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Still undecided on TE School Board & Tredyffrin Twp candidates? ‘Meet & Greet’ at St. Davids Golf Club on Wednesday, Oct. 28


Still undecided? Here’s another opportunity to meet the Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisor and TE School Board candidates before Election Day on Tuesday, November 3. The Panhandle Civic Association is sponsoring a “meet & greet” on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 7-8:30 PM. See information below:


OCTOBER 28, 2015

The Panhandle Civic Association is sponsoring a Candidates Meet and Greet on Wednesday, October 28, 2015. The gathering will be held at the St. Davids Golf Club, 845 Radnor Street Road, Radnor, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. This will be an informal affair providing you the opportunity to speak one on one with the candidates of both parties, to ask questions and to share thoughts and concerns. Please come prepared to ask our candidates where they stand on issues that matter to you.

Candidates for Region 1 School Board and attending the Meet and Greet:

Neal Colligan (R)

Roberta Hotinski (D)

Todd Kantorczyk (D)

Neill Kling (R)

Candidates for District 1 Board of Supervisors and attending the Meet and Greet:

Paul Olson (R)

Tory Snyder (D)

Candidates for At Large Board of Supervisors and attending the Meet and Greet:

Elva Bankins (D)

Lou Horvath (D)

Trip Lukens (R)

Sean Moir (R)

Although not required for attendance, we would like to have reasonable sense of how many people will be coming to this meeting. Please let your Block Captain know if you plan to be at the event, or send an email to: Please indicate if you are a resident of the Panhandle.

There is no charge for anyone to attend this gathering. Light appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages will be available from the Club. If non-Panhandle residents want to take advantage of this service, they will be charged $10.00.

For questions about this event, please email Christine Wright at

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  1. Just got the flier from Ed Sweeney…he does “not share my values”…I value a school member candidate that is open minded and concerned with safety over aesthetics!! As a teacher and as a resident, I DO support the fences…all community members should as well since post Sandy Hook there is a new reality regarding the safety of our students and the school grounds.

    1. Hello TE/Teacher and Resident,

      I have been a resident in T/E for 23 years and a parent in the school district for 14 of those years. I’m still active in the school district and will be for years to come.

      I have polled many teachers about the fencing initiative. I haven’t spoken to one teacher, or one resident for that matter, who say they support it.

      I’m curious, why come out now?

  2. Hi Shining Light,
    To be honest, I was fairly ignorant to the issue until recent…I attended the voter forum and I saw how the issue of the fencing had become sensationalized and politicized…also, I had the opportunity to talk to one of the candidates with the platform of no fencing and it was my take that they opposed the fences primarily because of aesthetics and the fact that the proposed fencing would be so intrusive for the abutters…this candidate really gave no good answers to my questions…so, that is my long answer why I am coming out now.

    My take on the issue is we need to have the experts weigh in and if they say the fencing plan that is now being discussed (my understanding is the current plan is a compromise by the board after listening to concerns of Chesterbrook residents) is their recommendation, then I want school board members to vote for the fencing.

    Side note: I think many teachers have been conditioned to not engage in the politics of this community, so I think that is why many teachers don’t speak up and/or go along with the person asking the questions.

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