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PA State Rep. Paul Drucker Reports House Will Hold Voting Session Nov. 15

After much debate and discussion, PA State Rep Paul Drucker is reporting that the house will reconvene for voting session on November. Here is the press release:

House to hold voting session Nov. 15

I am pleased to inform you that legislative leaders have announced that the state House will reconvene voting session on Monday, Nov. 15.

This means that the House will be able to complete work on important, bipartisan bills and send them to the governor for his signature. I am pleased that legislative leaders listened to rank-and-file members and are allowing us to finish the job we were elected to do.

As you know, my colleagues and I urged leaders to come back into session after voting session days that had been scheduled for Nov. 8, 9, 10, 15 and 16 were canceled.

Several House bills, including pension reform legislation, will now get the attention they deserve.

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  1. Can we call this what it is?
    Lame duck to be sure, but lame… The Dems are coming back and calling session to cost us more money and exhibit one last time the thinking that got them routed on election day.
    The real scary part is this is nothing more than the unions flexing their muscle and trying to get agreement on what is tanamount to a Union Pension Bailout. I speak of House Bill 2497. Which is scored as a key vote next week.
    To be sure the next Legislature will not agree to this bill and will look at real pension reform that actually saves money. This pension reform will cost the taxpayers an additional $52 BILLION more… That is not me saying that, PERC in an actuarial note to the bill said so…
    We voted these folks out in large numbers, does common sense not prevail here?
    Paul Drucker’s thank you note to the 157th will be his yea vote on a bill that will cost $52 Billion more… Fitting end.

    1. So Rep. Drucker should pull a Sarah Palin…quit without finishing the term?

      The future of Harrisburg: But “there is no silver bullet,” Kampf concluded, no single fix.

      1. Governor Palin quit, Paul was voted out… There is no dishonor in Paul sitting back the last few weeks and sending thank you notes, being involved locally with things and looking ahead to his future.

        I think the voters would have been better served if Paul had left much earlier… say before his “yes” votes on
        HB 1531, would have raised taxes One Billion Dollars OR
        HB 2279 and HB 1416, did raise spending One Billion Dollars OR
        HB 2289, did raise debt $600 Million…

        Hey we get to reset the clock, shuffle the deck or pick your metaphor and insert here… Harrisburgh is covered with a dark cloud… the new legislature comes in at a tricky and demanding time – allow them to do all the heavy lifting. The voters have said as much.
        But it rankled me that Paul was beating his chest a little bit and if you see what is on the docket next week, I think it could have waited a few weeks.

    2. Sean,

      Suely, your pit bull act for M. Kampf is no longer needed. Now you’re just engaging in some lame schoolboy fun ….. or looking for a job on his staff.

      Your man got elected – by 448 votes – cast by low-information voters who for some reason, believed that Paul Drucker was the “architect of tolling on 422”.

      What a mandate!

      I wonder how it feels to win through lies….. A big, fundamental, damaging lie. Don’t bother mentioning one mailer about Warren’s clients and mold. That was true but unimportant to the voters. No. we’re talking about a targeted campaign of hundreds of signs, billboards, mailers, robocalls, Tea Party calls etc – all lying about Paul’s intention to toll 422. And you helped.

      It was telling that only Bob Lamina’s mumbled congratulations were offered at Monday night’s BOS meeting. Not a clap in the house for our soon-to-be state rep.

      Yes, a number of Paul’s fellow Democratic House members were swept out on a reactionary tide by voters who believe black will be better than white. Some very dedicated people lost their jobs last Tuesday. I can’t imagine their replacements will work any harder.

      We’ll all just have to wait and see, won’t we……

      But Sean, your continuing need to throw stones is so petty and hypocritical. You know that if the State Assembly were going from Republican to Democratic, you’d be cheering on a lame duck session , rationalizing the importance of finishing up legislation you supported.

      I’m sick of all this BS re H.B. 2497. The pension reform bill passed the Senate on October 14 with a vote of 41-8. That’s a lot of Republican votes, folks. The Senate version adds a provision to create a “legislative fiscal office” to approve spending levels during the budgeting process. In returning to legislative session on Monday, the House will be ilimited to taking an up-or-down vote on the bill as amended by the Senate.

      The net cost of this pension bill is $27 billion, not the $52 billion quoted by Schuylkill’s finest Kampf loyalist..

      This is a painful bill for future generations, but the options are very limited constitutionally.
      There is ample legal precedent that the State cannot simply reduce existing pension agreement terms or change them by converting to defined benefit plans like 401(k)’s – not short of declaring bankruptcy.

