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Storm Prep Guys . . . Call Them for Storm Clean-Up Too!

Yesterday, NBC 10 News was here at the house filming a segment on storm preparation.  The ‘Storm Prep’ guys are Craig Postlewait and his crew from Post Haste Handyman.  Post Haste Handyman is a subsidiary of Craig’s company, Pendulum Solutions which this past week completed a major restoration project on our house.  We were very pleased with the work, which included all new roofing and guttering.

Craig prepared a very good ‘to do’ list for homeowners to consider pre-Irene.  Click here for the link and contact information.  The crew of Post Haste Handyman will be available throughout the storm so you might want to keep their phone number handy (610-527-1660).  Also good for post storm clean-up!

Here’s the news video clip —

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  1. Total con man. Craig Postlewait / Post Haste / Pendulum Solutions or whatever the company of the month is… will say, sign whatever necessary to get the job and your money. He’ll then slowly vanish once the project is underway. We hired him to do a nice size renovation project that was promised completion in 2 months. After 12 months of no shows, revolving sub-contractors, elaborate excuses and poor workmanship we finally pulled the plug on this guy. We lost a ton of money and ultimately had to find someone else to pick up the damaged pieces (literally). We found out he wasn’t paying his sub-contractors & vendors and that we were also at the back of a long line to get any money back. We tried going after him in court but he is very skilled at opening and closing companies while claiming bankruptcy along the way. I’m amazed that this guy continues to do business in the Main Line. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!

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