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Rainy Season for Old Lancaster Rd. Bump-Outs

If you recall, Old Lancaster Road has new bump-outs. Back on August 8, I wrote about the bump-outs and the burden placed on some of the residents. To review, here is the link:

Old Lancaster Road residents were looking forward to the completion of the sidewalk project, replanting of trees, shrubs, etc on their property and seeding of the bump-outs.

Tonight I was watching the Board of Supervisor meeting and a resident from Old Lancaster Road spoke to the board under ‘new business’. During the summer, 3 houses located close to the middle school were taken down at the direction of the school administration in conjunction with the sidewalk project.

The resident described the empty house lots have not had their stormwater management plan completed as previously scheduled. Due to the slope of the property there has been major mud run-off issues on to the sidewalks and on to private property. Mud is also overflowing from the bump-outs on the road and sidewalks. The resident described her neighbors are now shoveling mud off the sidewalks and she wants to know who is responsible . . . is it the township or the school district? There seems a vagueness as to who is responsible.

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