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Tredyffrin Township resident Michelle Kichline appointed Chester County Commissioner

With Republican Ryan Costello’s 6th District Congressional win in the November election, Chester County needed a new County Commissioner to fill his unexpired term. According to Pennsylvania law, the Chester County Court of Common Pleas had to fill the vacancy with another Republican to finish Costello’s term, which runs through 2015. The voters will elect a commissioner for a full 4-year term next November.

Michelle Kichline (R), along with five other Republican candidates, John Primus, Leon Spencer, Jr., Maureen Snook, Hudson L. Voltz and County Treasurer Ann Duke interviewed this morning with the judges of Chester County Court of Common Pleas for the Board of Commissioners vacancy. The judges made their selection and I am delighted to report that Michelle Kichline, attorney and former chair of Tredyffrin Township’s Board of Supervisors, is our new Chester County Commissioner! Costello’s official resignation date is tomorrow December 9 and his Commissioner torch passes to Kichline.

It’s exciting to have a Tredyffrin Township resident represented on the Chester County Board of Commissioners!

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  1. My how memories fade. First, Carole Aichle, current and outgoing secretary of the commonwealth was a Chesco Commissioner and she lives in Tredyffrin Township.

    It’s no surprise Michelle got the appointment. She’s the only GOP insider in that list. She’s a Tredyffrin GOP Committee Woman and she is on the Chesco GOP executive board.

    I think it is fair to look at the current plight of Tredyffrin and at least to some extent, hold Michelle at least partially accountable for many problems. She did not have a good relationship with the police and her demeanor to citizens was less than friendly. There’s a reason why she failed to win re-election. It’s far from clear how effective she’ll be as a county commissioner. She’ll obviously have to run in a special election.

    Back to the original point, we’ve had commissioners from Tredyffrin before. Not sure what difference it makes.

    1. Yes, Carol Aichle was a County Commissioner who lived in Tredyffrin Twp. Special Election?? Ryan Costello’s term as County Commissioner is up the end of 2015, so if he were not going to Washington and had wanted to seek re-election, he would have been on November’s ballot. Michelle is appointed to fill the existing term of Costello, so presumably she will be on the May Primary ballot and then in the November general election. Don’t understand your comment that, “she’ll obviously have to run in a special election.”

      1. She will have to run in a primary that is not likely to be contested. That however, is not a special election. Commissioners are elected every 4 years and there is no staggering like there is for state senate and local supervisors. It’s a pretty minor point.

        I think the more interesting point is why the fanfare for Michelle? Have to agree with point that she was an unremarkable supervisor. If you look at where Tredyffrin is today, there are problems and you have to look at the elected officials. Have to agree that Michelle’s demeanor to the public was not good. Her dealings with the police and those contract negotiations were not good.

        Bottom line, she lost the trust and confidence of the public she was elected to serve.

        I’ll ask you a similar question. I don’t understand your comment why it is so exciting to have a commissioner from Tredyffrin. We’ve had that before. They’re county commissioners. Who cares. What do they really do anyway? They make nearly $73K a year. For what? What do you think she’s going to do?

        The biggest problem with the current system is in keeping out of date offices that are more about political patronage.

    2. It’s true Michelle didn’t have a good relationship with police and it’s true her demeanor with citizens was less than friendly but that’s not what did her in. She didn’t win because of that senior citizen living home going up on Lancaster Ave. in the Daylesford neighborhood in the township. I think she was completely blindsided by her loss which was baffling to me. That was so easy to see. But then again, I talk to citizens, and I know how they feel about issues and I’m not even a politician. They did not like the way they were treated and they galvanized citizens while telling everyone who would listen, they were galvanizing citizens. If Michelle was listening, she either didn’t care or didn’t think it mattered. Murph recognized this and took advantage of it.

      You just never know about the big silent majority and who has their ear.

      That Gosh Darn Silent Majority, it’ll get you every time.

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