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Chester County Commissioner Ryan Costello Updates — PECO Top Brass Touring Tredyffrin Twp!

County Commissioner Ryan CostelloFrom Chester County Commissioner Ryan Costello —

Saturday, 1 PM Update:

Latest: 27 percent (54,000) of households still w/out power, highest concentration of those w/out in Tredyffrin and central Chesco; Rte 23 between 401/100 closed until Sunday @ 6 am to do complete major restoration of lines; County Emergency Operation Center fully-staffed w/ focus on monitoring events and providing situational awareness, utility outages and effects on critical infrastructure, and assisting municipalities w/ resource requests, damage assessment and unmet transportation and shelter needs for residents; quite a number of road closures still in eastern and northern Chesco. Will attend briefing from Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley in in Chesco EOC within hour. Focus will be on helping those still in need.

Saturday, 4 PM Update:

Just hours ago, I personally expressed to PECO’s CEO how important it is for ALL Chesco residents to get power restored as soon as humanly possible – they hear us, that I can say w/ certainty. There are now many out-of-state utility crews here working, and I think you’ll see continued, tremendous progress. We know the regions of Chesco still requiring service, and PECO top brass is touring Tredyffrin as we speak. Just figured you’d want to know I was respectfully bending his ear when I was provided the opportunity.

Thanks Commissioner for your help in Tredyffrin Township!!

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  1. Pattye – thanks for the updates.
    PECO is having a tough time.
    Anyone still without power should contact PECO again.
    As of late Sunday afternoon, they didn’t seem to know who has power and who doesn’t.

    We never got a call after our power was restored (as promised) around noon on Sunday. We did get an automated call in the afternoon saying that some in our area had power and some didn’t and if we didn’t, then we should contact PECO. Let your neighbors know to call if they are still in the dark.

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