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Paoli’s Station Square Redevelopment Project Proposes Apartment, Office & Retail Complex

Paoli Station aerial view

In early 2014, Home Properties, a Philadelphia-based developer proposed a 250+-unit multifamily building with structured parking plan for Station Square, the 7.475 acre commercial site at the corner of Central and North Valley Roads in Paoli, owned by the Palmer Group Properties. Although the current Town Center District zoning allows for 135 apartments on the property by right, the developer sought approval for greater density.

The proposed 4-story apartment complex was viewed as a radical change for the immediate community and concerns were raised as to whether this high density project was a good fit for the neighborhood. Major issues surrounded the proposed project, including increased traffic, density, height, change to the character of the neighborhood, impact on school district, public safety, etc. Ultimately, faced with many unanswered questions from the Planning Commission and major pushback from the local residents, the proposed 2014 redevelopment plan quietly disappeared.

The Station Square office building complex remained for sale with a $9 million listing price and the tenants on month-to-month leases. On April 21, 2016, Linden Lane Capital Partners appeared before the Planning Commission to present a new redevelopment plan for the Station Square complex. Following a lengthy discussion and public comment period, no action was taken by the Planning Commissioners and the application received an extension until the May meeting.

On Thursday, May 19, Linden Lane Capital Partners will present its conditional use application for the redevelopment of Station Square to the Planning Commission. The proposal is to construct three new mixed-used buildings, with structured and surface parking. Uses include apartments and rental space for office, retail and/or personal services. Linden Lane is seeking a recommendation from the Planning Commission for approval by the Board of Supervisors. Upon recommendation (for approval or denial), Linden Lane will appear before the supervisors for a Conditional Use Hearing.

In 2014, residential neighbors of Station Square were successful in their efforts opposing the proposed multi-story apartment complex. Knowing that increased traffic in their neighborhood was a major concern for Paoli residents, the 2016 redevelopment plan seeks to address those concerns. According to the conditional use application, the developer will work with the township and the PA Department of Transportation to mitigate the traffic issues although no specifics are given. With respect to the parking, the applicant intends to provide for a minimum of 75% of the required parking with a structured parking facility.

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  1. All I ever hear about is how we should build high density housing near public transportation so that we can minimize traffic , save the environment,support local downtown and businesses etc – that is, build it as long as its not near my residence! This location is perfect for an apartment or condo complex – we do not need anymore commercial or retail properties in the area. The ideal build out would be a 55 and older complex -I am baffled why developers don’t look more deeply into something like that as it seems like it would be a win/win situation – an expanded tax base for the township with no kids added to the school district , minimal traffic at peak periods and older residents with a condo that allows them to easily access the public transit facilities.

    1. I agree, Guest5. And I would be interested if the developers would emphasize good sun exposure, walkable areas, good landscaping with native plants instead of aliens, state-of-the-art insulation. We don’t need another luxury condo building with way too much paving around it. Sheltered bicycle parking would be wonderful!

  2. I understand how pathetic my question is because I should know the answer but is Paoli Station in Tredyffrin or Easttown?

    I have started to notice all the apt.s and townhomes popping up all over both townships and it makes me think about the huge burden this will put on the school district. We talked about the Chesterbrook townhomes a while ago. They’re well into construction and the model is a 3 bedroom unit decorated like it’s just right for a boy, a girl, and 2 young professionals making alot of money with no time their hands, because the realtor was selling the window view of the Bank and the Pharmacy like it was an expensive add on feature.

    I heard from many that this was going to target retirees. No Way. 4 floors, lots of stairs, in the parking lot, starting at $500,000. Go have a look. To me it says, young professionals who work alot and outsource all of their private life. They’re going to buy all their transitional furniture at Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware, probably over the internet, they will call themselves minimalists and they will think about convenience when they look out their front window and see the bank and the pharmacy.

    I am begging someone to tell me I’m wrong.

    It’s happened, I’m now one of those old people who doesn’t understand young people. Scary!

    1. Station Square is in Tredyffrin Twp. Re the new Chesterbrook development project, there’s a Community Matters post in the works and should be up today or tomorrow. Maybe we could hold off further discussion until its up. Thanks.

  3. Traffic would still be a major concern. That mock up above does not show a change to Central Ave which I think is paramount for the area. I guess that also depends upon the train station changes. Any updated info on that?

