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Residents with Stormwater Problems . . . township staff now offering help

Recently the township formed a ‘Stormwater Committee’ to help residents with their specific stormwater problems. The purpose of the Stormwater Committee is to provide a public forum for residents’ questions, complaints or suggestions about stormwater problems and discussions and updates about capital projects. The committee also may discuss development or construction applications with significant stormwater issues.

Stormwater Commmittee will meet the first Tuesday of each month, at 7:30 AM, Community Room in the township building; the first meeting is scheduled for April 13. Members of the public are invited to attend and bring their specific stormwater issues and problems. Steve Burgo, township engineer will chair the committee – the complete list of members are as follows:

Members Title
Stephen Burgo, P.E. Township Engineer
Mimi Gleason Township Manager
E.J. Lee Community Development Coordinator
Erin McPherson Engineering Assistant
Steve Norcini, P.E. Director of Public Works
Tom Scott Assistant Township Manager
Diane Toner Public Works Clerk
Dean Wilkins Public Works Foreman
Bob Lamina Board of Supervisors Liaison
Michelle Kichline Board of Supervisors Liaison
E.J. Richter Board of Supervisors Liaison

There is some interesting stormwater information on the township website, Stormwater Management Tools for Homeowners. We know that there are different ways to help manage stormwater and this link provides some good educational resources and stormwater management tools.

Reminder: Township Board of Supervisors Meeting tonight, 7:30 PM. Here is the meeting agenda.I plan to attend the meeting and look forward to the official update on Mt. Pleasant.

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