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Just in . . . Carole Rubley Endorses Ken Buckwalter for PA State House 157 District

I received the following press release from Ken Buckwalter announcing that Carole Rubley is endorsing him for PA State House 157.

Hon. Carole Rubley endorses Kendrick Buckwalter for 157th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

“I respect his work ethic, his strong commitment to the community.”

PHOENIXVILLE, PA. Carole Rubley, the highly respected former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, today announced her endorsement of Kendrick Buckwalter to become the next member of the House of Representatives from the 157th District.

Rubley said, “I have known Ken for many years. I respect his work ethic, his strong commitment to the community, and his faithful observance to our Constitution. I strongly support his candidacy for State Representative. Ken is a man of principle and integrity who stands up for the Rule of Law. He can be counted on to work fulltime for the citizens of the 157th District.”

Buckwalter, a business owner and member of Phoenixville Borough Council, said, “I’m honored to have the support of Carole Rubley. She faithfully represented our district in Harrisburg. She is a respected member of our community and I appreciate her help and her support.”

Buckwalter is running in the May 18, 2010, Republican Primary for the position. He is a recommended candidate by the Republican Committee of Chester County.

“I’m looking forward to representing the district,” Buckwalter said. “As a Councilman for eight years I’ve compiled a record of protecting taxpayers. I look to cut government programs that waste tax dollars. As a business owner for 36 years, I know the value of a dollar. I’m a businessman, not a career politician.”

Buckwalter is also a defender of the Pennsylvania Constitution. As a councilman, he filed a lawsuit when he believed council was violating a provision of the Constitution. “I took an oath to uphold the Constitution. I believe in the founding principles of this country and I had a duty to challenge a violation of our laws. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania unanimously upheld my view.” Buckwalter has also served his community as a volunteer firefighter and being a foster parent.

He strongly supports creating jobs, government fiscal responsibility, economic growth, entrepreneurship and personal liberties. Buckwalter has compiled an outstanding mainstream conservative record as a councilman. “I believe in conservative values, fiscal sanity, transparency, honesty, law and order and family values,” Buckwalter said.

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  1. Great endorsement for Ken. I wasn’t aware that Paoli FD officially endorsed Ken. As a 501(c)(3) organization, I thought they were prohibited from directly supporting one candidate for public office over another.

  2. I think John meant to refer to the former President of Paoli Fire Dept. as was already mentioned on this blog and in the paper.

    Back to the real topic…congrats Ken. Carole should give you a little boost, but you must get into Tredyffrin and make WK sweat.

  3. Rep. Rubley’s endorsement is great news for Ken, as he needs to get all the attention he can in the Tredyffrin area, especially. That coupled with his other endorsements prove he is the only candidate in this race that really has a broad base of support throughout the district.

    Just Wondering was absolutely correct to point out that the Paoli Fire Department does not do endorsements, though, and Ken’s campaign has never said they endorsed him.

    John & Mt. Pleasant Supporter, though, have the gist of it. Edward Shanaughy has endorsed Ken. He is Chairman of the Board of Paoli Fire Company Station 3. He served the Company as President for over 35 years before stepping down in February, 2009. He is also Director Emeritus of the Paoli Business & Professional Association. In addition to Ed, there are a number of other firefighters in that station, and other stations, who are supporting Ken.

    Ken can obviously boast of many endorsements and supporters in his own home town in Phoenixville. That he can also boast of prominent supporters outside of his home town– with Ed and Carole being very prominent examples– really speaks well of him. It is also something that seems to be differentiating him from his opponent.

  4. I can’t imagine that a Rep who was never very popular among the rank-and-file for her not as conservative views is a big plus in a GOP primary. Plus, it’s pretty obvious this is sour grapes for Rubley who two times in a row couldn’t get her hometown GOP to endorse the person she wanted.

  5. I would agree that although Carol may not be the biggest news of all, I do believe that she is someone that the local tredyffrin/easttown residents know and like. Her support of Buckwalter over Kampf is rather huge in its local implications.

  6. What is wrong with endorsing the better candidate. I think this makes a better contest against the Democrat if Buck wins. Makes you unhappy. Good news.

    Happy Easter, even to the cranky.

  7. Is she endorsing him just for the primary, or for the entire race?
    The only reason I ask is that last time around, Paul Drucker claimed that she endorsed him (although nothing ‘official’, this is just what he was telling people when he was going door to door. Is she turning her back on Paul now?

