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Election Day 2019 — Your VOTE Matters!

Local elections matter — The future path of many issues will be decided by Election Day 2019. Know the candidates and vote for the person not the party! Many issues will be decided by whom we elect — everything from redevelopment and zoning to financial management … historic preservation to stormwater … literacy programs to digital billboards! Know where your candidates stand — does he or she share what is important to you!

Know the candidates and vote for the person not the party! Many issues will be decided by whom we elect — everything from redevelopment and zoning to financial management … historic preservation to stormwater … literacy programs to digital billboards! Know where your candidates stand — does he or she share what is important to you!

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  1. Thank You Pattye for trying to educate the TE community on the important, relevant issues and the candidate’s positions.

    And Thank You to the candidates for getting into the arena and sharing your positions and ideas.

    TE is a great, diverse community and it’s time for people to wake up and vote the person, not the party. You didnt move here to be a lemming.

    1. Thank you! It’s important that each of us take responsibility and VOTE! Mine may not be a favorable position, but as an Independent, I have long held the position of person over party. The main purpose that I asked the 8 Tredyffrin Twp supervisor candidates, 4 Easttown Twp supervisor candidates and 10 T/E School Board candidates questions was to help us learn about where they stood on issues that matter to our community.

      All 22 candidates responded to the questions — and their responses are on Community Matters. If you are uncertain who to vote for, please take the time to review the candidate responses. I very much appreciate and thank the candidates for responding to the questions! In addition, I want to thank all those that took the time to read the Q&As, attend public forums, discuss the issues, etc. etc.

      The results are now up to all of us — every vote matters, especially in local elections. Please take the time to VOTE! How great would it be if each of us called or texted three friends, neighbors, co-workers and encouraged them to vote!

  2. I disagree.

    Party matters, because people ascribe to the party’s political philosophy. That’s why they’re members of the party.

    As we see between the T-E SD and Lower Merion SD, T-E has been run primarily by Republicans until recently, and puts out a better product than Lower Merion, which has been run by Democrats for a long time.

    Lower Merion spends approximately $10,000 more per student. Is that where we’re headed with these unfair tax increases?

    You get what you vote for.

  3. I understand what Easttowner 11 is saying but I think the eveidence shows TE moving in a different direction than Lower Merion.

    Board Director and Scott Dorsey not only broke ranks with the D’s and switched is party affiliation to I from D, his vote to correct the accounting error shows independent thinking too.

    As former Dem chairwoman Kathleen stated earlier, Todd, Roberta, Kyle and School Board Candidate Michel Berger (who says she wanted to blame the Auditor, and fire him, with no investigation) believe the Administration did nothing wrong.

    5 School Board Directors, D’s and R’s, looked at the evidence and believe differently and voted to correct the error. TESD Directors are doing the right thing and voting with character and integrity to build a foundation constructed on honesty rather than on lies, and cover ups.

  4. Pattye,

    Thank-you for doing this!

    Your value to this community cannot be measured.

    You too are a District Treasure!

  5. You have been a valuable resource on information on key issues and I thank you. My family proudly bullet voted this year. It’s sad to see a lack of candidates and that the only school board members being opposed are the two Republicans and they have been amazing (this coming from a lifelong Democrat). I also am disheartened that some incumbents are on both party ballots yet party lines are being stated as a reason to vote out some? On the Supervisor ballot, my Republican husband is voting for Democrat Sharon Humble because he knows she’ll get things done, done right and be accountable. Isn’t that what we all want?

  6. I hate to disagree but our vote means nothing. Different faces, different parties=same results. Nothing changes locally or nationally. They want you to think it does to keep the money rolling in but in reality, it doesnt.

    1. Will o-

      Not true. Ed and Kate vote for what’s right. President Scott Dorsey distanced himself from the D’s who blindly support the Administration by switching to I. 6 Directors voted to do the right thing and correct Arts “error.”

      No Will-o, our vote means everything.

  7. Regarding the school board elections… What would it take to switch TE to the kind of district where every voter can vote in every race? With all that’s been going on and the fact that ALL these folks are making decisions about MY children’s schools and spending OUR tax dollars, why is it that my ballot only listed Todd and Roberta as candidates? I understand we are a district that votes only by region, but aren’t there some districts where each race is “At Large” and so no matter where in the district you live, you have a say in each race?? Would love to hear community insight on this. Thank you.

    1. It is not surprising given the amount of Democrats voting straight party line that no Republicans wanted to run in Todd’s and Roberta’s region. The vast majority of people seem to only care who is in the President’s office and don’t care who are in the local offices. Until that changes, it will be hard to get any Republicans to run.

      I do like your idea of having some At Large candidates. I would advocate that 3 of them should be At Large. That way, every parent gets to vote for 5 of the 9 school board members – 2 of them for their region and 3 of them at large. The choices for school board races are to have 0 At Large and 9 from three regions (3 each), 3 At Large and 6 from three regions (2 each) or 9 At Large and 0 from three regions.

    2. The school board could change all 9 school director races to “at large” where every voter in the district gets to vote on every candidate. Or the school board could change the election so it was a mix – some “at large” and some regional.

      I prefer the regional alignment. It’s easier to canvas (time and money)if the region is small. The R and D party machinery has a bigger influence on “at large” candidates since the candidates are beholden to the party for money and advertising to cover a large area.

      Lower Merion is the prime example of the problem with “at large” elections. The democratic committee of LM decides the outcome of school board elections. It’s a large district and if you don’t have their endorsement, money and advertising (signs, mailers, meet and greet events, poll workers at 47 polling stations) you won’t win.

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