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Reminder: Board of Supervisors Meeting Tonight . . . St. Davids Golf Club on the Agenda, Public Hearing Continuance for Patriots Path Plan


Tonight is Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors Meeting, 7:30 PM at the Township Building, Keene Hall. The St. Davids Golf Club issue is on tonight’s agenda. I am looking forward to the continuing, thoughtful discussion from the residents and to an appropriate resolution of this matter. If you are unable to attend the meeting, it will be shown on cable TV. Check township website for details,

Following the regular BOS meeting, there will be a continuance of a Public Hearing for the ” . . . consideration and possible adoption, via resolution, of the ‘Patriots Path Plan’, as an amendment to Tredyffrin Township’s Comprehensive Plan”.

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  1. I am intrigued by what an “appropriate resolution” is for the various parties who have been commenting here. It seems most, like me, objected to the process. A few, like Ms. Johnson, are more concerned about the sidewalk.

    For those of us who are concerned about the process, what if the following takes place? They have a letter from SDCC requesting the release. They have a review of the site by the Township Engineer. They have an opinion from the Solicitor that they can release the escrow. Mr. Olson makes his same motion. It is seconded by Mr. Lamina. The vote is the same as it was originally.

    Is that an “appropriate resolution” for all of those (me included) who are concerned about the process?

    This thought came to me as I have been trying to figure out what the Cardboard Check moment might be for this.

    I suppose you could add in that Mr Lamina, Kampf and Olson have also found someone to grant or donate the money to complete the sidewalk, that would “satisfy” those concerned with the sidewalk vs. the process. But, I am really more interested in the thoughts of those concerned about the process.

    1. TBO

      It was not my intention and unfortunate for me, if I gave the impression that I care more about sidewalks than I do about following rules and proper procedure. If you take a look at some of my postings on Pattye’s Blog, you will see that not one is related to Tredyffrin’s sidewalk ordinance.

      I stated that I felt discriminated against because this item was not on the agenda and therefore I did not attend this particular meeting. I stated my concern with the precedent this sets for other development projects. I stated my concern that the BOS chose to over-ride the recommendations of various boards and committees to enforce and uphold their decisions regarding St. David’s obligation. I suggested that perhaps we would like to adopt a Code of Ethics. I suggested that perhaps we should amend our Home Rule Charter in order to limit the power of the BOS and allow citizens to participate more fully in their local government.

      I’ve learned over the past year not to expect folks in the Twp. to adhere to anything. Everything appears to be selectively enforced. It was Mt. Pleasant that brought me lately to the table and so…

      The fact is that “someone” out there felt so strongly about relieving St. David’s of their sidewalk requirement that they were willing to forego all reason and logic, essentially destroying any trust that existed between our elected officials and the residents of Tredyffrin Township.

      And Honestly, I don’t understand what we hope to accomplish by asking these guys to overturn their decision. Hasn’t the damage been done? Yeah, “maybe” St. David’s will have to build their sidewalk and other developers “might” have to abide by their agreed upon plans…


  2. I agree that there must be a reversal on the St. Davids decision tonight, to take it back to before the January BOS vote. Unless the BOS received a request from St. Davids there is no further action. If, (and I mean IF) St. Davids GC sent a request in, I don’t see how it can be honored because we are back to the same problem of setting precedent for other developers. Plus, the Home Rule Charter is clear that the township engineer would have to check the work before releasing the escrow. Since there have been no sidewalks built, as far as I am concerned, unless they want to have another community uprising over ‘setting precedent’ — this should be dead issue (once the reversal on the vote is made).

    More curious to me will be who actually makes the motion tonight and which supervisors will vote in favor of reversing the decision. I don’t see Paul Olson changing his mind, but will the vote be 6-1 (or will Ms. Richter follow Olson). To me that will be the interesting part of the evening, who changes their mind and who doesn’t.

  3. I have been disappointed in Warren Kampf lately so I will be watching him very carefully tonight! How many more mistakes does he get to make and still think that he has a chance at the State House!

  4. I don’t see how Richter can vote — she didn’t understand to begin with, and her apology illustrated a further lack of understanding (how could she have researched it, decided it was a tough economy….and not wondered why it wasn’t on the agenda). I agree that the cardboard check moment — a request to be relieved from the escrow — not a release of the escrow — coming from St. Davids is what I would expect will be the topic. Distinction with a difference.

    1. Remember EJ offered her apology without Paul Olson at her side. Will Richter ‘Stand By Her Man’ tonight, and vote with Olson?

  5. TBO, on February 22, 2010 at 11:48 AM Said:
    “For those of us who are concerned about the process, what if the following takes place? …[snip]. The vote is the same as it was originally. Is that an “appropriate resolution” for all of those (me included) who are concerned about the process?”

    Good question.
    I would be disappointed if only process was corrected. I don’t think the 4 supervisors should be allowed to justify their vote on the sidewalk with the rationale that they presented at the Jan. 25 and Feb. 8 meetings and in newspaper articles.
    I encourage you to look at this paper criticizing the reasons they offered:
    Yes, Tredyffrin Democrats are the source for this analysis, but who is adhering closer to fact? –The 4 supervisors or TTDems?
    Not just the process should be challenged.
    The BOS has more to correct than just the process.