      On the positive side, this bill reduces future costs by extending full pension withdrawal from age 62 to 65; by doubling the vesting period from 5 to 10 years of service; and by lowering the multiplier from 2.5% to 2% for all new hires. These changes will reduce costs by a projected $25 billion.

      Clearly, state legislators, Republican and Democrat, were not prepared to renege on promises made to current state employees and teachers.

      This bill is not the big fix, but it is a start. And until November 30, the current legislature is ON THE JOB, Sean. It is their job to return as requested and do what they were elected to do – VOTE.

      1. Hey Kate!

        Happy Veterans Day to everyone and a special thank you to those that served to make this country the greatest one on earth.

        Yes, I agree – lets not look back any more, lets look forward. The campaigns are over and with the completion of the Lame Duck Session, we will begin to move forward with the newly elected Legislature.

        Have a great night!

      2. Low information voters? Precisely the problem with Obamanistas and the great Liberal movement. Snobbery will continue to cost Libs more and more influence, not to mention the dictates and mandates of the Liberal elite who after their enlightened Ivy League educations, know exactly what is right for the rest of us.

        Hope more low info voters come out in 2012. You are so smart!

    3. Do any of you Republicans on here do any research of any kind?

      The Republican controlled senate passed the pension bill, which has now gone to the house for a vote. In fact, the Republicans added to it a new government oversight agency, that will employ something like 35 people! A new government agency – can you imagine? Here they are talking about cutting the size of government, and not only do they pass this pension bill all you crazy tea partiers hate, they actually add more spending and government oversight onto the bill!

      There is the truth. I imagine Democrats will have quite a bit to say about this new government spending on Monday. The hypocrisy of it is astounding. And the Republicans posting on this board’s ignorance is astounding as well.

  2. The house cannot approve what the R controlled Senate did not already approve….so this business as usual is pretty lame from any perspective.

    I find the tone of the cloying “announcement” to be beligerent at its core. “I am pleased to inform you….” and getting the work done they were elected to do…. if the bills are bipartisan, why vote for Ed Rendell to sign?

    But having said that, I agree that any departing legislator should absolutely not vote on this bill…they have lost their moral authorization to speak for their constituents, regardless of the legal standing. The house had originally cancelled this vote….clearly the PSEA and others have pushed to get it done. Business as usual on the way out or on the way in….will voters and integrity ever matter?

    1. Andrea,

      Those who were not re-elected have
      lost their “moral authorization”? Really? Look in the mirror and tell yourself you would have made that statement if the tables had been turned.

      If Warren were the incumbent who had lost his race in November and Paul was taking office in January – something I can envision happening in two years,,, you would not be judging an outgoing elected officials’ “moral authorization”, whatever that means.

      So the House leadership cancelled the vote and then changed its mind. And your point is?… The landscape has changed. Current representatives remain elected officials who can still effect change through legislation.

      Despite the negative spin from those of you who can look forward to two years of pure, unadulterated Republican control in Harrisburg, the current Democratically controlled House is simply conducting business as is its right, and some would say, its duty.

      Did the PSEA influence their decision? Who cares? The bill’s purpose, however limited in its reform effort, is a substantive first pass at a problem future legislatures will no doubt be forced to revisit.

      Let’s distinguish between something you don’t like and something that is outside the proper scope of legislative activitiy.

      Do a little research. Lame duck sessions at both the state and national levels have produced important legislation. They should not be derided as desperate attempts by those who have lost their moral authority to represent the people.

      1. Kate
        I know that email and posts like these do not convey tone well, so I will simply ask that you not presume my intentions when I make a statement about moral authorization. It wouldn’t matter to me which party was heading for control — truly — but I genuinely believe the initial instinct not to hold a lame duck session was a better one. “Did PSEA influence the decision -..Who Cares?” Do you really mean that? A bill that is going to cost $27 BILLION more (instead of $52 BILLION) and you think a party that lost on what can only be fiscal grounds should legitimately move forward?
        You might not have noted that I specifically reminded people here that the Senate had passed the legislation and this was only about a house vote — but I tie that to letting it all sit and let the new Governor make the decisions. Corbett has said he admires what Christie is doing….I’m not sure that’s comforting, but then again, Christie is moving to CAP salaries for education administrators — something that every district in the southeast would be helped by as they bid up the cost of those rare individuals with the credentials (certification) eligible to do the jobs.