    1. Janet:

      Easy answer – Paul lied. Carole never endorsed him and put out an 11th hour robocall to that effect.

      1. Only a lawyer could come to the conclusion that Paul didn’t lie.
        He was going door to door, telling people to their faces that Carole supported his run.
        I guess it depends on what the definition of the word ‘is’ is.

      2. John,

        You have always called out campaigns when trying something “sneaky” for lack of a better word. I did not see the Drucker piece, but wouldn’t it be similar to the mailer against Brazunas?

        I tried to find reference to this on your blog, but could not find it. Though it may very well be there.

      3. Thanks for the reply John. The examples you mentioned are those that I referred to. I was interested in what/where your line was. Personally, I would put the Rubley and Brazunas mailer at about the same place and have called them both out. Like any advertising – it’s a fine line between being clever with your point and missing it entirely.

        Thanks again. Your insight is best when you are discussing local political strategy and tactics.

  8. I don’t think Rubley’s endorsement was a “shock” to the Kampf campaign. I don’t think it was a “shock” to anyone in Tredyffrin politics (GOP or Democrat).

    Rubley actively worked against Kampf in the committee process and, when she lost there because her candidate (not Kampf and not Buckwalter) didn’t win, she went to Kampf’s opponent.

    You can spin it anyway you want, but in 2008 Rubley did basically the same thing when her candidate didn’t win the GOP endorsement. This time, she is going one step further and getting involved in the primary (something she would have probably done in 2008 if there was a primary.)

    If her candidate loses in the primary (as he is likely to do) and she then endorses the next person who isn’t Kampf, will you call that a “shock” too?

    1. Says something that Carole will support anyone but Kampf! It’s Buckwalter to the Primary and if Ken loses, I suspect that Carole’s support will go to Drucker. Anything to keep Kampf out of Harrisburg!

  9. One more question for John Peterson:

    In 2008, you made a big deal of calling Guy Ciarrochi “too conservative” and wrong for the district.

    Now you praise Buckwalter as being “more conservative” and you think he can win.

    Are you changing your position on a conservative being able to win this district or are you just fully working for your neighbor Paul Drucker now?

  10. JP —

    Three reasons:

    1. Geography
    2. MontCo Endorsement
    3. Organization / Campaign
    4. Money
    5. Hard Work
    6. Unlike you, he wins campaigns he runs in and wins campaigns he helps run

    There’s 2x as many as you requested.

    You said Buckwalter is “more conservative” than Kampf (in an earlier post on this thread). And you have said in the past (on your old site) that Kampf is too conservative to win this district.

    By that reasoning — your reasoning — wouldn’t Buckwalter be too conservative? Or, again, is it your hatred of Kampf all the time?

  11. JP —

    somewhere, somehow show where he “promised not to raise taxes.”

    not your translation as such, not your opinion. scan the mailer that says it, post the video portion, find the quote.

    this is you, as usual, construing things the way you like. the proof is in the pudding (or mailer, etc)

    you have been asked for this before and never delivered.

  12. one other thing, JD loses that race if Drucker doesn’t flip flop on the traffic calming at N Valley Road. JD wins by 20ish, everyone else on GOP ticket wins by big numbers. if you are the difference maker, it wasn’t much of a difference.

    1. JD was also the only candidate running against a sitting supervisor. Incumbency is a huge advantage and JD (and his campaign) was able to overcome that considerable obstacle. That campaign was decided by a whole lot more than Drucker’s position (and re-position) on a single issue.

  13. All this political intrigue — the fact is that Carole Rubley didn’t support Carol Aichele for Lt. Governor either — so she clearly split with the local TTRC and CCRC way before now. Not even sure that CR’s association didn’t hurt Judy. I don’t watch local politics that carefully — so I totally defer to you all and your backgrounds, but right now as a Republican, Kampt is still the Devil I know…while Ken is the Devil I don’t know….so more information needs to come out. I don’t get John’s assertion that WK is not a conservative….and I surely wish JP would stop alluding to a meeting with Tim Carson without explaining the reference….in what capacity did they meet? Isn’t Tim Carson an attorney that specializes as a bond counsel for Saul Ewing? Regardless, there was no outcome to the turnpike efforts — so how important could the meeting have been?
    Jason Ercole is probably the weakest part about WK’s campaign — as he seems to be a spitballer and nothing more. Even WK’s new twitter account — isn’t that just getting up to speed (however slowly) ?
    As to WK being a bad supervisor — I thought Paul Drucker was a horrible supervisor — and lost as an incumbent — not supported by his own community…
    So I think we will wait for the campaign….and I would surely appreciate hearing relevant details, not innuendo or vague references for either candidate. Thanks.

