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The Phoenix Provides State House Rep 157 Candidate Profiles: Paul Drucker, Warren Kampf

The Phoenix newspaper has posted profiles for State House Representative 157 candidates Paul Drucker and Warren Kampf. Although the article did not indicate, I am assuming that the newspaper asked for candidate comments specifically on tax and job issues. The candidates remarks are below:

State House Rep 157 Candidate Profile: Paul Drucker

Taxes: Paul is committed to ensuring that homeowners in the 157th District aren’t unduly burdened by property taxes. Though a necessary source of funding for many projects, property taxes often place an undue burden on homeowners—especially on our seniors. Paul is dedicated to ensuring a sane, responsible property tax policy that doesn’t burden our senior citizens.

Jobs: Paul is dedicated to bringing jobs and economic activity to our district, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to earn and feel safe from the mounting pressures of everyday financial challenges.

State House Rep 157 Candidate Profile: Warren Kampf

Jobs: Warren knows families are hurting in today’s economy and they are worried about making ends meet and securing good-paying jobs – that’s why he’ll make job creation his top priority in Harrisburg. Make Pennsylvania More Competitive; Invest in Small Business and the Jobs of Tomorrow.

Taxes: Warren is as frustrated as every other taxpayer and homeowner that the politicians in Harrisburg promise property tax relief every year but nothing ever gets done. Use Gaming Money as Promised; Ending Pork Barrel Spending.

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  1. Isn’t Kampf’s decision to cut a deal for St. David’s Golf Club a form of pork? As for taxes, why didn’t Kampf use the rainy day fund for property tax relief? He should practice what he preaches.

  2. Tredyffrin Republican —

    St. David’s could only be considered pork if it were taxpayers’ money. It was not tax money, and it never was tax money.

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