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T/E School Board Meeting Tonight . . . Proposed Final 2011-12 Budget Vote

There is a T/E School Board meeting tonight — May 9, 2011 at 7:30 pm at Conestoga High School. At this meeting, the School Board will vote on the proposed 2011-2012 final budget. Click here to review the proposed budget. Will the decision of the school board be to fund the deficit with the use of the fund balance?

I assume that we will also learn the outcome of out-sourcing of TESD custodial services. My understanding is that the outsourcing quotes should have been received by the district and the board will have determined the cost-savings (if any) of out-sourcing.

According to the agenda for tonight’s meeting, the board will present information on the school district’s plan to form an Earned Income Tax Study Group.

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  1. I am interested to see whether or not the board accepted the newest union offer (if the rumors are true that is).

  2. I hope the budget is not passed for many reasons. My objections include:

    -Outsourcing of custodians
    -42 periods/cycle
    -$100 for Highway safety
    -$180 parking pass REALLY?
    -charge to participate in extracurricular activitie
    -No more German and Latin in the middle school
    -Much More!!

    The district is getting desperate and is sacrificing the quality of education here for $$$. Students should have more input on such changes–but the school board listens to us, says thanks, and often ignores us. They should find the weak links and cut them out and leave the strong links in place or the chain of the quality of district collapses.

  3. Student
    Appreciate your perspective — the problem with the “weak links” is that teachers are tenured, and programs are evaluated for their “educational value.”

    I think the charge for the parking pass is because the district does provide free transportation — so someone who chooses to drive is considered to have money to spare? Seniors only. The township is responsible for the no parking signs all around the high school, and the lot itself isn’t big enoughf ro all the seniors. But I would suggest if you have a reason to want to park (need to park) and this is too expensive, that you apply for a “waiver”……using that lanaguage since that’s the language the board is using with the teachers.

  4. My kids are always volunteer in school for different groups
    and then it’ s a shame to take money for to park a car.
    Also i think the traffic is much less, when the kids can drive to school and not so manny parents have to drive three times a day. I think they should park for free, because they help our community a lot.

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