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Township Retail Space Left Empty by Circuit City Getting a New Tenant!

Circuit City’s bankruptcy left a large box store vacant along Swedesford Road in Berwyn and this large empty box store is getting a new tenant! I’m excited to report that HH Gregg, Inc, a Midwest consumer electronics star, is moving in to the space.

A recent article in Business Weekly is reporting that HH Gregg is moving aggressively to capitalize on cheaper rents during the economic downturn by building a nationwide presence to challenge their much bigger rival, Best Buy. The Indianapolis based company will open 40-45 stores in the Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Baltimore areas in the coming months as part of a broader plan to expand to 600 stores this decade from 127 currently.

The local business community is grateful that HH Gregg decided on the Berwyn location . . . I’m taking it as a sign that the dark cloud is starting to lift. In addition to filling an empty box store space, HH Gregg will provide many new local jobs!

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  1. one down. a lot more to go. Courageous as unemployment is still woefully low and has no hope of improving, realistically until taxes and govt spending are reduced..

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