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What do Sidewalks, McKenzie’s Brew House and St. Davids Golf Club have in common? Tredyffrin’s Board of Supervisors Meeting

Today’s post includes a roundup on a variety of topics.

Due to President’s Day, Tredyffrin’s Board of Supervisors meeting will be Monday, February 28. Based on the length of the agenda, we could be in for a long evening! Here are some of the scheduled highlights:

Sidewalk Subcommittee Presentation – This is the third attempt at this presentation; the first date cancelled because Bob Lamina was out-of-town and the second date was rescheduled because presenter and subcommittee chair Tory Snyder.

A bit of Sidewalk Subcommittee history . . . Do you remember Tredyffrin’s Board of Supervisors meeting back on February 22, 2010? If you recall, there was much debate about the St. Davids Golf Club sidewalk requirement in their land development plan. First, the supervisors voted to return the $25K sidewalk escrow to St. Davids and then, based on public opinion, opted to reverse the decision in February 2010.

Because of the St. Davids escrow debate, a Sidewalks Subcommittee was formed to review (with public input) the future construction of sidewalks and bike lanes in the township. The township continues to hold St. Davids sidewalk escrow pending the outcome of the Sidewalk Subcommittee’s recommendation and then ultimate vote of the Board of Supervisors relative to sidewalk requirements in the township. Understanding the open liability issues on land development projects, the sidewalk subcommittee was presented with an end-of-the-year timeline to present the supervisors with their recommendations. Public hearings and a public survey were included in the sidewalk subcommittee analysis. It is my understanding from attending their meetings that St. Davids sidewalk is included in the sidewalk presentation.

Interesting agenda item: Schedule a public hearing on March 7, 2011 to consider a liquor license transfer in the Township – I was curious about this agenda item and contacted Mimi Gleason and discovered some potentially good news for the township. McKenzie’s Brew House is expanding and is interested in a location in Tredyffrin – the old Charlie Brown Restaurant location in the Valley Fair Shopping Center. This will be a multi-municipality liquor license transfer, as they will be moving the license from the old Basil’s in Willistown Twp to the Charlie Brown location. According to Mimi, this transfer does not require any sign-off from Willistown, just needs our supervisors support and approval. Moving to the same shopping center (in the Bargain Bookstore – Tuesday Morning location) is Meeley’s Furniture Store, taking both floors. Filling empty retail and restaurant locations is good news for the local economy!

Planning Commission Annual Report – listed as an agenda item, I admit I do not recall the Planning Commission making a public presentation of the annual reports in the past. Wonder if there is any relationship between the timing of this annual report and the upcoming Public Hearing on March 21 to discuss an amendment to the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance giving the Board of Supervisors the authority for approval or denial of a land development plan. (Currently this authority is with the Planning Commission).

Newly appointed supervisor Mike Heaberg will be taking his place for the first time at Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. I wish Mike well and know that his financial expertise and independent views will prove an asset to the community. Speaking of supervisors, the candidate petition signing is underway for the school board and the board of supervisors. On the school board side, I cannot offer much public information, except that five of the nine school board seats available. Three of the five current school board members will seek re-election (Karen Cruickshank, Jim Bruce, and Pete Motel) and two board members will not (Kevin Mahoney, Debbie Bookstaber). I do not believe the slate of school board candidates is finalized – I think the deadline is March 8 for petition signatures.

Tredyffrin’s GOP held their endorsement meeting this week and endorsed Mike Heaberg and Kristen Mayock as Republican at-large supervisor candidates. Heaberg was also endorsed to run in the special supervisor election. Paul Olson and John DiBuonaventuro were endorsed as eastern and western district Republican supervisor candidates. On the Democratic side, opposing Heaberg and Mayock, as at-large candidates are Molly Duffy and Ernie Falcone. It is my understanding there will not be a Democratic candidate for the western district slot. I am unsure if either Duffy or Falcone will oppose Heaberg in the special election.

Here’s an interesting and creative way to increase revenue for the school district. There is a proposal in Radnor School District for ‘naming’ opportunities. The current policy on the ‘naming’ of school facilities is restricted to honoring community members for their contribution to the community or school district. By relaxing the naming requirements may offer some financial benefits to the school district. This idea has some potential . . . a science lab, a hallway; the auditorium . . . all could have naming opportunities. Maybe the school district permits the naming on a yearly basis and the naming opportunity goes to the highest bidder. Just a thought . . . TESD, any interest?

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  1. Thanks for the update on the good news about the Valley Fair location. Please excuse my lack of commercial real estate knowledge, but wouldn’t a farmers’ market be a magnet for the Chesterbrook shopping center? The farmers’ market in Ardmore must operate under the coordination of one business entity, and a market like it would be great for the whole area “out here.” The Strafford market is also good but it’s a hike for those of us in the Great Valley and north of Route 30. Pattye, I enjoyed our chat in passing at Wegman’s, which is a wonderful addition, but a quality market in Chesterbrook would be a real focal point for the Tredyffrin community.

    1. What a great idea — I would love a Farmer’s Market in Chesterbrook. And the Genuardi’s space is so large that there could be many vendors, specialty cheeses, seafood, winery (!), etc. along with fresh flowers, fruits and vegatables. I just love the idea — wonder if there is interest beyond you and me! :) And if so, where could we float the idea . . . ?

      1. I think Duncan’s Farm on N. Valley Forge Road would be a great place for a farmer’s market. Although those huge power lines nearby are a little intimidating…

  2. The ingress and egress for Chesterbrook, as well as ridiculously limited parking will not be an attraction for most developers. I think Wegman’s has taken that market niche for now anyway. Ardmore is unique in that Suburban Square used to be a major mall of sorts — and there are not a bunch of other retail sites around it beyond strip centers.
    But you are right — something like a farmer’s Market would have a chance in Chesterbrook, but only if the property owners don’t try to get first class rents.

  3. Thanks for the updates. I have 2 questions about the supervisors race. I read that Paul Olsen is in the race again — it is correct to assume that there are no limits on how long someone can serve. I see that there are 2 democrat supervisors but there are 4 seats up, who are the other 2 democrat candidates?

    1. My guess is that your assumption concerning term limits is correct. To my knowledge, there are no term limits on supervisors — and I will guess there are also no term limits on school board members. Olson, Pat Woods, Judy DiFilippo were (or are) long serving elected officials. But here’s the question — should there be any limits (years of service, age, etc) placed on elected officials? Or perhaps we should be grateful that there are people willing to serve. Would do people think?

      To answer your question re the other Democratic supervisor candidates for this years race. It is my understanding that there will be no Dem opposition to JD seeking re-election from the western region. But I do not have an answer if there is a Democratic candidate running against Paul Olson in the eastern region. If there is a confirmed candidate, I do not know who it is — if anyone has further information, please let us know. The clock is ticking, final decisions and signed petitions must be turned in by March 8 so I guess we should know any day. As I mentioned, I do not have the list for the school board candidates but will also post that information when I get it.

    2. Olsen would not be subject to term limits — he lost once and returned to the BOS in a comeback election. Age — that’s another issue. As Pattye says above, finding someone to run isn’t easy. I believe people should stop serving when they know they have served enough. If we have incumbents so entrenched that no one will run against them, we really damage the process of new blood, which we need!!

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