  6. Hoping someone will switch sides presumes a motion will be made and the other 3 will have a side to switch to. I’m not sure that’s likely? The escrow was released — the club has paperwork from the township releasing them. Not sure a “do over” would fix anything. After all — I’m pretty sure many of the SDGC membership do not live in Tredyffrin. Is there a provision to reversing a release ?

  7. I will be watching with a big bucket of popcorn. Watching these supervisors meetings are more entertaining than watching “The Jersey shore” reality show. Hey, we got a situation : )

  8. Remember that tonight’s BOS meeting will also feature Part II Public Hearing for the Patriot’s Path Plan, an important project for our Township.

    1. Here’s the problem with that “hearing” — it’s a farce. Lamina very specifically said the Comprehensive Plan was visionary and not binding — so why should anyone stand around and listen / testify on behalf of something that turns out our governing body views as nothing more than an “idea.”

      1. I agree we all feel a sense of futility right now…but please don’t abandon the Patriot’s Path and throw the baby out with the bath water! Citizens need to work together advance that project, it could be a wonderful amenity for our community. The current BOS won’t be in office forever. As you know, it’s tougher to resurrect a dead issue in the future than it is to continue to apply pressure to advance an issue that still has promise. Carpe diem!

  9. Reversal would only resolve one of the issues. If the escrowgate decision is reversed then wouldn’t the golf club be back in default for failure to build the sidewalks? How does this get addressed? If the default issue isn’t properly addressed isn’t the golf club still receiving favorable treatment? Shouldn’t the escrow be forfeited at this point?

    SDGC needs to build the sidewalks immediately and should be penalized for their failure to comply.

    LOK need to resign.

    1. On what basis does anything think this will be “reversed?” SDGC had a letter of credit as their escrow pledge. The township notified the escrow manager and the bank released SDGC — there i no longer a letter of credit, we hold no escrow…. so WHAT motion do we think can happen. I agree with Ms. Johnson — there is NO reason to believe anything that happens, becasue the BOS are still the Emperors of Tredyffrin, and bringing clothes for them to wear doesn’t mean they can’t get naked when we leave. And I think we should all walk out before any “hearing” on the Patriot Path — since Lamina specifically has said the Comprehensive Plan is not binding. Ms. Johnson is right — one process means nothing. These guys showed us they absolutely have no higher power to answer to. Lawsuit aside — what motion could they make that would have any affect? I seriuosly don’t think they can do a “take back” from a private entity like SDGC.

  10. Don’t be offended. Unless I am mistaken, it took showing up at one meeting and letting them know they did the wrong thing.

    1. With respect, I believe you greatly understate the effort that has gone into seeking a reversal of the board decision. It has been many people not only showing up but speaking up at that meeting, numerous letters to the newspaper, many email alerts, a threatened lawsuit, and countless lines of commentary on Pattye’s forum to get to this point.

      I have not seen this level of motivation and dissatisfaction with the board since the ill-advised effort to move the Tredyffrin Library to Chesterbrook in 2002.

      1. Thanks for your comment Ted.

        In approximately 3 months, I have written 300 posts, uploaded 2,000+ comments and had 56,000 visitors to Community Matters. I can honestly say that the majority of my posts and activity were somehow all related to: BAWG’s suggested offer of $50K from St. Davids Golf Club, St. Davids sidewalks, or the Supervisors vote to return escrow to St. Davids GC. An amazing effort from many in this community to just get to this point tonight, and regardless of how it turns out, I am pleased to see so many people involved in the process!

        It is my sincere hope that the supervisors will go back to following the rules of the Home Rule Charter and restore policy and procedures to our local government as it pertains to the St. Davids Golf Club issue.

      2. No doubt people have expended a lot of energy. I just know the ball has been rolling to right the wrong since before the last BOS meeting. There is only one person who felt strongly about releasing the escrow. The rest screwed up and seem to have wanted to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

  11. I just watched it -and I am appalled. JP — I hope you go forward with your lawsuit to the extent that this BOS has clearly violated the spirit and I am betting the letter of the Sunshine Law. This being one motion — and a refusal to back off that — explained by Mr. Kampf as “compromise” means that this group deliberated this motion in advance. When the woman in the audience asked why — explained that the board wasn’t trusted — and then when Mr. Kampf insulted the other woman who asked quietly why they could not be separated (why didn’t anyone answer this beyond a 3 year old’s answer: I wrote it this way….because) woman and suggested that this compromise was necessary — it means there was a DEAL. The deal is “we will back down on the St. Davids vote, but only if we are promised that we can throw open the question of sidewalks.” All that crap about revenue, and funding…this is a quiet effort to take back any control/input from the Planning Commission — just as Lamina threatened/promised when challenged about the SDGC vote. So why not admit that — or better yet — here’s a novel thought — why not DELIBERATE it — as opposed to having Ms. Kickline and Mr. DeB say they wanted to support it. They really have no choice. With this 4-3 voting bloc, the 3 on the outside are basically at the mercy of THE CHAIR….do what he says with a smile or find yourself picking up trash on 202 as your board job.

    I would sell my house tomorrow if I thought I could — this terrifies me how much crap this just exposed. Pattye — good job — your comment was good, but I think when you watch it, you will see you let him off the hook. You should have asked WHY they would not separate it — and not settled for “because I wrote it this way.” Next question: WHOSE VOTE will you lose if you separate it? Since Paul Olson told the newspapers you don’t need to treat eveyrone the same…..unbelievalbe CRAP.

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