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Mt. Pleasant Update . . . 1 house demolished, 3 still standing

Here’s an update on the vacant houses on Henry and Fairview Avenues in Mt. Pleasant, the site of the new townhouse development. Mt. Pleasant resident Christine Johnson notified me that Maizie Hall’s house on Henry Ave was demolished yesterday. I’m not sure exactly what motivated the developer yesterday to start the demolishing process (could it have been the wide circulation of my photos?) but I’m impressed!

Not knowing the status on the other 3 houses (2 are on Henry Ave. and the house is around the corner on Fairview Ave.) I drove over to Mt. Pleasant this afternoon. I found quite the pile of rubble where Maizie Hall’s house stood a couple of days ago. In addition to the rubble, 3 other houses remain on the property that are slated for demolition. Three large pieces of equipment are on site, so I am assuming that these houses will be coming down in the next few days. If you would like to see photos of the other houses that remain on site, click here for a slideshow. To see the individual photos in Mt. Pleasant, click here.

All that remains of Maizie Hall's childhood home.

These crumbling steps are located at 985 Fairview Avenue . . . they lead to an abandoned, vacant house on the site of the new townhouse community coming to Mt. Pleasant. Maizie Hall’s house was demolished yesterday and I am assuming that the big heavy equipment that is on site will be removing the other 3 houses, including the Fairview Ave. house.

While I was at Mt. Pleasant today, I met the next-door neighbor of the planned townhouse development. He was glad to see the abandoned houses coming down but pointed out that 2 of the houses that are still standing, have actually been vacant and abandoned for at least 5 years . . . apparently the developer purchased those 2 houses at a foreclosure bank sale. To leave his house for the last 5 years, this Mt. Pleasant neighbor has had to go past these rundown, abandoned houses. I guess he is glad to see some movement on their demolition.

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  1. As a resident and a taxpayer, I suggest that all of our elected officials take a mandatory field trip to Mt. Pleasant prior to the next Board of Supervisors meeting. I would like Mt. Pleasant added to the next meetings agenda and Chairman Lamina be prepared to give a full update on this neighborhood. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  2. And Mr. Olson should be required to speak to his lack of responsiveness and effort over the past 30 years of his tenure as supervisor to Mt. Pleasant. Anyone else notice how eagerly he takes credit for accomplishments but never owns up to mistakes? For instance, his silence on the St. Davids Golf Club situation–which he initiated–was deafening.

  3. Pattye, you’re doing an enormous public service by drawing attention to what’s happening in this clearly underserved portion of our township. Question: can we petition that an update on the Mt. Pleasant issues be added to the 4/5 BOS meeting agenda? We need to let our elected officials know Mt. Pleasant is on everyone’s radar and that we expect action, and periodic progress reports. Let’s keep the pressure on.

    1. Thank you Kathie. I will suggest to the BOS that Mt. Pleasant be added to the agenda for the next supervisors meeting — now that more of the community knows about that neighborhood’s issues, I would like to see a regular progress update.

  4. When is Paul Olson going to support the constituents in his own district, Mt. Pleasant? Guess he’s too busy with his friends across the street at St. Davids. When are people going to realize that they get what they vote for?!

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