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News from Last night’s Board of Supervisors Meeting and T/E School Board Meeting

If you were late arriving to Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting than you were out of luck. Literally from the time the pledge of allegiance was finished, the supervisors meeting was over within 10 minutes. Bob Lamina read the announcements which included the Public Meeting on Wednesday, December 8 in regards to the Amtrak 252 bridge project, including an update on the Feasibility Study. Meeting to be held 7-9 PM at Delaware Valley Friends School. The other announcement was to remind residents that there is an expected vacancy on the Board of Supervisors due to Warren Kampf’s recent election to the state legislature. Those interested in filling the anticipated vacancy are asked to send a resume to Mimi Gleason by 12/31.

There was no new business from supervisors and no residents comments. It may have been the shortest meeting in township history.

News from the T/E School Board. The election of the school board president and vice president was on last night’s agenda. I am pleased to announce that Karen Cruikshank was elected president and Betsy Fadem, the out-going president, was elected vice-president. These positions are two-year terms. With the school district deficit, teacher contract negotiations and looming PSERS issues in Harrisburg, the challenges are there for our School Board. Best wishes and good luck to Karen and the other school board members as they struggle with our challenging economic times. Residents are fortunate to have such qualified school board members to guide the school district.

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  1. In a confusing (and orchestrated) move, “The Warren I know” just voted AGAINST approving the 2011 budget without offering any changes, amendments, or explanations…

    He later tendered his letter of recommendation… er… resignation…..

    1. This is just astonishing if true. It’s not as though there were increases in service levels or taxes to vote against. Is this just an open-ended place holder for any issue in any future campaign, that can be twisted to serve a cause?

      Of course, past (last year’s sewer fund vote) is prologue, so voters could have known the integrity of their candidate for Harrisburg. Perhaps on a bigger stage it won’t be so easy to get away with this kind of behavior?

      What’s the story line on this?

      1. Maybe he is afraid of being tied to a budget balanced upon a capital reserve draw down?

        More ham-handed politics by WK.

  2. No idea the rationale, but it happened. Your guess is as good as any. Watch the meeting replay. When the vote starts pay close attention to how the vote was almost called without a roll call, but warren reminded bob of the “procedure”…. Without that reminder Warren’s bizarre vote against the budget may have been missed.

    A fitting end to a truly embarrassing and clumsy time on the TTBOS.

  3. Why isn’t he allowed to vote NO? He won’t be here to tinker with it or review it or approve appropriations — he cannot abstain, so voting no frees him to move ahead. I have no problem with it. Why would it matter? It’s very different than the Sewer vote….he had no reason to vote against that except for politics. In this case, his “yes” vote would have been meaningless and he probably has not been involved in the budget development. I’d rather have him vote no than rubber stamp it. It’s a no tax increase budget too, right?

    1. He is allowed to vote no – any of the BOS members can vote against approving the budget. But the budget ultimately must be approved!!! This is why to vote no, without any explanation, suggested change, or amendment is theater – and frankly it is amateur theatrics that don’t even make sense.

      With respect to “giving it a rest” – he did this to himself… again… he could have and should have resigned without playing games.

  4. We’ll have to agree to disagree. His seat empty would have been equivalent to a No vote…so since he did not resign until after the vote was taken, he voted what an absence would have meant. If anyone can vote no (but legally cannot abstain), then why do you object to his voting no? You can complain about lots he does/did, but I would suggest some hesitation to manufacture intent. Why is it theater for him not to grandstand and make a comment or suggestion or amendment. THAT would have been theater. He won the next seat — this budget is not his, so why should he go on the record approving it.

    Did you complain that Rep. Drucker approved the things he voted on after he had lost his seat? Warren absolutely avoided any lame duck approvals….so really, what’s the problem?

  5. I’m not sure I undestand the conflict here either. This is a budget for the future, not the past. Whther its about drawning down the reserves is a matter of whether they choose to do that or tax. His vote is meaningless. He’s not a lame duck really, but approving something he cannot have a part of would make less sense.
    But this is a silly debate I think. Would you rather he have tendered his resignation prior to the vote, so that his vote not be counted? What would be the difference?

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