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PennDOT patching potholes on state roads tomorrow!

potholesWith rising temperatures in the forecast, I just received a notice from PennDOT that they have scheduled pothole patching on state roads in the 5-county Philadelphia area for tomorrow! (See PennDOT press release below).

This week I was driving to King of Prussia on Rt. 202 North and could not believe the damage the winter weather has caused on the highway. I was in the right lane of Rt. 202 by the Rt. 422 exit, and there were large gaping holes in the roadway. I don’t know what type of filler they use in the seams but that materials was missing and it was very dangerous — you run the risk of hitting other cars in an attempt to avoid the holes. And then the damage to your car if you do hit the pothole!

It is almost impossible to drive along Lancaster Avenue and avoid the potholes, they are everywhere! Weaving in and of lanes to avoid the potholes, I think to myself — will the police understand my explanation if I get pulled over. I know that someone commented on CM, that although Rt. 30 is a state road, the repair work is done by the local municipal workers rather than PennDOT. We live on a state road and the repairs to the road have always been done by PennDOT so not certain why Lancaster Avenue would be treated any differently.

State Rep Warren Kampf has created a ‘Pothole Hotline’ for residents to report potholes on state roads. Residents in Kampf’s District are asked to call 610.251.2876 and report any potholes that are believed to be dangerous. Kampf has promised to pass the information on to PennDOT and to follow-up to make certain that the repair is done.

03/7/2014 – King of Prussia, PA.

With no snow in the forecast, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will once again take advantage of seasonable temperatures on Saturday (March 8) to repair potholes on state highways in the five-county Philadelphia region.

“We will have 27 crews working tomorrow to fill potholes with hot asphalt as we continue our aggressive plan to improve state roads that have been damaged during this relentless winter season,” PennDOT District Executive Lester C. Toaso said.

“PennDOT crews have been focused on filling potholes throughout the winter, except when snow duty called,” Toaso added. “The difference now is that hot asphalt is more readily available in the Philadelphia region and the use of this material enables us to make more permanent repairs.”

PennDOT crews work weekdays to repair potholes, but they also patched state roadways in the Philadelphia region on the weekend of Feb. 22-23, using nearly 600 tons of asphalt to fill holes in the pavement.

This year’s severe and early outbreak of potholes resulted from snow and ice seeping into pavements and temperature swings above and below the freezing mark.

A pothole develops when water penetrates into a roadway through pavement cracks and then freezes and expands, knocking loose small pieces of pavement. As cars and trucks ride over the area, cracks enlarge, more water enters and the cycle repeats itself to the point where the pavement fails.

Citizens can report potholes on state highways by calling 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623).

Motorists can check conditions on major roadways by visiting 511PA, which is free and available 24 hours a day, provides traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, traffic speed information and access to more than 680 traffic cameras. 511PA is also available by calling 5-1-1, and regional Twitter alerts are available on the 511PA website.

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  1. pattye,

    you referred to my post but that was in reference to snow removal only. there is no way Penndot could plow all the state roads after a snow event without municipal help.

    pothole repair and resurfacing on state roads is done by Penndot. so far, i am not impressed. Penndot will patch one hole and skip another right next to it. the intersection of rte 30 and bridge st. is a perfect example. horrendous.

    1. This is really just a case of Kampf’s office trying to create the illusion of being responsive to the issue. The Rep. found at least one person gullible enough to not only believe it, but to report on it as well.

  2. I spoke at length with the offices of both Senator Dinniman and Representative Kampf regarding the half-ass pothole repair being done by Penndot. I specifically mentioned the stretch of Rte 30 from Bridge Street in Berwyn to the intersection of 252 in Paoli. It’s a minefield. We’ll see what happens.

  3. It’s April 1st and the potholes on Rt. 30 in Devon remain. PennDot is pathetic.

  4. Yup, Rte30 is horrendous from the TE boundary in Wayne all the way to paoli. But somehow, that very same road is in fine condition through radnor. I have been calling kampf and dinniman and they say they are trying but it’s basically a joke. Until the state restructures penndot from the top down, nothing will change.

  5. Potholes present a safety risk and need to be repaired for the safety of the commuters traveling the roads daily. Asphalt is a great way to repair potholes and other damage that has occurred.

    1. I travel Lancaster Ave. many times daily. I see cars swerving all over the road in the hopes of missing huge holes only to hit others while trying. I can’t believe accidents haven’t occurred.

      One friend has sustained $800.00 to a vehicle while another shelled out $1,500………all due to potholes.

  6. haven’t seen a road crew out there yet…Penndot is another one of those bureauocracies that needs to have the rust shaken from it.. If our elected reps can’t get them to move, who can? feel like I am learning what it was like to live in eastern europe under soviet domination:) or :(

  7. Talked to another friend yesterday who was going to pick up his child’s car from the repair shop for pot hole damage. …….$1,500 bill.

  8. Very nice driving down 252 now that the road is newly paved. Runners aren’t so lucky. The while line of demarcation designating the very important boarder used by runners was also paved over and hasn’t been replaced. Although cars respected the white line, now that i isn’t there, there is nothing to keep the cars from swerving into the curb where they once wouldn’t travel because of the white border line. Shocking that drivers,seeing runners in that lane by the curb, need that line to let them know not to cross it into the path of runners/walkers but they do. Does anyone know if or when they’ll paint the white border line and does anyone know who to call to ask about it.

    1. Thanks to the White Line Border Painters who painted the wide path for bikers and runners on Rt 252. It’s better than running down the bike path on the main street in Avalon, NJ.

      I couldn’t be happier.

  9. Running on 252 seems dangerous. even driving on it, up the hill towards 30 is dangerous… maybe try the trail that was just completed.. or conestoga track, although I know that can be boring and flat/.

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