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It’s Official — No Fall Sports Competitions for TE Students, Maybe January 2021

There is news that Central Athletic League (of which Conestoga High School is a member) is postponing Fall athletic competitions until 2021. Conestoga Football Facebook page posted the following message this afternoon:

Shortly after this above message was posted, sports families in TE received an email from Athletic Director Kevin Pechin cancelling the Fall competition schedule for District students. However, voluntary off-season practice will resume on September 8 for students who have completed their PIAA paperwork. Here is Pechin’s email:

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    1. They can practice so the athletic director can justify his $100,000+ salary. It’s ridiculous!

      We are paying millions of dollars in salaries for teachers/administrators who are NOT working but telling us they are. So sick and so tired of their lies and their gaslighting and their working in their own best interests. They’re absolutely awful at their jobs too. Awful, incompetent and heartless.

    2. So the parents can’t sue if their kid gets Covid. The only think our district cares about- protecting themselves!

  1. The mixed messages from our country is crazy. Federal, state, local!
    No games. Yes practice.
    No school. Yes college.
    No college classrooms. Yes live in a dorm.
    No small group classrooms. Yes come on in take SAT.
    Schools closed. Yes school children can pay and go to child care centers.

    Follow the $$ to see what’s allowed.
    People need to start listening to the Scientist or this will go on for too long in the USA

  2. From yesterday’s TE/News release. Sometimes I receive it, sometimes I don’t receive it.

    Interesting that they included me this week.

    It says:

    TESD Offers Ongoing Instructional Technology Training and Support for Teachers

    “””””””Throughout the summer, TESD teachers and staff participated in summer workshops and inservice days, as well as additional training opportunities to support the District’s virtual instruction program. “””””””

    Really? When did the summer worships take place? Were the teachers paid extra for attending these workshops? How many teachers participated? Why wasn’t the tax paying community informed about it until now? Please tell us all about it.

    TESD Offers Ongoing Instructional Technology Training and Support for Teachers

    “”””This week, TESD teachers “had the opportunity” to participate in a variety of technology training to support their virtual instruction this fall.””””””

    How many teachers took advantage of “the opportunity to participate?”

    Parents, ask your child’s teacher if they “participated.”

    I have no issue with teachers and their fear of the Covid virus. I get it, I think we all get it. Millions and millions of people are losing their jobs over their fear of Covid.

    One of The Administrations first priority’s was to secure raises for themselves after the pandemic hit. The teachers unions first priority was strengthening their job security with the Memo of understanding stating not one of them could be fired or furloughed in the upcoming school year. The Board approved the MOU, adding insult to extreme injury to the tax payers in this community.

  3. Parents, do not spend your time fighting with each other over decisions you have no control over. This year is already done. The Board/Administration knows what they’re going to do and how they’re going to vote. Put all your time and energies into nominating school board candidates for the following school year. They count on you wasting your time squabbling with each other over things you have no say in or control over.

    They also count on your cynicism, apathy and fear.

  4. Sure they can practice as long as you don’t mind Covid being spread around and being brought home to family members! As long as you are ok with that let them practice!

  5. By my definition, voluntary means the players / parents can opt out, giving them the decision making power to take on the risk. Of course it would be better for the entire community to cancel practices all together since any person who has Covid 19 is a potential spreader. Why is this so difficult to understand?

    1. Thank you for the link. The Radnor couple who wrote the editorial are both Villanova University professors. They point out that as professors, they have been back in-person teaching and yet the Radnor School District teachers will not return to the classrooms. In addition to Villanova, the editorial states that some private schools in the area are opening in-person in addition to bars, restaurants and casinos yet K-12 in Radnor will not. (The couple has 4 children in RSD).

  6. In June when Chester County went to yellow phase they opened up youth sports to practice. Then when they went to the green phase in July they opened up teams to play in competition with other teams. Every sports organization have put together a list of guidance to try to be safe but when you go around to the local fields almost nobody is following the guidance. Also, all players and parents are required to sign waivers that there is a risk in not only for normal injuries but for catching the virus so that the coaches and organizations aren’t held liable. The Central League wasn’t the first to cancel fall sports. The fact is the only league in southeastern pa that hasn’t cancelled is the Suburban One.

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