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Deadline to Register to Vote in June 2 Primary Election is Tonight May 18 at Midnight! Deadline to Apply for Mail-In & Absentee Ballots is May 26! Your Vote Matters!

If you are not a registered voter, you have until midnight TONIGHT (May 18) to register before the June 2 Primary Election.

You can register online to vote at – but again, you must register by midnight tonight!

Registered voters wishing to cast a ballot in the June 2nd Primary Election can do so either in person, or for the first time in history, via mail-in ballot.To protect yourself and fellow neighbors due to Covid-19, all registered PA voters are eligible to request to vote by mail but you need to act now – the deadline to apply for mail-in and absentee ballots is May 26 at 5 PM.

The best and easiest way to apply is online at – it is fast, free, secure and nonpartisan. It takes less than 2 minutes to register to vote. If you have a valid PA Driver’s License or PennDOT ID number, you can apply online- otherwise you will need to download a paper application and mail it in to request a mail-in ballot.

Everyone should be encouraged to vote via mail-in or absentee ballot. I don’t think it can be emphasized enough the importance of voting by mail, especially for Chester County voters in vulnerable condition and at higher risk of exposure.

Some tips for filling in your mail-in ballot: Remember to use a black pen, follow all the ballot instruction, place the ballot inside the “privacy” envelope and then into the return envelope, and add a stamp. Complete and sign the outer return envelope where indicated. (Your signature on the outer envelope is required for your ballot to count.)

Deadline Alert:

  • If you plan to vote by absentee or mail-in ballot in the 2020 GENERAL PRIMARY, your completed application must be received in the county office by 5 PM on May 26.
  • Your voted ballot must be received in your county election office by 8 PM on June 2.
  • A late application will not be accepted, even if it was postmarked before the deadline.

For additional information, call 1-877-VOTESPA (option 3) or go to .

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  1. Pattye,
    Thanks for encouraging folks to vote and vote by mail. Remember, PA’s primaries are considered “closed” primaries so only those registered as a Rep or Dem can vote in the Primary unless there is a referendum or general issue on the ballot. I believe you can still change or select a party through midnight tonight on the registration website.

  2. May 26 is the official deadline, but unless you plan to drive your ballot down to West Chester it is not possible to apply on the 26th and complete the process by June 2nd. You need to apply today online or you have little chance that you can get your ballot and return it before the deadline.

  3. For the health of yourself and your neighbors, please apply for your mail-in ballot from today. As a long-time poll worker in Tredyffrin, I am extremely concerned that voters and poll workers may inadvertently spread COVID19. I’d love to stay home that day, but I made a commitment years ago to ensure all registered voters the right to vote and I’ll be at the polls. You have a choice and can vote from the comfort and safety of your home.

    If you must vote in person, wear your mask, practice social distancing, keep your hands clean, and be patient with our wonderful volunteers – it is a long day for us, we have limited staffing, and the lines may be long. We will do our best to keep the polls safe and clean. I do not want you or any of our poll workers to contract COVID19.

    Time is running out, the election is less than 2 weeks away. You need to order your ballot ASAP and return it by mail or take it (in person) to Voter Services in West Chester. They must receive it by 8pm on June 2nd. (Posted dates are not recognized.)

  4. Hello,

    We applied for our mail-in ballots a while back, and two weeks ago, got emails stating:
    “If you do not receive your ballot in the next 5-7 days, please contact your county election office.”

    Still nothing – and when we tried calling the number in the email, we just got a recording to leave a message – and we have not gotten a call back so far.

    Are others having this issue? Is there a number we can call where a live person would answer?

    Thank you.

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