        Lots to talk about — I did not at any time say it was outside the proper scope of legislative activity. That’s why I said they had lost the moral authority….and I believe both sides recognized that. The decision to pass the pension bill is to take the heat off of school districts by again kicking the can down the road. Both sides of the aisle are fine with passing it because they can then move on to less scrutiny in their deliberations. The adding of the “fiscal board” was probably meant to cause the final bill to fail, but allowed senators running for re-election to kick the bill over to the house. No one is approaching any of this with intellectual integrity.

        Quoting from the media reports released prior to the changing their minds and scheduling votes:

        The bill is intended to defer the steep increase in public pension obligations due next year. The so-called “pension spike” was created when lawmakers increased benefits and deferred the payment of increased costs with three separate votes between 2001 and 2003 combined with the investment losses suffered by the state’s public pension plans in the recession. The deferment plan contained in H.B. 2497 would increase the cost to taxpayers significantly, but would spread the cost over a longer period of time in an attempt to lower the forecasted “pension spike” next year.
        The state Senate added a provision to the pension bill authorizing the creation of a state legislative fiscal office to certify revenues and set spending limits for each fiscal year.
        In his letter, Mr. Rendell said he shares the concerns of House Democrat leaders about the creation of the fiscal office, but “the long term fiscal benefits of the pension pension provisions outweigh the policy concerns.”
        House Majority Leader Todd Eachus (D-Luzerne) said Friday the pension bill was unconstitutional and would not be brought to the floor for a vote.

        So contrary to your conclusion, I have done research. Lame duck sessions are useful to clean up loose ends, and I have no qualm when they are for that purpose. But in this case, the pension reform bill is nothing close to a good first pass and I think the change in majority is the voters swing at that. I believe legislators have simply dodged the PSEA bullet on both sides and in both chambers….and yes, school districts can pretend the problem is under control. So to personalize it — I would not cast a vote for such a significant vill if I had been defeated. I would kick a different can — the decision one — to the next session.

      2. Kate:

        Paul will not be back in 2012. He’s done – a footnote in Tredyffrin politics. He’s no “Comeback Kid”.

        1. Rex C,

          Even if you’ve heard that directly from Paul – and I don’t think you have – many things can change in two years. Paul enjoyed serving the community and his staff was was very effective in providing constituent services. I believe he was and remains a much better match for the moderate 157th Distict than the conservative, Tea Party-backed Kampf.

          We will be keeping a close eye on Mr. Kampf’s voting record and see whether his office will be responsive to constituents outside his partisan circle…..

          Unllike you, I claim no clairvoyance. But given the stakes for the incoming all-Republican state government, I predict a major case of voters’ remorse and the reactivation of the large Democratic majority in time for the presidential election.

    1. John:

      You note above saying “congrats” reminded me…
      I did not say it before but thank you for the awesome congrats email you sent Warren and I… It was very kind of you and was very thoughtful. It was a nice gesture and I appreciated it!

      PS – I hate Lame Duck sessions… If this work was so critical, they would not have broken session in early October to come home and campaign… Just saying!

    2. Sean,

      Just saying, it would help if you would correct your grammar (likewise everyone else who uses pronouns incorrectly). I cringe every time I is used in lieu of me.

      It should be ” Warren and me”. (Remove the Warren to figure out the correct usage; sent to I? Now really!!!

  3. Last time I checked State Representative Paul Drucker holds office until November 30! Can’t wait to have a front row seat for Kampf’s tenure.

  4. Sean D you really need to get a life!!!!

    Like things are going to any different in Harrisburg. And you are kidding yourself if you think they will. Your rant(s) alone should let everyone know how it is going to be. More children that don’t know how to play nice with one another.
    Now I will wait for your rant, let me see how insightful you will be!!!!!

  5. An elected official has a responsibility to finish out their term. Anyone who continues to post on here to the contrary has no clue. If Mr. Kampf or any other State Rep was to serve only one term I would expect them to do the same, even if the others wanted to quit early.

  6. Sean – would you please go away. Isn’t there a blog in Schuylkill you could torture? Seriously, we are really done listening to your garbage. You have serious anger issues, on top of the fact that you truly have no clue what you are talking about. You know nothing about the way Harrisburg operates. You act like a nut on this blog, then you wonder why someone takes offense at you approaching their wife? Alot of people think you are dangerous and I agree with them. You need therapy and/or medication. I hope you get it.

