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Another Tredyffrin Supervisor Candidate Drops Out . . . and then there were 3!

On January 13, I wrote the following on Community Matters:

The appointment of an interim supervisor is a serious duty of our elected officials (even if only for a few months) and I do not want to see the process manipulated by politics.

What do I mean manipulated . . . ? Only one of the four supervisor candidates, John Bravacos, has stated that he will not be on the ballot for the Special Election in May. Presumably, the other three candidates, Eamon Brazunas, Mike Heaberg and Kristen Mayock, all intend to participate in the Special Election required to fill the vacancy.

To be clear, I am not questioning the credentials of these three candidates but the only non-political appointment for this interim supervisor position is John Bravacos. Additionally, John Bravacos is a former township supervisor and former chair. To appoint one of the other three candidates would be politically motivated and give an advantage to that individual in May’s Special Election. For the record, a Republican (Warren Kampf) held the vacated seat and John Bravacos is a Republican.

I was so convinced that the Board of Supervisors would make the ‘right’ choice . . . the non-political appointment of John Bravacos, that I made a bet with a close friend. I lost that one-dollar bet! Yesterday, John Bravacos decided to withdraw his application for consideration to fill the interim supervisor vacancy. In John’s confirmation to me of his withdrawal, he offered that a recent change in his work travel schedule precipitated his decision. Bravacos served on the Board of Supervisors, two as chair, and the only candidate to state that he would not be on the Special Election ballot in May.

A few weeks ago, there were five candidates and then we learned that candidate Joe Muir withdrew his application. Now two days before the Personnel Committee interviews the candidates, John Bravacos decides that he too will leave the supervisor appointment process. Three candidates remain for consideration, Republicans Mike Heaberg and Kristen Mayock, and Democrat Eamon Brazunas.

What I had hoped the appointment of John Bravacos to the Board of Supervisors would achieve is no longer possible. Sadly, with Bravacos out of consideration, it now appears obvious that there is political party influence in the selection process. Coincidentally the change in the Sidewalks Subcommittee presentation to February 7 corresponds with the appointment of the interim supervisor. The new interim supervisor is to be announced on February 7. Once appointed, the interim supervisor will be in a position as the possible ‘swing vote’ on the land development authority ordinance.

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  1. WHY are we feeling so compelled to create drama? Just because folks here talked about John B being a “natural selection”, at no time has anyone anywhere confirmed that having him step into a roll he long ago abdicated was favored. He worked with many of the people on this board, and maybe or maybe not they were not eager/were eager to rejoin him. I believe he is an attorney who specializes in real estate, land use and municipal planning. I’m not sure we need one more lawyer on this board — especially when those particular topics will be at the forefront.
    So can we “give it a rest” and just let this play out. We have 3 candidates standing — all are qualified to do this job for the 3 months. If we make this more machiavellian than it needs to be, we taint it. While I doubt that an all republican BOS will appoint the lone democrat applying, I’m presuming the other two have not signed a loyalty oath and are quite competent at speaking on their own behalf.

    1. I don’t think I am ‘creating drama’. If anything, John Bravacos would have removed the ‘drama’ be his appointment. Because John was not running in the May election, he would not have felt compelled to please the party, the voters, etc. but simply make independent decisions. By appointing someone who will be on the May primary will give that candidate 3 extra months of campaigning in the appointed seat.

      I never said that the 3 candidates were not qualified — in fact, just the opposite. I simply wanted less party politics playing in to the decision of the appointment. Pollyanna thinking I suppose, but I thought it would be a better, more democratic way of doing business. The same way that I wanted all 6 supervisors to intervew the candidates in the public — as it is done elsewhere in the Commonwealth. I get that ‘just because’ I want a transparent, open process in Tredyffrin, doesn’t mean that it is going to be that way. Sorry, don’t view this as dramatics.

      1. Didn’t mean your comments were drama….I was responding to Michael Corleone…the monniker and his comments creating the drama.

        I am very concerned that we are tainting whoever ends up getting appointed, and that’s just wrong. These are potential candidates who are stepping forward as volunteers. They are not campaigning, and to go forward from this point is what is so wrong about politics. This is transparent as it can be, but it doesn’t mean we’ll get the results that some want.
        Ms. Mayock and Mr. Heaberg are qualified despite the fact that they are Republican candidates. Mr. Brazunas is qualified despite the fact that he is a Democratic candidate. We have elected supervisors and part of their “power” is in appointing a replacement. If we have any faith in the democratic process, we really need to let this play out and thank whoever it is that steps in. The 3 months might be anything BUT campaigning….since Pattye has identified the fact that the new person will no doubt be in the dubious position of being a deciding vote….through no fault of his/her own.

