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Mt. Pleasant Town Hall Meeting Update

A few days ago I sent an email to the members of the Board of Supervisors and copied Township Manager Mimi Gleason, Asst. Township Manager Tom Scott and Zoning Officer Emmy Balderssarre in regards to the re-scheduling of the Mt. Pleasant Town Hall Meeting.

I kindly heard back from Mimi and also Police Chief Andy Chambers. Officer Larry Meoli has been coordinating the Town Hall Meeting re-schedule date with Donna Shipman, the representative from the Mt. Pleasant community. I am pleased to report that details are in the works and it looks like March 22 may be the next scheduled date for the meeting. Hopefully (fingers crossed) the snow is behind us and this much-anticipated Mt. Pleasant Town Hall Meeting can take place.

Thanks Chief Chambers and Officer Meoli for your follow-up; I know that you share the concerns of the Mt. Pleasant residents. It’s great to see movement on the Mt. Pleasant front!

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  1. Mt. Pleasant is a section in our community that needs help. I have watched Christine at BOS meetings and I feel so bad for her, there such a sense of helplessness. I love her passion to help her neighborhood & I hope that this Town Hall Meeting will offer some solutions. Pattye, thank you for the update.

  2. This meeting is waste of time and taxpayer money. 1 or 2 upset malcontents should not get a townhall meeting!!! Where is a townhall meeting in our constitution, state or local laws anyway?

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