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PA State Representative 157 Race – Candidate Question #6 and Response

This is the final week of candidate questions and responses on Community Matters. As stated in the beginning, there were 6 questions ending the week before the election. To those that followed the discussion, thank you. To those that provided commentary to the responses, thank you.

Although disappointed that candidate Warren Kampf chose not to participate in the Candidate Question & Response forum, I do want to acknowledge and thank State Representative Paul Drucker for his participation and responses to the questions. During the past 6 weeks of candidate questions and responses, I abided by my ‘own terms’ and did not offer an opinion nor respond personally to any of the questions or comments.


This is the Candidate Question & Response Forum for the Pennsylvania State House 157 candidates. As previously stated, candidate Warren Kampf declined to participate in the question and response forum. Candidate Paul Drucker’s response follows the question. Each Monday for six weeks, a new question and response will be posted. The candidate forum will end the week before the election.

Question #6: Many politicians speak of the need for reform in Harrisburg. In your opinion, where is the greatest need for reform and how will you support that reform.

Paul Drucker’s Response

I was motivated to seek election to the Pennsylvania State House two years ago to help usher in a new era of reform, openness and accountability.

From the pay-raise to Bonusgate, I was shocked at the news coming out of Harrisburg and disappointed that our elected officials seemed so unwilling to deliver the type of meaningful change we deserve.

That’s why I organized an event with fellow first time candidates to propose specific changes to how Harrisburg does business. And that’s why I am fighting every day to reform our redistricting process, encourage whistleblowers to come forward and ensure taxpayers know exactly how their money is being spent.

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  1. Paul like our beloved Phillies, you struck out looking here in the bottom of the ninth to end the game! What a telling answer… But it goes to the difficulty of the question!
    How can a proven non-reformer answer a question about reform? He can not!
    Paul was asked to name three reforms he was part of recently in an interview with a print journalist – he was asked this because in his own words, he ran “as a reformer”
    Paul fumbled so badly it was akward, then he gave a semi coherent answer and in the end was nailed as a fraud as he could name one reform he was part of let alone three.
    Paul could answer a lot of questions on spending increases, tax increases or the route 422 issue, but by his non answer above, I think everyone can see reform is not in his toll, sorry, tool box.
    If you want to be a reformer Paul you do NOT pass a budget that is not balanced. (Paul and other Legislatures knew of the budget shortfall by $250 Million and still passed their budget in violation of the law and good ethics.)
    You do not get to call yourself a reformer if the trial attorneys and unions fund your campaign (talk about same old same old).
    Your answer allows people to see that in two years not much reform was done… we need help Paul, this last two years was the time for reform, we needed strong representation. You did not provide it and ultimately that is what resonates with voters. Someone accused you last week of wearin the mask of a fiscal conservative, we all see that you also wear the mask of a reformer – but your actions speak and your voting record speaks and on Tuesday of next week, the voters will speak.

    1. Sean D. Said- But it goes to the difficulty of the question!

      Right, it’s so difficult your candidate couldn’t even answer.

      Your candidate violated the Home Rule Charter when attempting to cut his friends at the St. David’s Golf Club a Break. Sorry Sean, but you cannot be taken seriously, and further, your candidate cannot be taken seriously.

      – He lied about not raiding the rainy day fund.
      – He lied about owning a small business.
      – He violated the oath of office he took as a supervisor

      Now, he has his mother shilling for him on a robo call on an attack that was never made. He uses his friends, family and parents as props in his political theatre.

      Here’s a question, why don’t the police and fire fighters support Warren?

      1. Anon:
        Two things –
        1/ Why is it so hard for you to stay on topic? This is about Paul’s lack of refrom record. If you could not show us the great reforms that Paul has done you have to agree that he has not reformed as promised…