  14. Please wait a couple more days and Ken will introduce himself to you. He’s a good guy and will provide Republicans with their best path to victory in November.

    As for the Tim Carson thing, dig around – Warren Kampf will sell his community down the river to advance himself politically. That’s pathetic.

    1. I don’t feel like digging around….I know all about Tim Carson and his resignation from the Turnpike Commission and Saul Ewing, and that looked like political blackmail when it happened (DUI from 2006???) …but I find no overlap with WK and cannot see how one supervisor with one vote and a meeting with one commissioner could have any implications on selling us down the river — especially since reasonable people did not agree on the slip ramp and it didn’t happen anyway. . Then again, no one seems to be willing to tell anything.

      1. I do not think you are making it up — your answer was posted in the interim of when I entered my follow up.
        Here’s my problem though –if Kampf promised 4 votes, who were they? How can he have them in his pocket? Isn’t his meeting with Carson either hyperbole or bravado? With any hope of a future in politics, people losing their homes in this area is not something that is likely to happen….if he wants to advance. Look how they backtracked on fire funding and again on Saint Davids. What would be his payoff for “selling his community out”?
        I will ask Kampf if I run into him — but I am still waiting to hear ANYTHING about Buckwalter. I’ve heard folks talk about some of his backroom dealings — and here is some about WK. Politics are complicated — and I very much appreciate your sharing what you know. Digging around is hard to do when you don’t know what you are digging for (googling Kampf/Carson is about the only way I can do it — and it’s not resulting in anything).
        Pattye posted about Drucker speaking in favor of tolling 422 today — so now who I like in the primary does matter, because whether he is a good guy or not, I think that is very small thinking…but candidates have to earn votes if most people don’t learn about them.

        Thanks John.

  15. I agree with Twp Reader re: Carson. Say what you mean or don’t say anything.

    Carson may be a bond counsel, that could be a reason for meeting — I think Tredy refinanced debt to save money.

    Carson is on the Tpke Commission (or was until recent trangressions came to light) and the Twp (even Kampf) were opposing the turnpike expansion into Chesterbrook. Could it be about that? I would personally EXPECT my Supes to meet with a Tpke Commissioner at that time.

    Stop the innuendo. Present the minutes of the meeting (or maybe the secret tapes) or whatever proof you have. Otherwise, you are no better than what you are claiming to be opposing.

  16. John P —

    Kampf is a partner (owner) in a law firm and a fairly successful firm that has numerous employees, offices, etc. I am sure it has to comply with the same laws as every other business does. And I am sure that — like in every other firm — the partners are responsible for the continued success/growth of the company they own.

    That, to me and I would think to most of the world, is a businessman.

    It is when you make charges like “he isn’t a businessman” with information like the above easily provable that you lose credibility.

    1. Are you kidding me — Warren Kampf is a partner in a law firm and claims to be a ‘small business owner’. For those of us that are true small business owners (like Ken Buckwalter), I find your assertion degrading.

  17. so b/c Kampf is in the law business he can’t be a business owner. love the class warfare thing you have going on.

    maybe he has it worse than Ken: more employees, more regulations, etc. :)

  18. I plan to ask WK about this assertion, as it’s also part of carole aichele’s endorsement of him. Here’s the flaw in all of it — the public pays little attention to anything but what they “know” already….and the amount of information that goes out pretty much defines what people know. . Which is why complaining about those is office is truly a condemnation (rightly so) of voters who pull levers without knowing why….

  19. JP
    The comment was too glib — I’ve heard on this board about paying attention to KB information because he’s not squeaky clean. There is nothing he is accused of as far as I know — probably backwash from his lawsuit, which seems to be quite above board. I have no knowledge of anything untoward — problem is I have no knowledge about him at all because I haven’t gotten anything in the mail and have been unavailable for the generally announced appearances and I’m invited to the TT one that does not include him.

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