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Pottstown newspaper, The Mercury . . . ‘Two Vie for 157th House in Republican Primary Tuesday’

The clock is ticking down to the start of Primary Election Day. The Pottstown newspaper, The Mercury has an article written by Dennis Wright which details the Republican race between Ken Buckwalter and Warren Kampf for the Pennsylvania State House 157 race. The winner of the Republican Primary race will appear on the ballot with incumbent Democrat Paul Drucker in November’s General Election.

Don’t let the forecasted cold temperatures and rainy weather keep you from the polls tomorrow. Participate in democracy and get out and vote. The polls open at 7 AM and will remain open until 8 PM. Here’s hoping for a good turnout of voters tomorrow and best wishes for the candidates and their families.

Two vie for 157th House seat in Republican primary Tuesday

By Dennis J. Wright

PHOENIXVILLE — Two spirited Republicans — Kendrick Buckwalter and Warren Kampf — will compete Tuesday for the chance to take on incumbent Democratic state Rep. Paul Drucker in the 157th House District.

Drucker is completing his first term in Harrisburg after he succeeded longtime Republican Carole Rubley, who retired in 2008. He defeated Republican opponent Guy Ciarrocchi by a narrow margin of 50.9 percent to 49.1 percent and the race is expected to be competitive again this year.

Buckwalter, a Phoenixville borough councilman, announced his seeking of the Republican nomination in January. A Phoenixville resident, Buckwalter is a small businessman and 15-year veteran of municipal government in the borough. He has served as chairman of Phoenixville’s zoning hearing board, and has been elected to two terms on Borough Council, where he currently serves. He has also volunteered as a firefighter, and is well-known for his support of the work they do.

Buckwalter said he is running for the seat to utilize the experience he’s gained over the past two decades. “I’m at the point of my life where I can take the experience I’ve gained over the last 22 years of public service to represent the people in the 157th District,” Buckwalter said. “I can do this now as a full-time citizen legislator.”

While he wants to see reforms in state government, Buckwalter said change takes time. “I’m not running to try to change everything overnight,” he said. “I’m just one person. I’m trying to use my experience as a fiscal conservative and apply it to the state budget and the pension problem. We got to get to a point where we don’t bankrupt the state while fulfilling the pension obligation.

Kampf is an attorney with White and Williams LLP, and has served on the Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors for the past six years, including serving as chairman in 2008 and 2009. Prior to becoming a supervisor, Kampf served on the Tredyffrin Zoning Hearing Board. Kampf said he is looking to bring his experience with him to Harrisburg.

“I’m running because I think state government is fundamentally broken as far as our taxes go,” Kampf said. “It spends too much and delivers so little as far as education and economical development. While a Tredyffrin Board Supervisor, I’ve helped deliver four no-tax budgets so everyone can live within their means. I think it is that kind of experience is what we need in Harrisburg.”

Fiscal discipline in state government is needed, Kampf said.”I hope to bring this strong fiscal discipline to our state government,” he said. “There are voices talking about that, and I would like to join them. There is also education and job safety, and if we focus on those priorities, and eliminate things like waste and outdated programs,”

The 157th House District includes Phoenixville, Schuylkill and Tredyffrin townships in Chester County, and portions of Lower Providence and West Norriton in Montgomery County.

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  1. I just went to my polling place at the New Eagle school – and as I was leaving I stopped at the Republican tent – which had about 15 – 20 signs behind them on the fence — not one sign for Buckwalter. I told the pair at the table that it was a DISGRACE that there was not one sign for Buckwalter and that I was embarrassed and ashamed at the actions of the TTRC.
    I was told that Ken had not supplied them with any signs – and that if he had or would they would display. I just laughed at those comments. These guys are a joke and are working to insure a victory for Drucker.

    1. Thanks. I will send an email to Ken (hoping that he sees it on his phone) for his signs at New Eagle. I was planning on visiting several polls today — anyone else have news to report? I did hear that at W2 (my polling location along with Kampf, JD, Paul Drucker) that at 8 AM there had been 50 voters and I think it was split evenly 25 Dem and 25 Rep voters. Remember, JD and Kampf are running against each other for the Rep Committee seat at W2.

      1. There were plenty of Buckwalter signs where I voted, but the Republicans there told me they supported Kampf and Corbett..

  2. Same story at Valley Forge Middle School. It’s a shame Buckwalter can’t even staff the polls and the zombies of the local Tredyffrin Repub. party aren’t helping the matter.

  3. No matter who wins the Republican primary, Republicans should still vote for him against Drucker. After all, that is the Democrat way. Can’t fault it. Stick within your own tent, no matter what, and win.

    1. Regardless of the ethics of one of the Republicans…
      Look what that got us in DC when the congregation sat in awe of the message from the Messiah .. and like little lost sheep they simply followed …

  4. Tredyffrin GOP and Phoenixville GOP made a deal about a month ago: they would each hang signs and drop literature before election day for BOTH Kampf and Buckwalter if the campaigns provided them. It is pretty obvious that Kampf supplied his literature and Buckwalter didn’t (at least from the lit bag I received.)

    As for committee people in Tredyffrin supporting Kampf over Buckwalter, the committee people in Phoenixville are supporting Buckwalter over Kampf.

    Why aren’t people calling the Phoenixville Republican Committee members “clowns” for doing exactly what TTRC members are doing here?

    Oh, I remember: because almost everyone on this blog is committed to hating Warren Kampf no matter what.

    1. Or it could just be the simple fact that Buckwalter hasn’t burned his fellow Phoenville residents the way that Kampf has??? Nahhhh. That couldn’t possibly be it…. Could it?

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