just tries to get the job done. This is my view and not the view of the TE administration and the Board.

    1. Notable points:
      Doug Anestad is a game changer.
      Doug Anestad fights for our community.
      Energy and dedication attending over 100 meetings.
      Speaks intelligently on s wide range of issues.
      Authentic, smart, credible stands up for community.
      Will challenge the Board.
      Works to get the job done.

      Words from a Concerned Board member. Vote for Doug Anestad. Vote for a game changer.

  7. “He is one more voice in a district that has had some bumps for more accountability and transparency.”

    Isn’t that the truth! Vote for Doug!

  8. Here are two items to consider when we vote:

    1) The School Board has a history of misleading budgets that understate revenues, overstate expenses and raise taxes unnecessarily. A practice that in Lower Merion has been found to be illegal.
    2) As I write, the Board and the Union are in possession of the Fact Finder report on teacher compensation. Teachers will meet on Monday to review the report. The Board accepted a negotiating condition that requires that taxpayers can not see the report until the very time that the Board votes on it, on Wednesday. The vote will determine the trajectory of 70& of District expense and the extent of program trade-offs that will be necessary.

    Which of the candidates, from both Easttown and Tredyffrin, are most likely to end the disgraceful practice of treating their constituents like the proverbial mushrooms?

    1. It is incomprehensible and inconceivable that the Board would agree to not letting taxpayers see the report until the Board votes on it Wednesday. It sounds like collusion and the timing is interesting too. Could it be that this too was orchestrated and timed right after election day to use the commotion to defuse taxpayer outrage?

      1. Legal counsel will probably tell school directors that the law prevents disclosure of the Fact Finders report. Here is the pertinent section of the law f Act 88 of 1992.

        (b) The findings of fact and recommendations shall be sent by registered mail to the board and to both parties not more than forty (40) days after the Bureau of Mediation has notified the board as provided in subsection (a).
        (c) Not more than ten (10) days after the findings and recommendations shall have been sent, the parties shall notify the board and each other whether or not they accept the recommendations of the fact-finding panel, and, if they do not, the panel [Fact Finder] shall publicize its findings of fact and recommendations.

        Some interpret this phrase in bold to mean ONLY the fact finder can release the report. Others interpret this to mean exactly what it says, but doesn’t prohibit others from releasing the report. I’m in the second camp.

        1. Thank you, Keith. Your comment speaks to our Board’s unwavering direction against transparency and the community interest.

          And then anyone daring to challenge the groupthink is characterized, as Kathleen and Mr. Boyer have done, as “incendiary”, with made up stories about the police. We need Board members who can think and speak for themselves.

  9. We’ll see if the rest of the Directors join in with Ed Sweeney. The taxpayers deserve to know who the Directors support. Gratitude to him for speaking out and letting voters know where he stands.

  10. I noticed the difference in his twitter comments after it was discussed on this blog too. They transformed into kinder, gentler, more bland commentary.

  11. Directors should let residents know who they support in District 2. Residents need to know where their representation stands. Who supports a teacher in the District having a clean shot on goal with unchecked and (un) contested power? Why does the Board allow a teacher to run for the School Board? Why is Ed Sweeney the only Director to speak out? Does their silence mean support for Kyle Boyer?

  12. Rev. Dorsey is speaking out in support of Rev. Boyer for the school board. But then again Dorsey doesn’t have an opponent in his campaign.

  13. I don’t know Doug Anestad but I know Pete Motel and if Doug Anestad stood up to this bully, everyone should vote for him. Motel was mean and intimidating to anyone who disagreed or questioned him in anyway. He routinely belittled citizens and their ideas and comments. Many left in tears.

    We need Directors who stand up to bullies and speak out for themselves and citizens. It sounds like Anestad is a good candidate for that. Why doesn’t Mr. Boyer speak for himself? Why do you speak for him?

  14. DA is saying and using truth to get elected. Nothing more, nothing less. Spending $25,000 of his own money to spread truth mailers shows commitment.

    Desperation is coming from you, not DA. To say that the Tredyffrin Police were at Board meetings because of DA is irresponsible, and untrue. I’m sure they don’t appreciate your accusation.

  15. Sounds like you have made up your mind. Facts be damned. It is so safe to comment anonymously, isn’t it? Dr. Motel did lose his cool on a number of occasions given his passion for our district and firm belief that TESD must keep its facilities in excellent condition.

    But no one with any sense of manners or civility would have chosen that evening – when Senator Dinniman was there to present an award for 20 years of VOLUNTEER service to the school district – to embarrass and demean a retiring school board member. NO ONE.

    It was cringe-worthy, for those who were there or who watched it on TV.

    If you admire bullies and want to see a board in constant conflict, Doug is your man. I have to believe you are in the distinct minority.

    1. So it’s O.K. for Pete Motel to “lose his cool” on a number of occasions and berate and belittle citizens, but it’s not O.K. for Doug Anestad to stand up to him and challenge him on his bullying tactics.

      I don’t admire bullies. I admire Doug Anestad for standing up to bullies and he deserves to win the election.

  16. Ms. Keohane, if this upcoming election were not so serious, I would find it comical that you accuse people of “below the radar gossip” yet you state that the Tredyffrin police had a presence at school board meetings because of Mr. Anestad. Where did you get that information Ms. Keohane? Was this a conversation you had with the Tredyffrin police? Or, just “below the radar gossip”? I don’t think that it is Mr. Anestad who is desperate.

