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Judy DiFilippo Honored for Community Service . . . Her Name Added to Tredyffrin’s Wall of Honor

Last night at the Board of Supervisors meeting, former township supervisor Judy DiFilippo was honored for her many years of community service. Following the reading of the official resolution by Bob Lamina, the audience witnessed the unveiling of Judy’s name on the Wall of Honor plaque in the township building lobby. (Click here to read the complete text of the resolution.)

Audience members and guests were invited to attend a reception in Judy’s honor sponsored by the Tredyffrin Historic Preservation Trust. A long-standing supporter of historic preservation in the community, members of the Trust’s Board of Directors join the community in thanking Judy for her many years of community service. The next time you are in the township building, please take a look at the Wall of Honor.

Congratulations Judy!

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