        2/ Please allow me to provide acurate info regarding the baseless claims you are so casual about making…
        2a/ Warren was part of a small business, his firm was a small business that grew successfully. But under the Dept of Labor terminology for a small business he was ABSOLUTELY part owner of a small business.
        2b/ Please provide proof of this supposed violation of the HomeRuleCharter. The St David issue has been tried here before and in many other parts, Unfortunately there is nothing that you can site which proves wrong doing by the board. If he violated the HRC i ask that you prove the accusation… Since you can not and have not, we can all agree that it was not broken, but it sure looks good when you write it…
        2c/ Warren’s friends at the St Davids Golf Club? That is weak and cheap… Again who exactly was Warren helping.. please name names, since you can not this is a non issue.
        4/ Funny you mention Police, I was fortunate enough a while back to be part of a group that made a donation to the Chester County SWAT team which is manned by a few members of the Tredyffrin police – after the “big cardboard check” moment we talked for a while and I asked the policemen there what they thought of Warren, they had no idea that I was a volunteer for Warren or that I supported him… Every officer TO A PERSON talked about their respect for Warren and one said “I am glad I have my job as I would not want his!”
        Will they vote for him? I can not answer that any better than you can…. but you are way off base to say that they do not support him…
        My son played baseball with the son of a firefighter (good kid!) this spring. As the primary approached we did talk about Warren and you know, funny, he was voting FOR Warren. Seemed he had no axe to grind, he did not feel slighted as your statement intends… He was able to look at the issues and discern the best candidate – I give the police, firefighters and first responders more credit than you do…

        Since they have NOT endorsed Paul Drucker, is it safe for me to say they do not support him?

        reformer? no but he clearly has fans that want to divert attention from his weak track record and change the narrative to match his attack ad strategy.

        1. Sean — correction for you on Paul Drucker endorsements. Just to keep the facts straight, the following press release from this past Saturday states that the firefighter and police organizations are endorsing Paul Drucker for re-election.

          Sat, Oct 23, 2010

          Paoli, PA — One of the most important groups of public servants in any community is fire fighters, volunteer and career emergency responders. In the 157th district these dedicated personnel have made it clear that they prefer Paul Drucker over his opponent in the contest for the state house district 157th legislative seat, which will be decided in November.

          The PA Profesional Fire Fighters Association and the Chester County Fire Chiefs Association have endorsed Drucker as the best choice in this year’s campaign, due to his unwavering support of their efforts and their priorities. The Chester County Fire Chief’s Association is a representation of the Volunteer Fire Chiefs from 40 different fire companies in Chester County. The organization joins the Chester County FOP, Montgomery County FOP and State Police FOP as well as the Tredyffrin Township Police Association to endorse Rep. Drucker.

          Drucker has been a long-time supporter of firefighters and emergency responders, going back to his time on the board of supervisors.

          Legislators have a number of responsibilities to firefighters such as protecting state funding for fire houses, working to save sprinkler legislation, protecting homeowners and firefighters alike and ensuring pensions will be there for career firefighters. Drucker is clearly more willing to fight for these important issues.

          “Firefighters and first responders daily put themselves in dangerous situations for the good of those they serve. They are among the best of us,” said Drucker “and as an elected official it is my duty to make sure they have the necessary equipment and protection.”

        2. Sean – I know you live in Schuylkill, but you are aware that police and fire HAVE endorsed Paul?

          Do you know how small you sound when you relay your little “personal conversations”.

          Wait – I have one! I had a conversation with someone the other day, in Tredyffrin, and the person told me that Warren is lying about his poll results! He lied because he wasn’t raising money.

          No surprise. He lied about the rainy day fund, he lied about “owning” a “small business”, he lied about not taking contributions from the Republican Party after the 1375 Swedesford Rd purchase vote, he lied when he took his oath of office based on the st david’s fiasco, which means he lied to every citizen of Tredyffrin township. He lied when he ran in 2007 and said he wouldn’t raise taxes, then one month later he voted to raise them. He’s lying every day when he says Paul Drucker “supports” 422 tolling. Warren does not know the definition of the truth. I can’t imagine why anyone would vote for him.

        3. yeah, right, sean – you meant to say schuylkill fire, yet you were talking about your little conversation with a Tredyffrin police officer. at least admit how out of touch and uninformed you are.

          Fire, police, teachers, unions, health care professionals, environmental groups, plus many more, all endorse Paul Drucker. The people who protect us, and take care of us, and teach our children. Who endorses Warren? The chambers – who take care of big business. The NRA – who keep guns on the street – no matter what kind. Chester County Action – who spews hate on a regular basis. And for an “Independent Republican” Warren sure has a lot of republicans listed and pictured on his literature! um…..does anyone find that as strange as I do? what is an Independent Republican, exactly? a….TEA PARTIER? Thats the code word. Warren marched with them, and he asked for volunteers from the tea party. Everyone on this board should think very carefully before voting for a tea party candidate.

