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Jake’s Frozen Custard in Paoli . . . Not the Same as Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt!

Have you tried the recently opened Jake’s Frozen Custard in Paoli (located at the Paoli Village Shoppes)? I was invited to Jake’s a couple of weeks ago to a pre-opening by owner Missy Shaw. Not knowing the difference between frozen custard and ice cream my first question to Missy was,“What is frozen custard?”

Frozen custard is not the same as ice cream or frozen yogurt. For one thing, it’s creamier. It is also smoother and thicker. Served warmer than ice cream, frozen custard has a smooth, velvety texture. It contains very little air (10-20% verses 50-90% in ice cream) but an outrageously huge flavor. A true custard mix must contain a minimum of 10% butterfat and a minimum of 1.4% egg yolk (Pasteurized). High butterfat + egg yolk + low overrun = Wisconsin Style Frozen Custard.

The menu at Jake’s is more than just frozen custard. Missy has taken her mid-western childhood roots and transplanted an array of Wisconsin favorites for local residents to enjoy. Specialties include Grilled Bratwurst, Chili Cheese Dogs, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Curds. Understanding the importance of offering children their favorites, Jake’s kids menu includes Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches!

Jake’s Frozen Custard respects its traditional Wisconsin roots. Owner Missy Shaw is clinging tenaciously to her commitment to quality and authentic preparation. At Jake’s a bit of yesterday is packed with love into every delightful dessert. And what a fun place to dine and to work! The bright colors pop from the walls in such a fun way . . . makes you happy, even on a gloomy rainy day! Missy is employing local high school students (Conestoga, Great Valley, Haverford, etc) after school and weekends; and adults are helping out during the lunch-time period.

What’s the saying, “baptism by fire?” After being open only days, Jake’s was front and center for Saturday’s 2nd Annual Blues Fest. With a location next to the main stage, outdoor seating at Jake’s was at a premium. The restaurant was busy inside and outside but the young employees met the challenge. When I stopped in for my frozen custard ‘fix’, I was impressed by the efficiency and calmness — surviving the Annual Blues Fest, Jake’s is ready for anything!

Outside Jake's at the Blues Fest

Support this new local business and stop by for lunch or dinner . . . you will not be disappointed! Begin a new tradition with your family at Jake’s in Paoli!

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  1. Hey Pattye
    Hope this endorsement doesn’t get lost in the political stuff….I always appreciate hearing about a new community venture and will be certain to check it out. It’s great that they timed their opening to get some traffic from the Blues Fest. Not sure October is a great time to open anything that has “frozen” in its name, but it’s good to hear that they have other lunch/dinner fare.Thanks.

  2. I echo Andrea’s sentiments – and would love to see even more local interest stories. The political posts are getting so nasty and personal – and any useful information easily gets lost in the endless diatribes from both sides.

  3. Hi Pattye,

    Couldn’t agree more about the great frozen custard (did you try the concretes?), food and good vibes at Jake’s. Have actually been there several times since they opened. The creamier, denser frozen custard sure beats soft serve IMO. Their customer-friendly attitude also stands out and it’s great that so many local young people have jobs there. I have to hand to the owner for taking on the chains with a one-off store. Hope everyone checks out this new home-grown business.

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