  17. The Tredyffrin Democratic Chair’s claim does not reflect what I have observed in numerous school board meetings. Doug challenges the administration, but in a very intelligent, fact based way. Yes, Doug is intellectually “threatening” (challenging) to some Board members I am sure. Physically? Patently ridiculous!
    The Chair’s greater point misses what is needed. “Collaborative” model? We need a course correction. The old model is not working. There needs to be perception/reality of more professional distance between the Administration and the Board. We have had several bumps in the road lately. We are being accused of being an “echo chamber” for the Administration right now. In politics, you need a collaborative ability (an inside game) and an ability to garner community support on major issues when needed and to evoke confidence there is a true professional distance
    between those you supervise and yourself (an outside game). Politics brings people with different talents. Doug’s is an
    ability to drill through to the heart of an issue and host of knowledge generated as a teacher and in the private sector. I assume that Mr. Boyer posseses the collaborative trait notwithstanding his rather imprudent twitter posts. If so, Mr. Boyer brings skills sets we have too much of on the Board. He appears to be a nice enough young guy who has made little effort on his own to justify why we would pass up on the right person at the right time. Choosing Doug is no reflection on his ultimate aspirations. This is about the public good and the right person at the
    right time. As I learned myself in unsuccessful runs for office, sometimes the answer has to be “not yet.” I am now hoprefull better prepared to know how and when to speak out aqnd what to say.

    We need a gamechanger with another authentic community voice to complete the job started two years ago with the fence issue. There is some support on the Board for change. Doug’s will be an important voice and vote, added to eight of nine, to improve, challenge and help this district move forward.

    Doug has a real record of fighting and winning for the
    community unlike his much younger opponent. Major opposition to the VFMS fence issue and the successful proponent of Region 2 redistricting. 100 committee and subcommittee meetings for Doug. Intelligent and insightful participation in those issues on a wide range of issues: teachings,
    technology, finance, and policy. If you want to improve our schools, and you love Tredyffrin, Chesterbrook, and Region 2, vote Doug. He is perfect for this moment in TE affairs.

    This is my view and not the view of the TE Admination and the Board

  18. Kathleen, you may want to check your registration records, Mr Anastead was a registered Democrat at the time. I don’t recall you, nor any Dem complaining at the time about Mr Anastead.

    Once again, there’s that famous Democrat Double Standard!

    PS-You are right, Mr Motel did frustrate the community with his Facility Conference meetings at 3pm on a Friday–convenient for nobody but himself. And let’s not forget his 6ft Cyclone Fence initiatives that the community had to fight.

  19. Everyone should have a voice and a choice.Let voters decide. Play nice. Remember what you learned in kindergarten. Focus on the positive!

    I support Doug because he has more experience than a person my son’s age (29-30) to oversee the District and 137 million dollar budget. I also am quite concerned about security, video and safety of students. After sexting, hazing and rape allegations that have occurred in our schools, I support Doug as an experienced ex-Philadelphia school teacher who has seen and handled those type of issues.

    I can relate to a parent of TE students, married to a public school teacher who cares enough to participate in school board meetings.He understands teaching, special ed, fiscal responsibility and safety.
    He wants to keep our school safe and the wonderful place it is for all kids.

    EXPERIENCE MATTERS: In life, in business, in education, on public boards, in parenting, in associations, in labor law and State regulations, in management, in computer and statistical analysis, etc.

    On the Police hire, ask Gusick or Art. They would know why police were hired to attend. I have seen police at School Board meetings before but I never have seen violence at meetings. Have you? Our police are always welcome and wonderful to see at meetings.

    I don’t think fund raising is illegal for school board candidates. Is it?
    Is it against current election law to use your own money?

  20. Well sheesh, I guess if Mr. Anestad had just stayed a Democrat, instead of switching sides, then all of this strife could have been avoided. Why didn’t Ms. Keohane and company run him?

  21. Mrs Keohane,

    Are you truly going to espouse that Mr Boyer and his surrogates (read: you) are running a positive campaign while trying to start a wholly unsubstantiated rumor about Mr. Anestad? I understand as the Democratic Party Chair your job is to make lemons out of lemonade after choosing a candidate who has now lied to the public about resigning; and, lied about (with you) what the law, TESD policy, and his contract say.

    I get you are trying to use “bully” to mean Trump
    because this is your party default now, but this is TE and one believes ANY of these candidates are like that.

    Just admit Mr Boyer fooled your Party, lied to you about resigning on time, and now put you in a situation where you are severely damaging your personal credibility for him. It’s sad that you have played along, but I guess that’s your job.

  22. As a party chair Ms. Keohane, it is admirable that you choose to defend your candidate even when the candidate himself chooses to remain silent.

    Previously undecided about my vote, your damaging personal accusations and lies about Tredyffrin police at school board meetings, just made the decision for me. Boyer will not get my vote and he can thank you Ms. Keohane.

  23. It is so surprising that Ed Sweeney supports the R candidate and Kathleen Keohane the D… Give me a break!

    By definition you two are among the most partisan and least analytical or thoughtful toward choosing a quality candidate. Your votes (and endorsements) are decided by your party’s endorsement, done. Why not allow your party to be your proxy, you can stay home.

    You both, and all the other lemmings who vote the party ticket exclusively are the very reason our entire system increasingly lacks any courage or ability to do the “right” thing for the citizens.

    It is NOT whether you vote D or R, liberal or conservative, the epic destruction of our system is owned by the most partisan, and least thoughtful on both sides. You increasingly give us with the worst candidates, those who are deeply tied to the party and lack any ability to be independent thinkers. Thanks.

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