    That all being said, Warren is in for a tough two years. And we’ll be watching. Enjoy your victory while you can – it will be short lived, and in two years, Warren will be unemployed – his law partnership gone, and his political career over. His victory was so small compared to the tsumani that hit Democrats he should be embarrassed. Were it not for his lies on 422 he would have lost, period. If you don’t agree, clearly you have not examined the numbers correctly, and, again, have no clue what you are talking about.

    Don’t you have a life to go back to? Or a position on Warren’s staff? He has asked you, hasn’t he? He’s clearly desperate for people since he had to have Carole Rubley call one of her old staff members to see if she would work for him. (She said no.)

    1. anon
      You are far too self-righteous to continue anonymously. If you are going to assess someone’s intellect and suggest medication, then talk about who you are first. Kate posts, Sean posts, John posts, Mike posts, Andrea posts….some other names are less obvious but they dont’ make personal comments. YOu have inside information about Carole Rubley’s former staff….but without a name, for you, no credibility whatsoever.
      As for me, I stand back when I can, but now it’s too hard to be any part of this backlash. The election is over….terms are over….it’s time to go back to work.

    2. Anon,

      What were the Kampf Campaign lies about Route 422? Here is a link to a video and a newspaper article from the Times Herald, in which Paul Drucker states that he plans on tolling 422:

      Play the Video and you will see that there were no lies, just Paul Drucker’s own words.

      Furthermore, in the Times Hearld article, dated 9 April 2010, it states that:

      “State Rep. Paul Drucker, D-157th, of Montgomery and Chester counties, said he will push for the proposal that would authorize the tolling of Route 422, during an editorial board meeting at The Times Herald on Thursday.”

      Compare the truthful statements of the Kampf Campaign about 422 tolling, with the seriously negative campaign ads and lies launched by Drucker’s people.

      I received no less than 9 negative attack pieces against Warren Kampf from the Drucker machine in the 6 weeks leading up to the election. Each piece depicted Warren Kampf in a menacing way, imposed over a red / black background, and was riddled with false information.

      The Druckerites really went over the top this year with their negative attack ads. This strategy backfired and only succeeded antagonizing voters against him.

      1. Actually, I got a negative attack ad from Warren many referencing Nancy Pelosi each day in the 2/3 weeks prior to the election. Enough is enough Why brand national with state elections? Pelosi has nothing to do with what happens at the state level in my book.

        Actually I’m sick & tired of the whole mess. And what the supreme court did to campaign finance reform stinks. Now who ever has the $$$ will win. I think I’ll change my registration to independent.

  7. I am not self-righteous. I am right. Sorry – the truth is just the truth. And most Republicans on this blog are horribly misinformed and clearly brainwashed by Fox News and local Tea Party BS. They are all ruining our country. I have every right to post anonymously and in fact those who do actually have the most truthful info who can report it without backlash! Yes, Warren had to cry to Carole Rubley to get him some staff. So, anyone out there who asked Warren for a job and didn’t get it – know he passed you by because he wanted to – not because he didn’t need people.

    I will continue to post here. I will continue to speak the truth. When Warren lied about 422, the gloves came off.

    1. Anon,

      You did see my post right on top of yours that shows the Times Hearld new article and the video in which Paul Drucker states that he plans on tolling 422?

      Just wondering why you keep saying that Warren Kampf lied about 422, when he got that information from Drucker himself?

      As they say on MSNBC, you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

    2. glove off? off of a Democrat? thanks for the laugh. Sorry you are so bitter

      Fox news? Tea party?
      I tried to watch MSNBC for a while and lasted only 1 minute. Gotta love that coward Keith Olbermann.. and his friend Maddow.. now there is a place to get some good info.

      I hope Warren succeeds for all of us. Your power is at least temporarily gone, and with it the ability to micromanage the lives of everyone. Good luck to all the new legislators. You will need it. And some smarts too.

      Guess mr Drucker goes back to suing people.

    3. Someone calls you self-righteous and you say no – you are just right. Do you not know the meaning of “self righteous”

      “confident of one’s own righteousness, esp. when smugly moralistic and intolerant of the opinions and behavior of others. ”

      You can post without backlash…truthfully. Actually, you can post anything you want in your world….without backlash, because you do not want to stand behind what you say.

      Here’s what you think — Republicans are brainwashed.

