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Election Day 2013 — Your Vote is Your Voice!

Don’t complain that our elected officials are not listening. If we don’t bother to vote our voice will not be heard. Those we elect are guided by what we say – particularly when we vote. And if we don’t vote we are telling them that we don’t care what they do and that is dangerous. All polling places are open and will be until 8 PM. Your Vote is Your Voice!

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  1. Went to vote this morning at 8:30 in Paoli.

    A year ago, I went to vote at the same time and had to wait 20 minutes at the polls.

    Today, I walked in and there was no one in front of me. Only one other person voting. And when I left a few minutes later, another person was coming in to vote.

    Light turnout at least based on one insignificant data point.

    1. This is the first year kids are off school due to safety concerns so it may have altered voting times for many.

  2. yes. I had same experience. Early morning around 7:30 One finishing, me then one coming in. I shake my head.. maybe it will pick up.

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