  2. We have three qualified candidates. It’s a shame that John Bravacos withdrew since he was the best choice, but all three of the remaining candidates would do a good job. Vallon- why are you attacking Mike Heaberg? It just doesn’t seem in the spirit of this blog to resort to personal attacks. And I would feel the same way if someone from the TTGOP were to attack Eamon on this blog by calling him a puppet. It’s just not appropriate.

    We should respect the three candidates for their willingness to serve and focus our discussions on their qualifications and their platforms rather than resorting to name calling.

    1. The TTGOP attacked Eamon for not being married long enough and not having any children. That is not appropriate.

      1. I agree with you that such attacks on Eamon were completely inappropriate. Likewise, your attack on Mike isn’t appropriate. Let’s try to keep a civil tone whenever we can even if a few partisan people on each side of the debate try to bring us down into the muck with them.

        I’d be shocked if the Republican BOS picked Eamon (a Democrat) to replace Warren (a Republican). That does not mean that Eamon isn’t qualified for the spot or that he shouldn’t run for it in the election. It’s just a political reality, and we wouldn’t expect that a Democratic BOS would appoint a Republican to replace a Democrat either. So let’s focus on the election and campaign honestly and ethically for the candidate of our choice rather than getting upset about the appointment process/political reality.

    2. WHY was John B the best choice???? He is a real estate attorney who specializes in land planning….do we really need that input on the St. Davids discussion? I think he was great to volunteer, but unlike John Shimrak, wasn’t annointed, so probably misspoke.

  3. Michael Corleone, Geppetto, Pinocchio and of coarse one of my favorites Niccolo Macchiavelli. You see, the Roman empire still stands.
    Viva Itilia!!!!!
    : )
    All kidding aside Rome ruled the world while most still hid in caves, its no surprise to see the influence’s she still has.
    I enjoy the referrences thoroughly.

    If you want to sharpen your game, play chess with a Sicilian….but be careful :)

    On the subject, Pattye thanks for continuing to bring fourth the opportunity for great discussions on local issues. Everyone is paying attention to this one.

  4. “We should respect the three candidates for their willingness to serve and focus our discussions on their qualifications and their platforms rather than resorting to name calling”

    I couldn’t agree more. The problem is thats not how it will go. This proccess fails to even appear fair, its a farse. All proccess is out the window with this one.
    What ever happened to “the people” ? I guess they have been replace by “Cappo di pinocchese”!!

  5. Just how has the process failed to appear fair? They asked for applicants, extended the deadline to perhaps encourage more applicants, and are going to interview in public. Ultimately they can choose based on whatever criteria they want — the voters elected them to that power… So rather than accuse you of making a sweeping generalization Joey, exactly what process went out what window? The PEOPLE voted for the sitting supervisors, who by law will appointment someone who stepped forward to fill a position until the next municipal election….
    This is ignorance trumping sarcasm overruling reason.

    1. I know about cool-aid, and I think you’re accepting too many drinks from the Republican hegemony.

      Unfortunately actions like this stack the decks and it’s really hard for the voters to make informed choices.

    2. “This is ignorance trumping sarcasm overruling reason”
      If you are calling me ignorant or sarcastic maybe you and I should meet for coffee to talk about that, tough guy :)

      This is pure smoke and mirrors without a real attempt at even making it look fair. Judging by your personel offense to what I said maybe you play a roll in this farse?
      Will all the Sup’s choose the “Cappo di pinnocchese” pick, or will some stand and do whats right?
      Rather than chase our tale’s on this lets see if the most QUALIFIED candidate is picked. Even the most qualified Republican? When that happens I’ll “give it a rest”. Although I would still be available for a coffee :)

  6. Now that John Bravacos has pulled out; the appointment becomes political. I agree there is no way thre BoS will appoint Eamon (D) over either Kristen (R) or MIke(R), and you can be sure that TTRC’s M.B. will be pushing Mike. Here’s hoping the BoS members will be independent in their choice.

    Too bad; as stated previously with Bravacos on board, the other 3 could battle through the election process.