        4. ## Chester County SWAT


          There is no such thing as “Chester County SWAT”. Also, they don’t solicit donations.

          The police and fire services don’t like Warren. Not a single organization has endorsed Warren. He forced the Tredyffrin Police through a painful arbitration process where the outcome was known. The only thing that resulted from that was the township’s legal bills going up. Oh yes, the special counsel who handled that arbitration donated $500 to Warren’s campaign. Meanwhile, Warren accuses Paul of pay to play politics.

          The Warren Kampf I Know – is the one who is willing to violate the home rule charter for the sake of doing political insiders and friends a favor.

          The Warren Kampf I Know – is the one who lies about not depleting the rainy day fund.

        5. I can’t imagine what Warren will say, “Toshiro”. Of course, we know he’ll say anything to win! And his ads have been just as negative, only he actually lies in them. It’s the truth that Warren defending that horrible homebuilder. It’s the truth that he raised taxes twice in Tredyffrin, yet says he’s a fiscal conservative.

        6. Sean – when are you going to answer simple questions?

          How can you say Warren is a fiscal conservative when he raised taxes twice and reversed a pay freeze on township employees?

          How can you say he has a “wholesome image” (excuse me while I puke) when the man knowingly defended a home builder who basically poisoned children?

          How can you defend Warren’s lies? He’s lying about Paul’s stand on 422. He’s lying about his tax record. He lied about breaking in to the rainy day fund. He voted to pay for a piece of swampland in Tredyffrin for one of his Republican buddies for a price way over the appraised price. (1375 Swedesford Rd). He voted to build a million dollar park and the accompanying million dollar roundabout near his home, in a township that already has more parks than we can maintain.

          He says he stands with Republicans in Harrisburg who slashed and burned the state budget SB850 that would hurt our children, our seniors, our first responders, and our veterans.

          And on top of all that, he marches and stands with the Tea Party, who want to abolish social security, medicare, and God knows what else. You are a Tea Party member, correct, Sean?

          Let me ask you a question – weren’t you unemployed in 2009? Did you accept unemployment compensation?

          Why don’t you face facts, Sean? It’s painful, isn’t it.

      2. I was never a warren fan, but I think it is absolutely disgusting he is parading his children on his literature, and asking his “friends” to do the same. Does he think he is special because he has a family? I have a family – can I be a state rep? Does that make him “better” than a single person? Or a divorced person? Or a person who chooses to have no children? What exactly is he trying to prove by showing us picture after picture of his wife and kids?

        1. I meant to say – since Schuykill Fire (Valley Forge) and Police Departments have not endorsed Paul does that mean THEY do not support him… The TTPA endorsed Paul? Of course, what union would not… I am not trying to get off the topic of his clear lack of reform, but come on… Unions (and trial lawyer Pacs) are what is keeping his campaign afloat, Paul has been having a VERY tough time raising money this whole season – Harrisburg had to come in and bail his campaign out as he was flat broke… He could not afford the TV he heeds down the stretch just to be competitive…
          Only one lying is Anon which can not prove any of the accusations he makes – rainy day fund, St Davids HRC violation, et al.
          Of course being Anon you can lie…
          I apologize for the gaffe of an incomplete sentence on my prior post!

        2. “I have a family – can I be a state rep?”

          No, just because you have a family doesn’t qualify you for state rep John.
          Perhaps getting elected to the BOS would be a first step for you… oops, never mind… :)

        3. Disgusting to personalize his campaign. At least his material is mostly about him. How about the one the PAC sent out about a homebuilder he represented….warning homeowners that Warren is not on their side.
          No one responded on the kind of law Mr. Drucker practiced, so I took John P’s advice and googled him. The only legal partner I can connect him to is Lawrence Metzger, who is now associated with Metzger and Kleiner, “Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys.” So am I to assume that Mr. Drucker is an attorney in that field?
          Just asking.

