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Wilson Farm Park Gazebo Dedicated to Judy DiFilippo!

Yesterday’s threatening sky and a few raindrops was not going to keep members of the community from thanking Judy DiFilippo for her 20 years of public service to Tredyffrin as a township supervisor. Judy had the vision for Wilson Farm Park so it was only fitting that the park’s gazebo was named in Joe Barks, Jack Edson & Jack Trimmer join Judyher honor.

Providing accolades for the occasion was Joe Barks from the township’s newly formed Parks & Recreation Foundation and Jack Edson and Jack Trimmer of the Parks & Recreation Board.

Tredyffrin Township supervisors Olson, Richter, DiBuonaventuro and Kampf joined former State House Rep Carole Rubley, current State House Rep Paul Drucker, Chester County Commissioner Terence Farrell, T/E School Board member Debbie Bookstaber and Assistant Director of Chester County Planning Commission David Ward at the dedication. Public Works Director Steve Norcini, township Parks and Recreation Director Hillary Mallory and township Inspector Mike Pilotti also attended as did several members of the township’s police department. Family and friends joined in the celebration.

The appropriate inscription on the gazebo plaque reads, “Leading by example to make Tredyffrin a better place”. The next time you are Wilson Farm Park, I hope that you take the time to stop by and see the newly named gazebo. An honor well deserved, we thank Judy for her many years of service to our community!

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  1. Great to see the community honor Judy in this way. I have nothing but admiration for the job Judy did for the township over the last twenty years. In this day and age of national division, intolerance and partisan politics – Judy should be held out as an example of great public service where citizens best interests were always put first. She was and still is one of the “good guys”.

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