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Nothing Says the Holidays Better than a Frozen Custard Pie From Jake’s!

The countdown to Christmas is underway. Stress is building to get the stockings hung, cards written, presents wrapped and all the cooking that is required for many of us.

If you are running short on time (and who isn’t) and looking for a special holiday dessert or hostess gift, I have the perfect answer! Go to Jake’s Frozen Custard in Paoli tomorrow and order a special frozen custard pie for the holidays. In the last week, I have tried 2 different custard pies – the Caramel Cashew and the Mint Oreo. The Caramel Cashew custard pie has a regular graham cracker crust and the Mint Oreo custard pie has a chocolate graham cracker crust. You can get 8-10 servings from each of the frozen custard pies; the price was very reasonable – I think $12.99.

For those that haven’t had the experience of frozen custard, you’ve really been missing out! Frozen custard is not ordinary ice cream and not soft-serve – just pure heaven. You can probably call (610.408.0145) in your order to the owner, Missy, and then stop by later and pick up your pie. Jake’s is located at 31 W. Lancaster Avenue, in front of Paoli Village Shoppes. Jake’s Frozen Custard has only been open 2-1/2 months and your purchase would be helping our local small business community.

And remember . . . nothing says the holidays better than a frozen custard pie from Jake’s!

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  1. I agree and recommend Jake’s Frozen Custard Pie. It is great as is the other mid-west delights served at Jake’s.

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