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Tredyffrin Teachers Union Accepts Fact Finder Report, T/E School Board Rejects

The results from last night’s special meeting of the T/E School Board were anticlimactic and expected. Tredyffrin Easttown Education Association, the teachers union, voted to accept the fact finder’s report from the PA Labor Relations Board. With a vote of 7-2, the School Board voted to reject the report. Kris Graham and Anne Crowley provided the two dissenting votes in support of the fact finder’s report. The recommendations in the fact finder’s report must be accepted or rejected in its entirety.

According to Jeffrey Sultanik, TESD contract negotiator, no public discussion of the fact finder’s report is permitted until the report is published. It is expected that the PA Labor Relations Board will release the report today. During the next 10 days, the public can weigh in on the report and on then at a second special meeting on Monday, August 20, the school board will take another vote on the report. If the school board votes again to reject the report, traditional negotiations will resume between TEEA and TESD.

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  1. I am just curious, how much is sultanik being paid? How much is the school district spending on his services?

    1. Whatever he is being paid you can be assured it is more than an average teacher makes. And guess what — by his recommending a rejection he is going to bill even more dollars. MMMMMMM

  2. I am very surprised they did not accept… As many said the report does split down the middle in most cases. Although it does this, it doesn’t paint the district in the most positive light in many of the explanations… As you will see when it comes out. I thought this would affect their decision slightly, but obviously it didn’t. It looks like we still have a long road ahead…

    1. I don’t see how they could accept. If they did, the public would never get to see the report.

      By rejecting, the report could be public and they can receive comment from the public prior to their next vote.

    2. If you honestly believe the report split things down the middle, these negotiations have a long, long way to go. This report did ZERO financial analysis, and ignores the fact that the taxes for next year are maxed out –and seems to be ignoring that the only additional source of revenue would come from a referendum. Perhaps this Narberth Lawyer drinks the Lower Merion kool-aid. “We are the best, we should be the most expensive.”

      1. I did not say anything about the content of the report, just that if they accepted it, the public would not see it.

        Having seen it now, I agree it was less political and more content based decision, but even if it was more economical and even sided, I don’t see how they could vote to agree without allowing public input first.

  3. Eager to read the report before commenting, but shame on anyone for suggesting that Sultanik wants to prolong it. He’s got plenty of work and a settlement is his goal. PPD–this is NOT about what a teacher makes. This is about what a teacher COSTS. And it’s clear that now is the time where the district is going to realign that to real world expectations…no one can change the platinum pension plan, but it’s time to accept a bronze health care plan.

  4. When it comes to health insurance costs I think the school board should come up with a figure of what they will pay per teacher for the 3 year period and then let the teacher pick up the difference. Cost sharing is fair to everyone.

    The teachers are not going to hit the bricks for health insurance. the School Board needs to have courage on this entitlement issue since their hands are tied on the very expensive pension issue.

    There needs to be more cost sharing on the part of the teachers. They have been become a very entitled class of workers. The kids coming out of schools cannot buy into this kind of thinking for themselves. And none of them can aspire to becoming teachers. There is something very wrong with this picture! Time for a new compensation model.

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