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The Calm Before the Storm . . . maybe the weatherman will be wrong!

By now, it would be impossible not to know of the dangerous winter storm headed our way. The Weather Channel is predicting that this storm will affect “100 million people . . . across 29 states”. A 2,100-mile long winter trail is expected to blanket the country from the plains to the East Coast; by many accounts, a storm of epic proportions.

The weathercasters are using words like sleet, freezing rain, snow, rain, wintry mix to describe what is in store for the Philadelphia area residents tomorrow through Wednesday. We have a foot of snow on the ground and now more snow is predicted with an icy coating, predictably making our roads impassable.

Many of the roads from Philadelphia to Phoenixville remain snow and ice-covered from the previous storm of last week. Looking at the news, there are numerous side streets in the region that are still dangerous and impassable. For instance in the Mt. Airy neighborhood, major roads remain unplowed and untreated with salt. With several inches of ice attached to the asphalt under layers of snow, how are these residents ever going to dig out?

So . . . how has Tredyffrin fared with its snow removal? Over the last couple of days, I have driven around the township, visiting neighborhoods and business districts. All I can say is that Tredyffrin has set the gold standard for the Main Line when it comes to snow removal. On the eve of Mother Nature’s next winter storm, I want to take this opportunity to thank Steve Norcini, director of Public Works, and the men and women in his department for a job well done. Many residents in the Philadelphia area have good reason to complain about their lack of snow and ice removal, not so in Tredyffrin.

Here’s hoping that the weather predictions for the next few days are wrong. Fingers crossed our power stays on, the roads are salted and plowed, and with luck, the winter storm misses us completely!

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  1. Well said. The employees do a great job for us while we sleep. The job this winter has been nothing short of outstanding!

  2. Pattye, I couldn’t agree with you more! I have reached out to a few board members to pass along my appreciation to Steve for his crews great work with the snow removal. You hit the nail on the head, we truly are the “gold standard’.

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