        4. Andrea have you seen all of warren’s mail? he hasn’t attacked? he hasn’t lied about 422?

          and you call trotting your kids and your friend’s kids out on a piece of political mail “personalizing”? Listen, if Warren was that attached to his family, he wouldn’t be trying to get a job that will take him away from it, overnights in Harrisburg and when he is home, constantly attending meetings, functions, etc, then before he knows it he’ll be up for re-election again. He has a perfectly good, solid, job as a partner in a law firm. He just wants to be a politician, clearly. What does that have to do with his family and children? That job will take him away from them!

          I would never put my children on a piece of political mail. Never.

        5. Sean – who do you think is financing Warren? Does Warren tell you ANYTHING? The HRCC is running and paying for his campaign. Notice the “paid for” lines on his mail. The HRCC and the Montco Republican Committee is also paying for all his tv.

          You are either incredibly misinformed, or a pathological liar.

        6. Don’t you remember? “Slip and Fall Paul”?
          If I recall, Drucker supporters were pretty upset with the whole “Slip and Fall Paul” attack…. but they seem ok with the attack piece claiming that Kampf wants to kill your family with mold! I admit, that mailer was entertaining and made me laugh. I can’t imagine what they will say this final week, especially in their last hour of desperation.

        7. “Listen, if Warren was that attached to his family, he wouldn’t be trying to get a job that will take him away from it”

          So what are you saying, that Paul doesn’t like his family?

        8. Anon:

          here is the link for the non-existing Chester County SWAT team…

          The lack of a SWAT team would be news to Lt. Steven Dintino who graciously accepted a check from our organization to buy a non-lethal response weapon.
          here is that link…

          So there is the agency that you say does not exist – accepting a check with you say they would not do.

          I do not mean to get off topic but when you throw falsehoods around so casually I have to correct you so everyone can see that it is a theme of your posts…

          Incorrect statements, lie after lie, misrepresentation and misdirection. You still have not come back to the central point of this discussion, Paul Drucker is no more a reformer than you are a truth teller.

          I have asked you time and time again to answer simple questions, since you can not I would not say anyone else in uninformed.
          If you do not like Warren that is your issue, but his politics and record are above reproach no matter how many names you call me John.

          People (yes John even people who will not vote for Warren) see your attacks as sophmoric and irrational. If you could stick to the topic to defend Paul it would be welcome, but instead you bash away at Warren like a deprived child.

          Warren has a record of fiscal restraint, good stewardship and conservative principles. His wholesome image is captured in recent mailers…

          FOUR no tax increase budgets, (the rare times when a slight increase happened) a sewer fee increase that was only $35 per household, Shrinking govt by 15%, that is a record of achievment…
          Paul’s own supporter on this blog said…
          “Paul spent the last two years learning and building relationships…” That is not a record of acheivment and certainly he does not have a record of reform…
          Rant and rave, whine and complain, misplace your anger and call me all the names you wish, it does not change the narrative – Warren has the record, the momentum and will next week be our new State Rep.

          Pattye sorry if I got those websites up to fact check Anon before you got to them, I know you often post links when someone makes an inaccurate claim

        9. Paul is not plastering his campaign lit with pictures of his wife and kids, like Warren is. Warren expects us to believe he’s such a “family man” when he really is sacrificing his family life to be a politician. It is no job for a man with young children, period. They will never see him, and he knows it. So, maybe he should lay off the “family man” stuff.

        10. Sean D. Apparently thinks the Tredyffrin SOT is the Chester County SWAT.

          The GOP is being taken over by idiots, lead by Sean Dempsey.

  2. I decided to take a look and see what was done on reform over the past two years while Mr. Drucker was in the House to see what has, or hasn’t, passed. Here is what I found…

    The State Senate passed a package of bills with bi-partisan support that included:

    – Expanding public’s access to state spending records (SB105)
    – Cracking down on Sunshine Law violations (SB101)
    – Requiring all paid advertising by state government to include a disclaimer outlining they are paid for with tax dollars (SB109)
    – Ending lame duck sessions (SB106)
    – Returning funds from legislative accounts to the General Fund (SB10)

    To date, these bills have not been put up for a vote in the State House by Rep. Drucker’s Democrat Caucus leaders and he has not called for them to be released for a vote.