      157th Legislative District
      Candidate Votes Percent
      DRUCKER, PAUL J. (DEM) 12,240 48.2%
      KAMPF, WARREN (REP) 13,143 51.8%

      Philadelphia County

      Candidate Votes Percent
      SESTAK, JOE (DEM) 350,805 84.0%
      TOOMEY, PAT (REP) 66,617 16.0%

      Chester County

      Candidate Votes Percent
      SESTAK, JOE (DEM) 80,291 46.6%
      TOOMEY, PAT (REP) 91,925 53.4%


      Chester County
      DEM 126,928
      REP 149.875
      LIB 1.774

      1. (continued)

        OTHER 50,803
        TOTAL Chester County 329,380

        The 157th for Chester County Only
        Candidate Votes Percent
        DRUCKER, PAUL J. (DEM) 10,303 48.9%
        KAMPF, WARREN (REP) 10,751 51.1%

        So 38% of Chester County registered voters are registered Democrat and 45.5% are registered Republican. Both candidates did better than the percentage representation in the electorate — brainwashing aside —
        And why do I waste your time with all of this? Because you Anon, claim to be RIGHT and TRUTHFUL, but now here is a Republican that does research….so clearly you are not right all the time….

        Also wanted to be sure we stopped that 400 vote win claim for Kampf. He ran in more than Chester County, and his vote total was 903.
        And the “lie” that you claim brought him the victory — obviously a more effective “lie” than the ones Drucker told about Guy last year and about Kampf this year…….
        not one mailer…I got 11 mailers with attacks on Kampf, especially on the litigation he was hired to do….

        Drucker is a good man. He lost an election. Last year Guy was a good man. He lost. This year, you can claim all you want that Warren is not a good man, but he won. Let’s see how things go. I can assure you — we dopey voters (i.e., not as smart as you anon) WILL hold Rep. Kampf to a high standard, and if he doesn’t pull it off, he won’t win next time either. Drucker lost because he didn’t represent his constituents well enough to garner votes.

        1. No, Paul Drucker lost because Republicans came out in larger numbers than Democrats ( a fact we will not be able to verify until the County releases its election data sometime early next year), but just ask any commiteeperson. We know because we saw it.

          And Independents tended to vote more Republican this time, based on polling data. Paul DID represent his constituents well, but many voters didn’t have a clue about the state rep race and the credentials of either candidate.

          Nov. 2 results reflected party-line voting, a turning-out the incumbents vote, a “let’s try the other flavor” vote.

          Fellow Chester County Dems, Barbara McIlvaine-Smith and Tom Houghton have been especially hard-working and effective in the service delivery too, but they were the victims of a tidal change as well.

          It was more about jobs and voters’ desperate hopes for economic recovery – even if they had no basis for believing that Republicans can deliver anything that will benefit anyone beyond their corporate paymasters.

          You’re right, Tooth Fairy. We’ll see whether Mr. Kampf and his party can deliver. But as a Democrat, I shudder to think how many people will suffer in the process.

          One constituency that won’t suffer as a result of all the draconian cuts on the horizon? The rich. Someone is always looking out for them.

  8. So the Dems used a lame duck session to pass HB 2429 as a gift to their union supporters. We will never have true pension reform with bills like this. True…many Republicans voted for it as well….but that doesn’t make it a good idea. It’s not true reform since it doesn’t transition even brand new employees from defined benefit to defined contribution plans. It’s just a way of passing the burden on for future generations to pay.

    However, it will be interesting to see the impact on the TESD budget for next year. Over $3 million of the predicted deficit was PSERS increases…clearly the contribution rate will be reduced due to HB 2497. As a result, it seems likely TESD will be able to balance the budget with just property tax increases available under Act 1 and the already approved budget strategies (nearly $0.8 million). There may need to be a small fund balance contribution, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing any huge cuts or big tax increases in our school budget.

    1. From what I see in the actuarial note to the bill, the employer rate for 2011/12 under HB2497 will be 8.72% rather than the 10.22% under previous law. The current year rate is 5.64%, so the increase is reduced from 81% to 55%. The net increase would have been $1.4 million, so the new net increase will be, say, $0.95 million, saving about $$0.45 million. Perhaps this can be used to avoid a costly request for exceptions if the Board continues to draw down the General Fund?

      The real short term benefit will come in 2012/13, when the net PSERS cost was projected to increase by $5.5 million as the employer rate was to jump to 28.71%. That 180% increase will be reduced to 40%, saving $4.3 million.

      The point about passing the burden to future generations is true in all respects – for taxpayers and for employees. It will take until 2020 for the employer rate to get to the previously projected 27%. However, it then will stay at that level for a decade and a half, before falling off as the liability for current pensions is funded and the lower benefits for new employees dominate the liability. By 2044 we’re back to a 5% employer rate. All assuming, of course, an 8% average annual return over the entire period.

