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TE Students Advance to 2014 World Finals of Odyssey of the Mind Competition — Need Community Help in Funding Trip!

For the first time, Tredyffrin Easttown School District has qualified to attend the “Odyssey of the Mind” World Finals. The Odyssey of the Mind began in 1978 and is the largest international creative problem-solving competition worldwide. The competition helped pioneer the idea of creative problem solving as an educational tool and emphasizes teamwork, creativity, and problem solving. Students learn how to identify challenges and to think creatively to solve problems and are not only encouraged to think “outside the box” but are rewarded for such thinking.

The TE Youth Odyssey of the Mind team of six students, four from Valley Forge Middle School and two from New Eagle Elementary School has had the quite the journey to get to this place. The TE team members Chloe Wynn, Genevieve Duska, Alexander Hallam, John Serafim, Leo Guillen and Nicholas Sonn first had to beat out sixteen Division 1 teams at the Regional competition in March. After the regional win, the TE team moved on to the State Finals in April, successfully beat thirteen teams and secured their spot for the 2014 World Finals at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

Oydssey of the Mind team

The 35th annual Odyssey of the Mind World competition will represent the most creative problem-solving youth from around the world coming together to exchange a wide variety of ideas on how they all solved the same problems in different ways! These kinds of international educational programs hold the hope for solving the real-life problems facing our world. These students will be the Bill Gates, Albert Einsteins and Steve Jobs of the future!

In a few short weeks, May 28 – 31, Chloe, Genevieve, Alexander, John, Leo and Nicholas will compete for the title of World Champion against teams representing more than 30 countries! In order to take part in the World Competition, the TE team needs to raise at least $10,000 to cover the entry fee, the cost of room and board, and travel to Iowa State University. Failure to raise the needed money will prevent the teams from participating in this unique opportunity to not only compete against but to meet students from all over the world.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event for Chloe, Genevieve, Alexander, John, Leo and Nicholas and they need our help in funding their trip to Iowa. A website for the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals trip has been set up – and you can make donations online or with a check. As of this morning, contributions are listed at $2,815. Please take the time to visit the website and make your donation – no donation is too big or too small. Let’s get behind and show support for Team TE!

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  1. I attended the policy committee meeting today at the TEAO’s at 12:45pm.

    I was a little late and by the time I settled in, the discussion was on Policy 1100, School District Communications with the Public. The last paragraph on the first page on Policy 1100, states:

    With communication opportunities available to the public, it is not the practice of the District or the Board as a whole to participate in or review online forums such as blogs or other internet social media outlets.

    Virginia Lastner, Committee chair and new Board member stated that Blogs should not be singled out when talking about what outlets the district or the board should or should not participate on. She recommended to eliminate the paragraph. Thank-you Virginia!

    Scott Dorsey proposed a change in the way questions are answered by board members to citizens at monthly board meetings. Now, Kevin Buraks takes all questions and then answers them after all have been asked. Community members suggested a more one on one approach, where questions are answered as they are asked so as to ensure that all questions are answered. Thank-you Scott Dorsey!

    I thought one citizen made a great point when he said something like, ” “Answering questions as they come, gives the appearance of a board who sincerely wants to engage with citizens and creates a more friendly, authentic exchange between Directors and citizens.” I think this is true.

    This issue was not resolved at todays meeting so will be taken up at the next meeting in June.

    Thanks to all who made this happen.

  2. was the fact that the district would not have student teachers in the classrooms going forward ever discussed? does the public know about this? along with NOT hiring kids from the district as teachers what is going on here? Diversity vs discrimination.. real good.. we are headed DOWN!!!

  3. the achievement by this kids is terrible.. they should have been coached and prepped to raise the PSSA’s test so the district would look better. Shame on the individual achievement of these young student stars… Rankings rankings… and more central control of our once grand school district.. lower all boats.. egalitarianism. the model of centraized soviet union… they know better. A pox on those who “know better”

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