    In addition, House Republicans have offered bills to provide for independent audits of caucus leadership accounts and more. These initiatives, too, have been bottled up by Drucker’s Democratic Leadership and he, again, has stood silent.

    If Paul Drucker were as (a) independent and bi-partisan as he claims or (b) as committed to reform as he says, he would have been calling for a vote on all these items for the past two years – particularly those pieces of legislation, like SB105, that specifically address issues he claims in his answer he is working hard to address.

    The simple fact is, when it comes to reform, we can call out both parties in the House for inaction, but Mr. Drucker’s claims seem hollow in light of the facts. Especially when he is in the majority that controls the House agenda.

    1. These are all senate bills. Where’s John Perzel on these items? As far as I can tell, each of these items are in committees that Paul is not on. For instance, SB 105 is in the Finance Committee, of which Sam Roher is the minority chair. Where is he on this? Where is he out there demanding this come to the floor for a vote?

      Reform? Kampf, given his actions on St. David’s, could never be taken seriously as an agent for reform. He voted to break the rules for political friends and insiders.

      1. I love how Drucker supporters decry rule breakers for political friends and insiders. C’mon now…It is not right, for the right, and the left. Labor unions, political friends, yes, it does sound familiar. Sorry, but as long as Kampf doesn’t kill anyone, I am for him. But unlike some here, I will vote him out if he doesn’t get the job done. Can the same be said of Drucker supporters?

      2. These are all Senate bills that have passed and await action in the House — which is controlled by Paul Drucker’s Party. This includes the committees which each have a Democrat majority. They haven’t moved these bills and Paul hasn’t asked them too.

        In case you aren’t aware, that’s how it works: one chamber of the legislature passes something and then it goes to the others.

        I am not sure why you bring Sam Rohrer or John Perzel into this other than to change the subject, but as I said in my original email, both parties in the House shoulder some blame, so I think I addressed that up-front.

        The fact remains that Paul hasn’t done anything about these reform measures, including those that directly address the issues he said he is working on in his answer.

        1. Dear From The West:

          “In case you aren’t aware, that’s how it works…”

          When was the last time you were in Harrisburg?

          You obviously don’t know how it works, or what you are talking about.

          Paul Drucker campaigned on reform and last year he introduced a package of reform bills with a group of bi-partisan legislators:

          “How it works” is that the bills need to get past committee. In the case of Paul’s bills, in particular, redistricting, Rep Babette Josephs was the committee chair with the power to do so. Why don’t you call her and ask her how hard Paul worked to push reforms through? Go ahead, call her, Mr Know It All. After all, since you “know how it works”, maybe you even know her personally?

          Paul also held a redisricting hearing to help push it through:

          As far as bills passed, he did pass a whistleblower’s bill that takes a step toward changing things in Harrisburg:

          Republicans and Democratic leaders are BOTH to blame for the lack of reform right now. Paul Drucker is NOT. He stood up for what was right and it was not an easy thing to do. It is however, an easy thing to do, for you to sit there and spout off about something you know nothing about.

        2. Where are the House R’s in demanding these items come out of committee? Your first have to look at those people on the committee. How do you know that it is D’s blocking these items? Have you attended the committee meetings? Perhaps there is some area of disagreement with the House R’s.

  3. Dedicated and motivated are two words that scare me when coming from incumbent legislators, or lawyers on those ambulance chasing advertisements on TV

  4. For what it’s worth, Chester County FOP Lodge #11 includes officers from Tredyffrin, Schuylkill, and Pheonixville as well as the rest of the County.

    The Chester County Fire Chief’s Association has representation from all past and present Fire Chiefs of the county, which includes all the volunteer companies in the 157th.

    These associations are the only way the Police and Fire agencies have of supporting officials running for office. Due to restrictions on the non-profit status you will never see a recommendation directly from a fire company or a police department .

    1. Right. And with that, Paul has their support, Warren doesn’t. That should speak volumes. Unless of course, Sean Dempsey believes that these endorsements are meaningless. The police and fire services are very selective on who they endorse.

