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Here’s a surprise . . . the PA Firearm Owners Association is following Community Matters

For those of you have been following Community Matters, you will recall some of our livelier discussions have been gun-related, whether it was guns in national parks or incorrect signage (relating to guns) in our township parks . . . we have had people on both sides of the issues. Sometimes Community Matters attracts followers from outside the immediate area, so I guess should not have been surprised to receive the following email today from the president of the Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association. I know my niavete on guns and their supporters is surprising to some, but who would know there is a Right to Keep & Bear Arms Rally held annually in Harrisburg?

Dear Community Matters,

There are just two weeks until we gather for the 5th Annual Right to Keep & Bear Arms Rally at the Capitol in Harrisburg. Have you made your plans to attend?

We need every gun owner we can find to turn out on April 27 at 10am for this important event that will demand action from lawmakers on vital self-defense reforms. Legislators have refused to bring Castle Doctrine up for a vote for years, and it is time we tell each and every one that we expect action.
If you join us, you’ll hear from top national and state speakers on the issues of today, and the role of the Second Amendment in 2010. By pre-registering, you will be eligible to win a Smith & Wesson rifle, Brownell’s range gear, or a $100 gift certificate to Cabela’s.

Visit for more information, and find links to ride share forums so you can organize with other PAFOA members in your area.

See you in Harrisburg!
Daniel Pehrson
Founder & President
Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association

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  1. Here we have this recent car driver rage on 422 where a man shoots at a woman’s car, injuring her — this another example of gun violence. The suspect never had any history of police/criminal issues but he’s driving in rush hour traffic, gets frustrated, takes his gun out and starts shooting. And to see there is a Right to Keep & Bear Arms Rally. We need to protect the gun owner’s rights – tell that to the young woman who is recovering from her injuries.

    1. Anonymous, I am not sure, really where I stand on these gun issues. There is a big part of me that thinks there are just too many guns out there. But there is a thread of fallacy running through your logic.. Maybe if this loon didnt have a gun, he would have used his car as a weapon, cut her off, caused an accident.. I just don’t know…

      1. On the other hand, if the woman was aware of her rights and she had the gun to which she is entitled, she could have taken her attacker out right then and there?

  2. I believe that that’s a generic letter sent out the email list, Pattye. It looks like someone signed you up, lol.

    Anonymous– Really? Perhaps we should then outlaw vehicles since they are used in manslaughter incidents all the time? Or baseball bats, kitchen knives, hunting knives, crow bars, etc. The firearm is just a tool. It does not make kill someone any easier than another tool (knife, bat, crow bar, etc) could. Just gives you a little distance. The old saying, people kill people, not guns…

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