  9. The bill to establish a Housing Trust Fund is on its way to the Governor!!! Yesterdy the House concurred on the Senate amendments to HB 60 by a vote of 186 to 10.

    HB 60 would establish a state Housing Trust Fund that would support programs to increase the availability of homes within reach of low- and moderate-income Pennsylvanians and would be administered by PHFA.

  10. FYI:
    Rep. Joe Markosek of Allegheny County is the new House Minority Appropriations Committee Chairman. Maybe that will end the Dwight Evans conspiracy theories.

  11. I guess I missed something. What was the conspiracy theory regarding Dwight Evans? I know he is the person that was in the picture with Paul Drucker on the infamous check….but he was also in power when he was in that picture. Being the Minority chair is hardly noteworthy. Philadelphia might feel the pinch without their $200M man walking around money…here is hoping that the R’s don’t find someone to take $200M WAM …let’s see things get appropriated going forward!

  12. anon80, could you please explain what you mean by this statement?

    “here is hoping that the R’s don’t find someone to take $200M WAM …let’s see things get appropriated going forward!”

  13. ? I don’t get the question. The concerns about Dwight Evans were expressed by Kate someplace along the way — Dwight Evans had virtual unchallenged control of $200M that bypassed the appropriations committee. I’m hoping the change of control of the house doesn’t simply put similar money in the hands of a new WAM King or Queen.

  14. anon80 – yes, that new king is Bill Adolph. if you think the Rs will do anything different, wake up and smell the coffee. at least Paul had a good relationship with the last king.

  15. After reading about some of the projects Evans has funded in his own district over the years, I have no problem with a change in the new (minority) Appropriations chair. As past chair of Transportation, Joe Markosek understands infrastructure priorities. Perhaps we can look forward to some bipartisan agreement on repairing crumbling bridges instead of street fairs and financially troubled restaurants – two of Evans’ neighborhood “appropriations”.

    It is unrealistic to expect our legislators to vote on every dollar of spending, but $200 million in a budget with a billion dollar + deficit is unacceptable, regardless of which party is in the majority.

    My worry with an all-Republican state government? Some parts of the state will suffer as budgets are cut to fit a very different set of priorities. And some safety net programs that help the neediest Pennsylvanians will take a back seat to corporate wish lists.

    We’ll see. Two years go by quickly ,and voters’ remorse may drive sweeping change once again. One can hope…..

  16. I’ll second your concerns kate. I can only hope that sweeping change is unsuccessful whenever votes take place. Shifting values and priorities means gridlock….bipartisan seems to be a dream. No one wants the other side to win.

    And “anon” –please stop being so glib. It benefits no one. You take knowledge about things on anyone’s part for granted. Talk to John P — I think he’ll get your nuance. I don’t.

    1. I remember when people said they hope Obama fails.. and all the feel good libs were catatonic about that. So now you want the new guys to fail.. But republicans don’t care what you think, or especially “feel”. You want to restore power to the government. We want to restore power to the people ( sounds 60ish?) But if it feels good, do it!

      On local and all levels, redistribution will be repudiated.
      Take care of your own.. I don’t need your help.

  17. Lets get some jobs here, and change the thinking that welfare stimulates the economy. Good gosh I hate those big bad corporations and their wish lists. We had hope, two years ago, and look where that got us… Imagine that – the Republicans look good! What a screw up.

  18. anon80 – knowing who the new chair of the Majority House Appropriations Committee is being “glib”? If you don’t know that, you shouldn’t be commenting on here about state politics.

    1. Can barely respond to you anon…feel like I’m talking to JP… Anyway — the glib part is not the name…it’s the snide comments you make about waking up and smelling coffee and Paul and the king but then…you knew that, didn’t you? And I don’t recall saying I needed you to tell me anything…though you do seem to know it all…

      1. anon80 my point was that I simply wish people were educated on state politics before commenting about things they do not know about. It isn’t that difficult – there are daily updates on many websites to follow what happens in Harrisburg. Many people seem to suffer from Sarah Palin disease – she thinks she knows everything and she knows nothing. I could not agree with Barbara Bush more in the news today who said she hopes she stays in Alaska! I am tired of uninformed people spewing crap (such as EJ Richter? Are you Republicans proud of her? Did you watch her inexplicable actions at the BOS meeting last week?). It hurts our country.
        The facts are that Paul Drucker served his constituents very well and Paoli will suffer because he is gone. Jobs will be lost. Do you honestly believe Warren Kampf will change the way anything operates in Harrisburg? Right now he is eyeing the next step on the ladder. That is all he cares about and it is all he has ever cared about. Watch him run against Andy Dinniman in two years. He will, because he knows he’ll lose his state house seat, and he doesn’t really care about it that much anyway! It’s just a stepping stone for him. The next time you drive by the Paoli Rail Yard, and notice nothing is happening, and thousands of jobs were lost because Warren won, and businesses will suffer, I hope you will be happy with your choice.