      Here are the people the Chester County Fire Chiefs Endorsed:

      Jim Gerlach
      Pat Meehan
      Paul Drucker

      Think about that. The Chester County Fire Chiefs endorsed Jim Gerlach, Pat Meehan, but declined to endorse Warren Kampf. That is a major indictment on Kampf.

      I’m sure Mr. Dempsey will have an amusing comeback for that. :)

  5. Wow people. Reading through anon’s (I think there are more than one anon’s) responses, one might conclude people take this personally. I’d say we all miss Mr. Petersen, but somehow he seems part of this discussion. Kate and Andrea said it before — this is about personal choice. No amount of back and forth here is likely to change anyone’s mind, so can we stick to information.

    I’m confused by the concern for Warren Kampf’s family. In the olden days (you know — 10 years ago), all the campaign literature was just pictures of a candidate and his or her family. It wasn’t called trotting out – it was about getting to know the essence of a candidate.

    Reading bios on both men doesn’t tell you much. Paul’s non political high points are that he was president of his synagogue and was a soccer coach. He has 3 grown children. Warren’s is that he grew up around here and is a good son.

    With all the rancor about small business owners, turns out Paul’s bio also says he ran a small business. Law firm? So a bigger law firm with partners isn’t a business either?

    So what does any of this have to do with working in Harrisburg? Zilch to my reading. Both men claim to be fiscal conservatives. If you want to vote for that quality, pick em.

    I think Kate said it — November 2nd is election day. Go vote. That’s how you make your voice heard.

  6. Away from CM for a few days and look what’s cookin’ – the same dyspeptic slop.

    Kampf’s kamp refuses to acknowledge Paul’s efforts to reform Harrisburg. What a surprise! His whistleblower bill cleared the State Government Committee last March with unanimous approval. It would prohibit the intimidation, discrimination or firing of state Assembly employees who report wrongdoing or waste. It has yet to go before the full House for a vote.

    Paul’s redistricting bill would create a bipartisan committee of officials not holding elected office to draw voting district lines based on the 2010 census. It would represent a major improvement over the sleazy way it is done now. It competes with another redistricting bill and awaits a committee hearing.

    Paul is a member of a reform group of freshman state reps who are actively working on other pieces of legislation to establish checks and balances and increase transparency in the budgeting and legislative process. This group is actively engaged in developing reform legislation,contrary to what In the West would like you to believe.

    In the West is just plain wrong when she says Paul’s claims as a reformer are “hollow”. And she knows it.

    Likewise, K’s Kamp continues to lie and misrepresent Paul’s position on 422.. Now they are calling him the “architect” of 422 tolling.

    It’s beyond hyperbole. It’s pure, unadulterated BS.

    There IS no plan to toll 422. Paul certainly was not behind the initial discussions about long-distance tolling to raise revenue. It was and remains one idea to find a dedicated source of funds for regional infrastructure improvements.

    Long-distance tolling. (NOT for on-off commuters):

    One option. Under discussion. Never voted on.

    That’s the truth.

    That combined with robocalls from Warren’s mother and today from Warren’s WIFE – both telling voters that Paul lies are ….DESPICABLE..

    They reflect Warren’s poor judgment and desperation.

    I guess we’ll see if his kids can read cue cards ….within the next few days.

    For the privilege of working very hard and taking constant fire from “the other side”, a state rep gets a modest salary, the unpleasant job of begging supporters for money to fund his next camapign, and the “pleasure” of participating in the partisan theatre that is Harrisburg.

    All this and hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on overheated campaigns while people in this district go hungry.

    This election season cannot be over too soon

  7. Sick and Tired – Yes, political candidates usually have ONE piece of mail where they introduce their family. Not EVERY piece. Does Warren think his children are any more special than mine – or yours? Why does he keep sending pictures out of them? He obviously thinks he has The Best Children in The World. And, so, we should vote for him because his wife was doing a puzzle with his daughter? Maybe I’ll send him a picture of my children. Because I’m really tired of looking at his.

  8. It really saddens me that within 36 hours of posting the final candidate question and response, the tenor of the comments has dropped to this level of negativity and personal attacks. This is not what I intended 6 weeks ago and will not continue to perpetuate these type of remarks. As of now, comments will not longer be accepted on this post. And fortunately there are no further candidate questions. The election is November 2 – so everyone can take their vote to the polls.

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