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It’s Official . . . Asst DA Pat Carmody Will Not Challenge Tom Hogan for Chester County District Attorney

Following last month’s Chester County Republican Convention, there was much speculation whether Assistant DA Pat Carmody would challenge endorsed Republican candidate Tom Hogan for District Attorney in the May primary. Today, in an email to friends and supporters, Carmody made his decision public; he will not challenge Hogan. Here’s an excerpt from the Carmody’s email:

” . . . Although disappointed I will not be your District Attorney, I have decided not to challenge Tom Hogan, the endorsed candidate. I have been loyal to the DA’s office, the Republican Party and the people of this county for many years. I look forward to continuing to work at the Chester County District Attorney’s office as part of a team working with the police fighting for crime victims. I will fully support Tom and all the other candidates in the upcoming primary and fall elections. We have an excellent group of candidates and it was an honor to be part of the process with them and to interact with all of you. . . “

I have spoken with Pat Carmody several times and had the pleasure of meeting him at the Republican Convention. Chester County residents have been lucky to him in the District Attorney’s office for the last 27 years. He’s one of the ‘good guys’ and I wish him well!

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  1. Reports from West Chester are that the GOP Chairman set-up a sit down with Carmody and Hogan.

    For a man who the Tea Party made their darling for his “independence” and willingness to “stand up to the party establishment,” Carmody took the meeting and — apparently — followed the party line. Guess he wasn’t that independent or strong after all.

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