  4. Guest 5: The answer is right in front of you. Think of a demographic that primarily rents, lives in clusters with multiple people in one dwelling that for the most part relies on public transportation. This same demographic needs retail space close by. Anybody want to guess what demographic that is?

    1. It’s the same demographic that propels our school district to #1 in national rankings.

      It’s not the athletic students scoring in the 1 percentile nationally, it’s the “demographic that primarily rents, lives in clusters with multiple people in one dwelling” Who’s getting over over who? Those rankings keep your property values high.

      Look at the names of students in honor society. You tell me.

  5. For Paoli Station updates, check out Tredyffrin’s website and/or visit the open house/informational meeting at the train station on June 8th from 4-7PM. The first phase of construction on the station is expected to start this summer.

  6. All neighbors of and residents who drive this area should attend the Planning Commission’s meeting this Thurs at 7PM to hear for themselves and weigh in on the latest development plan for Station Square. The developer is requesting/proposing more apartments (151 vs. 135), taller heights (4 story vs.3) and a larger “footprint”. They claim that it will be “mixed-use” but apparently there will be only a 750 sq ft office in each of the 3 buildings – one of which will be the rental office for the proposed apartments. Apartments will be 1-2 BR of 750 to 2000 sq ft.

  7. I popped into the new apartment development on Lancaster Ave. in Berwyn, across the street from the Berwyn Pizza, Play it Again Sports, Neopolitan Deli shopping center last weekend. The model home is located steps from Lancaster Ave., where the noise from passing cars is so loud it fills all senses walking to the front door. All is forgotten after walking in to what feels like a peaceful serene oasis. It’s beautiful and seems quiet and the decorations serve to make you feel like your in an expensive NY spa and not a townhome on one of the busiest streets in the area. The 3 bedrooms were decorated tastefully to suit older discriminating buyers. I did not get the sense the development is targeted towards young professionals with children.

    It was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend where most folks were probably soaking up the sun at the shore, but I was the only one there when the sales agent came around the long corridor from the only room on the first floor in the back of the unit.

    He said there are 11 units, 5 have been sold, they start at $599,00, for interior units and the outside units start at $629,000. The model has 3 bedrooms, 3 or 4 floors (can’ remember) with beautiful stairs with a ledge to the right as you walk up probably for pictures or some other beautiful art work that distracts your attention away from the window view showing high tension lines feet away from your eye view. The units are truly beautiful and I would be comfortable living there.

    The agent said that another development, higher end—– I’m assuming the same builder since he mentioned it among all the other apt.’s going up in the area—– starting at $1.2M, ending price $1.5 to $2M has sold out off of Stratford just over the line in Radnor township. He said it took 1 year and a half to sell out.

    The next morning, I was shocked to see the number of new townhomes that had gone up in Chesterbrook since my last walk. Wow, someone said they thought the final number built would be 100. As I stated before, these are targeted at young professionals with children. If each unit houses just 1 school age child, that’s 100 new students at VF elementary, or (New Eagle?)

    Even though it’s located in a Parking Lot, with bank and pharmacy window views, steps away from other businesses, it is located feet away from Wilson Park so I get the appeal for young professionals desiring a well rounded life style for themselves and their children.

    This is going to be interesting.

  8. landscape 2 – The Chester County Agenda 21 Planning Commission will do what they refer to as “road diets”. They will tell you it is about making traffic flow better but the real deal is that road diets (you have 4 lanes – 2 each direction) – which entail narrowing to one lane each way. They will donate 2nd lane to bikes/non-motorized vehicles and or sidewalks. Traffic will be so congested that we will be forced out of our cars and onto public transportation. That’s the goal. The suburbs will become little cities, overcrowded, w/increased crime – but little to no cars – We are losing control of our townships.

  9. I agree with jenna reasse comments….. added to that … a huge apartment and/ or condo complex will ruin our small town atmosphere and frustrate nearby residents who already endure endless noise, trash trucks congestion, etc. etc. especially residents along north and south central ave…. we are already blocked in by train station and 252 traffic .. many times i cannot even get out of the driveway at paoli place apartments along central ave because of traffic… if this is how it is now I cannot even fathom what it will be like if this project takes off. I say NO to the whole thing… even a small town like st. marai, MN turned down big business moving in (dollar general) to save the town’s atmosphere and insure the towns small business’s will remain intact.. some townships aren’t all about MONEY

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