  19. and flyersfan, Paul Drucker WAS getting jobs here – many, many in Paoli. Now they (Rs) are trying to stop it. I hope you are happy.

    1. was getting jobs in Paoli? I remember the promise. Backed up by nothing, nada.. 2000 permanent jobs?

      Mr Drucker and Mr. kampf are not powerful to “get jobs here”. They can just create an environment where essentially they the gov’t stays out of the way.

      1. Not true. Construction could be starting on the solar field in Paoli, because Paul Drucker worked extremely hard to get an R-Cap grant to fund it. But now, the day after the election, the developer is being told it will not happen. Straight from your Republican leaders. And since Warren made such a fuss over it and doesn’t believe in government spending, it simply will not happen at all. So, FlyersFan, where do you suppose the money is going to come from to develop the rail yard? Do you see anything happening there? Do you have any ideas? Or should we just let it sit there, rotting away? While home values around there plummet and businesses in Paoli fail? What are YOUR answers?

        1. R Cap grant… solar panels shovel ready….
          Enough of government grants and the notion that government will increase longterm employment. I mean, we just had a referendum on the destruction of the private sector.. Sure, when times are good and we are all flush with cash, then maybe a private/public partnership makes sense.

          As for your property values, I really don’t care if your house rises or falls in value, but it is incredible that you would rely on SOMEONE ELSE to fix Paoli so your values will increase.

          I don’t know how long you have owned your house, but I bet the Tattoo Parlor was there.

          Businesses fail? Some do, some thrive. Why don’t you figure out econ 101 and then you will see what it takes for a good business environment. And even in good environments, some win, some lose, unless everyone should get a trophy.

          Be patient. Your house will rise like a phoenix from the ashes… 2-3 yrs

        2. flyersfan, that is not an answer! I know many of you on here wanted Evans and Drucker out. But do you think things will change now? No! The only thing that will change is that our tax dollars will go elsewhere in the state! West. We lose. I reference an excerpt from an editorial in the Inquirer recently. Notice how hard one rep worked to get money to his district – Rep Drucker did it in one term. Do you think just because we don’t get it – it isn’t going somewhere else? Do you think the system is just going to magically, poof!, change because Warren Kampf and a bunch of Rs got elected? It will not – it will only get worse!

          And what will happen now that Philly is sunk? Do you want to live 17 miles outside of a Cleveland? Check out the home values in the suburbs of Cleveland lately. And the crime rate.

          I am not defending Dwight Evans. I was livid over the jazz festival money. He did things that were wrong. But he also did alot of good. And he was in our corner – the southeastern corner, that is.

          I dare Warren Kampf to accept one penny of taxpayer money for our District now that all of you have mouthed off about how evil it is. He can’t let his Tea Party buddies down!

          Also, with Sestak’s loss, we lost Specter’s seat on the Senate Appropriations Committee, which could have gone to Casey. That is very bad for Pennsylvania.

          We are screwed. Maybe we should all move out to western PA – rich in appropriations and the Marcellus Shale. Oh, wait, I forgot, half of Texas will be moving there now, to make their money drilling into our land! The money Rs refuse to tax rich oil companies on.

          Way to go – vote Republican!

          From the Inquirer:

          “Philadelphia has taken a major loss. Southeastern Pennsylvania also took a serious loss because we had people from Montgomery County and Bucks who tried to run for the leadership team and were rejected,” said Rep. Curtis Thomas, an Evans supporter from Philadelphia. “In my 21 years in Harrisburg, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

          The city is especially dependent on friends in high places, in Harrisburg and Washington (where Philadelphia is losing Arlen Specter), because of the difficulty in attracting new tax-generating businesses coupled with our 25 percent poverty rate, the highest in any major U.S. city.

          “I myself didn’t get stuff that I had worked hard for,” said Rep. Angel Cruz, who voted against Evans. “I’ve been waiting for $1.5 million for a project for five budget cycles that he still refuses to let go.”

