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PA State Rep Warren Kampf (R-157) announces re-election bid for 4th term

In a morning press release, State Representative Warren Kampf (R-157) announced that he will seek a fourth term in the Pennsylvania State House. The 157th District includes Tredyffrin Township, Schuylkill Township and parts of Phoenixville Borough in Chester County, as well as Upper Providence Township in Montgomery County.

First elected in 2010, Kampf focused his re-election statement on issues of particular importance including his support for increased state funding for education, reasonable public pension reform, natural gas drilling severance tax and liquor privatization. Kampf states, “I will continue to be an independent voice, opposing partisanship and working for common sense solutions to the challenges we face.”

Citing economic growth and job creation as hallmarks of his state representative tenure, Kampf used the passage of his “Innovate PA” program into law as an example of personal accomplishment in this area. Innovate PA expands investment in Pennsylvania’s bio-tech and life science industries and fuels job creation.

In a move to encourage contributions to charitable organizations, Kampf authored new legislation that gives tax credits to businesses for their donations. In his re-election statement, Kampf explains that the new tax credit is intended to provide additional funding to basic needs service organizations that provide medical care, food, clothing, child care, adult care, shelter, or other assistance that is reasonably necessary to meet an individual’s immediate basic needs.

Now that Kampf has decided to seek re-election for the 157th seat in November, an announcement of a challenger will no doubt shortly follow.

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  1. My wife and I have known Warren and his wife, Megan since “pre-politics” days. We know him to be a dedicated public servant focused on doing the people’s business. I have never known a public servant with stronger constituent services than Warren’s. I encourage all voters in the 157th to support Warren.

  2. People need to look at his voting record:

    Three votes are interesting.

    1. He voted to not allow people to seek judicial relief from gun owners Clearly, Kampf is in the back pocket of the NRA

    2. He voted no to legislation that prohibited certain licensed employers from hiring undocumented workers. Looks like Kampf is soft on illegal immigration.

    3. He voted against the ability for qualified health plans to pay for abortions

    It’s a fiction that Kampf is bi-partisan. He’s a tool for the GOP and typical GOP talking points.

  3. I wonder if Warren will come out to save the Covered Wagon Inn! He’s always had an eye for political opportunity, back to the Tredyffrin sewer fee-not-a-tax days.

    My little recent experience supports the first commenter here, though – his constituent service operation has been strong. The helpful voting record link shows that he can break with the party when it is safe to do so: the vote against (against!) the bill that allowed NRA supporters to sue townships to overturn their gun ordinances is one example. (But was he originally a sponsor of that? HB1243. Hmm.) I get the sense he would support some kind of gas extraction, too – another common position for SE PA Republicans.

    It’s time now, though, for him to move into a leadership position to help bring actual government to Harrisburg.

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