    1. John Bravacos, former chair and lifelong republican wasn’t political?????????
      You all are making up rules and writing them minute by minute. Of course it’s political — it’s a 7th member of a very small board….and they are all Rs right now. So are you suggesting that whoever gets picked (whichever R), that are being ushered into the general election??? IN reading the Mayock resume, it sounds like she is interested in politics anyway. Since Heaberg didn’t submit one, but someone here is saying Broadhurst would favor him, clearly he doesn’t have a long political history. Can someone actually KNOW something here? I agree with “rest” — this blog is totally tainting anyone who is selected, because you all are making up the reasons they will be chosen.

  7. If I am drinking republican kool aid, it’s news to me. I don’t know the TTRC at all….don’t even know if I know anyone on it.
    So — why would Mike B pick Mike H over Kristen M? Please enlighten all of us with the connection rather than just make assumptions. Wasn’t Ms. Mayock a member of the TTRC? Mike H is not. Please folks. Where is the information that is leading to all these comments? No cool aid. Just facts sir. Please share.

      1. Ciao yourself…….I have NO IDEA what all this is based on. Truly. We have two Rs as applicants….We have 6 Rs on the board and they will pick someone. Do they pick the boy over the girl? WHY is this a farce? You are vesting me with more knowledge than I have. I have no hint as to what one candidate would have over the other, and don’t understand Moderate Girl’s suggestion that “TTRC’s MB will push Mike.” And why would picking Mike be following someone else’s pick as opposed to be doing what’s right? Joey — and Moderate Girl — everything is about the Godfather, but please accept my own mea culpa when I ask you to explain your concerns over picking either Mike or Kristen….and why either choice would not be “right”….though Joey thinks only Kristen is right. I’m asking folks…..and I’ll take the cannolis while I wait.

        1. “Give it a rest”.
          It is odd how worked up and defensive you are about my criticism of the process. We both know why, don’t we? As far as “.though Joey thinks only Kristen is right”
          What in any of my posts said that was my position?…Nothing. Kristen? Why would you say that?
          The fact is, its bothering you, isn’t it? You seem to feel that all this criticism is based on if Kristen Mayock doesn’t get the appointment that the process isn’t fair. I never said anything of the sort but you took this conversation in that direction…interesting. Maybe you feel she is the most qualified but are personally bothered by the criticism because you are playing a part in this farce that will deny her the position. My question to you is: what’s your problem with Kristen Mayock? and Why do you feel she is being treated unfair in the process. I said there is no process, its all a farce. Based on the fact everyone already knows that a pick has been made. Why waste peoples time with this charade, of interviews. “Capo di Pinnochese” has already made the choice, and now will have to deal with the consequence’s :) CIAO

        2. I cannot answer the Joey comment here because it doesn’t have a way to answer…but have YOU guessed wrong. Clearly you are only writing posts to respond, not reading them for content.
          Vallon wrote: Mike Broadhurst aka Geppetto has a monopoly on the entire process. Get ready for Mike Heaberg aka Pinocchio!

          Then YOU wrote : This is pure smoke and mirrors without a real attempt at even making it look fair. Judging by your personel offense to what I said maybe you play a roll in this farse? Will all the Sup’s choose the “Cappo di pinnocchese” pick, or will some stand and do whats right? Rather than chase our tale’s on this lets see if the most QUALIFIED candidate is picked. Even the most qualified Republican?”

          You therefore suppose that they will pick Mike H and are positing the notion that perhaps some will do otherwise and do what is right….

          Where do you get that I think either candidate is right? You are the one that said “Right” meant not picking Mike H. I asked what do you know about him or Kristen Mayock that should tilt the balance? I haven’t the first clue.
          You and John P might want to invest in spell check…you both have a habit of spelling the same words wrong…..over and over and over and over and over….

  8. By the way, I love the Italian mafia noms de plume. Then again maybe we’ve become similar to the mafia in how we handle our twp politics. You come up through the ranks to become the Godfather.

  9. Give it a rest
    “mea culpa”
    Spend anytime in a court room?
    ” I’m asking folks”
    Interesting..I know someone that use’s “Folks” in this way when communicating to others.
    Too easy…:)
    I’ll see you next week…CIAO


  10. “Give it a rest”
    Is that all you got? my spelling?
    I didn’t know these post’s were going to be graded :) LOL
    Off to Tessio’s turf for a meeting…Ciao!!

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