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Sidewalk Construction Underway at St. Davids Golf Club!

I received a voice mail from Steve Burgo, Tredyffrin Twp Engineer on Thursday to let me know that the sidewalk construction was underway at St. Davids Golf Club. Not that I didn’t believe him, but I had to drive over to see for myself. Sure enough,the construction project is underway on Upper Gulph Road, on either side of Fletcher Road, next to the St. Davids Golf Club. My impression was that the sidewalk was to be more like a path but based on what I saw, this is much more involved than I expected. Besides the digging for the sidewalk, looks like there is also a retention wall.

The construction of the sidewalks will satisfy the signed land development contract between the township and the golf club. Thanks Steve for the heads-up!

Construction of sidewalk at S. Davids

Construction of sidewalk at S. Davids Golf Club


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  1. I thought the sidewalk/asphalt path was supposed to be installed on the south side of Upper Gulph Rd? The side that has Cabrini College, the Golf Club, VFMAC, the Tredyffrin Library and Strafford Park? Makes no sense to randomly drop 400 feet of walkway on the nothern side….

  2. Complainers were so busy trying to push this idea through and punish St David’s that they neglected to double check the location. It’s a real shame but actually kind of funny.

    1. Tredyffrin’s Planning Commission required the sidewalks as part of the approval process for St. Davids land development agreement and the Board of Supervisors approved the plan. The contract was signed between the township and St. Davids Golf Club. There was a contractual agreement for St. Davids to complete the land development project.

  3. From what I can tell, all of the sidewalks on Conestoga/Upper Gulph are on the north side of the road from Cassatt/Howelleville going east.

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