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Community Matters . . . Important Update, Please Read

Community Matters is currently a WordPress hosted blog but it will be moving to a new independent hosting service over the next few days. I know that many of you are currently coming to Community Matters using this URL: .

While the system is going through the changeover, you will need to use: . Once the changeover occurs and the site is independently hosted, you will once again be able to use .

Having Community Matters independently hosted will apparently allow me to add to its current list of horns and whistles. Fortunately for me, I have a computer expert as a close personal friend who is helping with the transition. I am told that this is going to work and that all Community Matters formatting, posts and comments are going to seamlessly transition. Here’s hoping that he’s right!

Once again, use during the interim.

Thank you all.

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  1. Good luck with your changeover.

    Will RSS continue to be available on posts and comments with the new host? Understood that the feed info will change if the new host supports RSS.

    Thank you.

    1. Malvern Republican — Thanks. I am assuming that I will have all the same capability just more of the social media options/plug-ins that I was not able to use under the old system. We were told that it could take 24-48 hrs. for the system to begin the changeover. However, I just checked and the URL has already transitioned. So everyone needs to use starting immediately. Yikes, I hope this learning-curve won’t be too much for me! Thanks for your good luck.

      1. I just went to the new site and there is an RSS feed for posts and comments there as well, thank you! In fact, both feeds on the new site are functional now. However, anyone who is using RSS on this site will need to add or change to the new feed info once you complete the transition.

        1. I think you probably understand this far better than me – :) Apparently, when the changeover occurs — the appearance and all of the contents of Community Matters will be exactly the same. I guess that other site is somehow holding its place, but that this site will be substituted in to the new site. All I can say is that I’m really glad that have a friend to help me! I should say here that I’m not going to put posts or comments on that other site until we make the changeover.

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