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No Breaking the Sunshine Act in Tredyffrin . . . Interim Supervisor Candidates to be Interviewed!

I am pleased to report that interim supervisor candidates, John Bravacos, Eamon Brazunas, Mike Heaberg and Kristen Mayock, will be interviewed on Wednesday, January 26, 7 PM. The Board of Supervisor’s Personnel Committee (Bob Lamina, Phil Donahue and Michele Kichline) will conduct the interviews in the Community Meeting Room at the township building. The interview process will be open to the public.

I know some have questioned my need to see the interim supervisor candidate process remain transparent. I am very process-oriented and believe that less problems are created when procedures are followed. I think it’s OK to question the way things are done but unless a process is ‘officially changed’; it is important that the rules are followed. If you don’t like a specific rule, fine . . . work to change it. Just don’t arbitrarily break the rule because you know better. Although some may question my dogged approach to transparency in regards to the supervisor vacancy — for me, it is about encouraging an open public process from our elected officials.

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  1. This is interesting John. The appointment of a interim supervisor is not a ‘personnel’ matter. An elected official position is not considered personnel. I will send your comment to Mimi, copy Tom Hogan and the Board of Supervisors — and will ask for comment. It is true that all supervisors need to be part of the interview process.

  2. I have a question. Why is it a good decision to appoint Bravacos because he has stated he is not interested in running?

    It seems to me that the BOS would put someone in place who will be running… I mean, wouldn’t it make it easier for that person as an “incumbent” to win the election?

  3. The deliberations must be in public. The interviews are to gather information and have to be in public because they do not qualify for private talks, but the whole board doesn’t need to be there unless they want to be. They can deliberate based on the information that comes from the interviews or the resumes or personal feelings. They simply must restrict their “deliberation” to an advertised public meeting. So no – this does not make it worse. Perhaps other members were unavailable, and as many have said here, the clock is running.

    1. John
      Thanks for the background on your appointment. They clearly didn’t follow the rules then either — “approved” by the committee is hardly the appropriate criteria except for politics leading the way. They didn’t deliberate in public?
      This process will be find IF they brief the other supervisors in public and deliberate the appointment. But I have to concur with you — Bob Lamina chairing anything, and other supervisors simply do not want to seem to be yielding to public demand. Forget that ti’s the law. This is such a silly exchange. There is NOTHING to deliberate….review the credentials, interview them if you must, and then vote. “Deliberate” whether you want to work with John B again? Whether you can count on someone voting one way or another? None of it is relevant. Competency is the only thing they should evaluate. End of discussion. Role call vote. If I were a “candidate” I would bail. If I were part of the initial group (these all are?) I would bail since after getting their resumes, they extended the deadline…or maybe that was just to give them time to “deliberate” how to make the decision.
      Why not just let the TTRC do the interviews and make the recommendation…it gives them ALL cover, and the TTRC can ask anything they want.

  4. Pattye,

    I bet the BOS has already made their decision in spite of their effort of transparency.

    I guess you couldn’t convince Judy to submit her name; she would have been the most qualified & the logical choice.

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