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Community Matters is now independently hosted at

Community Matters is now independently hosted; it is no longer a traditional WordPress blog hosted by WordPress. Please visit Community Matters at this site, for all new posts and to leave your comments. We know that when change occurs, there are bugs to be worked out and here’s hoping that the learning-curve would be too great for any of us. You will notice under each of the posts a share/save button which will allow Community Matters to have a wider audience.

One of the elements of this new site that we are still working on is the ‘Sign-Up to Follow Community Matters’ button. Look for that button in the upper right hand corner over the next day or so. Unfortunately all of you that had signed up before will need to sign-up again if you want to be notified of posts and comments update. For security reasons, the system will not allow me to simply move your email addresses to the new site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. It looks like not all of the comments transferred over. For example, on the “Our Fire Companies Should Not Be Political Pawns” article, there are 46 comments on the old site, but only 35 here.

    1. Nona — It is possible that there may have been a few comments lost in the transfer. The files were transferred to the new site yesterday afternoon so for about 24 hours any comments that continued to go to the old site were not able to be uploaded to the new site. I may be able to to hand transfer those comments myself but right now I am just trying to make sure that the new site is working properly. Thanks for your understanding — this has been a major project for myself and my computer expert friend. I am hoping that in another few days we can turn off the old site and direct all traffic to this one.

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