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Tredyffrin Township to Approve the Hiring of Additional Police Officers

Some residents, including myself, have been wondering when the township was going to hire the additional police officers listed in the 2013 budget. Last year’s $49K police operations study by ICMA fueled some ongoing debate as to how many police officers were needed. According to the consultants, their study recommended 43-46 officers with a minimum of 43 officers required to maintain the existing level of safety. If you recall, Police Superintendent Tony Giaimo requested 47 officers at the December 3 supervisors meeting and asked the Board to consider reinstating the 47 officers in the 2013 budget. However, the 2013 township budget was approved with 43 officers. (Three years ago, Tredyffrin Township had 51 police officers on the books.)

In late December 2012, the Act III arbitration award was issued for the collective bargaining agreement between the township and the police union. Based on the arbitration award, the police department retained most of their prior contract benefits. I incorrectly assumed that the arbitration award settled the matter and that the hiring of additional police officers would be immediate. However, we learned that there remained open issues related to the police health care plan requiring resolution. However, last month the outstanding health insurance questions were resolved and the township and the police union signed the agreement.

With no further roadblock to hiring new police officers, there’s great news that the agenda for Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting includes, “A motion to approve the hiring of additional police officers”. At my last count, there were 39 township police officers, so it will be interesting to see how many are approved tomorrow night.

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  1. Tredyffrin does not need more police officers.
    As a resident for 25 years, I have continually heard that Tredyffrin is tops in DUI citations. ( Two of my neighbors have multiple DUIs). Also, the old police officers didnt just cite, but the newer ones are quick to cite. I’ve seen more than just protocols broken.
    With lousy people running all these HOAs, the laws need to change. I have always loved reading you “Community Matters”,

  2. Unfortunately, Sharon, your perception of police work, responsibilities and value are very skewed.

    I don’t even know where to begin. Driving under the influence is a CRIME. Perhaps if less people did that… there would be less time spent on them. I don’t understand the association of being high in DUI citation to having too many police. Maybe it means that the police that are on duty are not hiding at their station and are out patrolling to keep our streets safe.

    Perhaps you know many people who have been affected by having many DUI arrests & citations, but I know people who have been killed and hurt in accidents when they were hit by DUI drivers.

    In the world we live in, financial burden of public safety is money well spent. Police, Fire, EMS, Sherrifs, Hospitals and County/State/Federal agencies work every day with less and less people due to budget cuts. Mostly politically motivated budget cuts. Mostly because funding these agencies doesn’t win elections.

  3. I totally disagree with the first poster. When the police chief is asking for 47 officers to feel fully staffed, I hesitate to question it. We can go around and around on that number.

    Contrary to what a lot of people assume, our township has a pretty broad span of area. Some of us in jabip rarely see a patrol car. If we do it’s likely not for something good.

    When we have certain situations like attempted child luring.
    Or home invasions or petty crime and traffic.
    “beef’ up patrols is just a lot of talk if you can’t back up the power to that statement.
    I’d rather be over protected. I wonder how many officers they agreed to hire?

    1. The board gave the go ahead to hire 2 officers. They mentioned the possibility of hiring a third later, depending on what happens with the officer that is currently on long-term disability.

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