          Read more:

        3. oh, and flyersfan, I did not miss your reference to the phoenix. however, you might recall the Rs get to redistrict. I wonder what will happen to the 157th?

  20. and is it true the first thing Warren Kampf did after being elected is go to Disneyland? Did he show up in Harrisburg to vote on his caucus’ new leadership last week?

  21. Anon,

    No, Warren Kampf did not go to Disneyland. And yes, he did show up in Harrisbirg last week.

    Stop spreading your lies.

  22. Dear Mr Roboto:

    Why don’t you tell Warren and his Tea Party friends to stop spreading lies? His lies don’t seem to bother you? Why is that?

    1. Anon,

      I will ask you again. . .what lies? Certainly not anything that the Kampf Campaign said about Route 422. As I pointed out earlier in this thread, everything that was said about Paul Druker’s desire to toll Route 422 came from Paul Drucker himself.

      You ran and hid when I posted the following link which contains a Video of Paul Drucker saying that he was in favor of tolling Route 422:

      The truth hurts, doesn’t Anon.

      1. This 422 thread is so old, it smells. Love your tireless effort to include the Times Herald link, Mr Roboto, but you know the TRUTH is that Paul Drucker merely said tolling was an option worth considering to raise revenue to fix the traffic problems on 422.

        That’s all. He wasn’t promoting it or ruling out other options.

        His enthusiasm for spurring regional economic development and his lack of political savvy led to an on-camera statement that was inartfully put and then conveniently misinterpreted.

        The Kampf campaign and its Tea Party supporters then worked ceaselessly to rattle the anti-tax chain and misinform voters.

        A statement that tolling should be considered morphed into Paul’s being the “architect of the movement” and someone who VOTED to tax 422 commuters.

        Both deliberate and calculated lies.

        But this has become an accepted campaign tactic, one I anticipate Warren is prepared to repeat in 2012.

        None of this matters now. We’ll all wait and see (through various lenses, of course!) how Mr. Kampf’s many examples of good judgment and truth-telling carry over when Mr. Kampf Goes to Harrisburg.

        1. Kate
          I agree that it’s old and over, but the video in the link is the basis of much of the rhetoric….and as someone said before (possibly me — I forget what I read and what I said?) – If Mr. Kampf was lying about Mr. Drucker (he was not, but by exagerating his commitment, you say he was)then Mr. Drucker was likewise lying about Mr. Kampf (by sharing information about a litigation client Mr. Kampf was paid to defend). I got four mailers warning me that Kampf was against homeowners that went on to explain abou tthe mold and dangers of Mr. Kampf’s client.

          But I close as you do — None of this matters now (so please stop referring to Kampf as “Mr. Kampf and his tea party friends)….if Mr. Kampf is not successful, he will not win the next time either. And to be candid — I bet many of us have “tea party friends” ….it’s when that is the source of influence and decision making (rather overgeneralization!) that we should be concerned. You wouldn’t allow anyone to even attempt to link Mr. Drucker and his “Union Thug Buddies” and you were right to do so. Don’t create the same problem, please.

  23. “his tea party friends” ….. wow. Now we are going to assess the quality of our friends by the political choices they make….wow. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. anon…

      rich oil companies… they pay taxes. Their employees pay taxes… their dividends are taxes…capital gains taxes… Goods taxed… WOW..thats a lot of taxes that are generated directly or indirectly by these rich oil companies. Not to mention the products they produce that allow you to go to work, or where ever you go.. half of texas coming to western Pa? How do you feel about illegal immigration? Better keep those texans out of Pa! Protectionism for PA.. great idea.

      Leadership is making hard decisions. No money coming into southeastern Pa? and going WEST? You are right (oh the pain to say that)… All allocations of state money have to be rethought. The purge has begun and will hopefully continue.

      Let’s just print more fake money. That will solve our problems. Inflate our way out of the problems brought about by the very folks who created and made worse the problems we now face. For me, I’d give the new guys a shot. It can’t get worse. It is all insane now, Big Ben and his fed, the amatuer anti american in the white house agreeing.. Whether you like it or not, Amecican Excepionalism will return, and you don’t have to be a Tea party republican or democrat or independent to want to restore it… Happy Thanksgiving to you and the rest!

  24. People, the election is over.
    Drucker lost – Kampf won.
    I thought the partisan bickering would end with the election but obviously not for some on this blog.

    “Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers.”
    ~ Nikita Khrushchev

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