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PA State Representative 157 Race – Candidate Question #3 and Response

This is the Candidate Question & Response Forum for the Pennsylvania State House 157 candidates. As previously stated, candidate Warren Kampf declined to participate in the question and response forum. Candidate Paul Drucker’s response follows the question. Each Monday for six weeks, a new question and response will be posted. The candidate forum will end the week before the election.

Question #3: There is evidence of the large and growing gap between infrastructure needs and the resources available in Pennsylvania. How do you propose paying for transportation improvements?

Paul Drucker’s Response

The needs of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) have been growing from year to year. There are now 12000 structurally deficient roads and bridges throughout the commonwealth. There is simply not enough money in the budget to repair them all, let alone to break ground on new projects.

I have met with members of the house and senate transportation committees, transportation industry leaders, the chambers of commerce, commissions and boards created to address the transportation needs and constituents. The one thing everyone agrees upon is that something must be done.

I propose that we begin to explore new revenue sources not only for our roads, but also for new light-rail systems and other mass transportation needs. With an additional $3.5billion needed per year merely to keep up with infrastructure maintenance, there are some difficult decisions ahead of us.

I know there is some talk of imposing tolls on certain roads and that this idea is being studied. There are additional potential sources that the Governor has suggested be utilized for revenue, such as closing tax loopholes for oil companies and creating public private partnerships. While these ideas seem worth exploring, I’ll want to make sure they are fair, reasonable and that all impacts are fully evaluated and addressed.

We should also consider dedicating some portion of a tax on the Marcellus shale natural gas extraction to fund our transportation needs. Pennsylvania has the second largest reserve of natural gas in the United States. However, of the top 15 energy-producing states, Pennsylvania is the only state that does not have a severance tax. Such a tax, on the billion dollar companies making huge profits off our resources, would begin to fill the revenue gap.

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  1. Mr. Drucker’s response:
    “We should also consider dedicating some portion of a tax on the Marcellus shale natural gas extraction to fund our transportation needs. Pennsylvania has the second largest reserve of natural gas in the United States. However, of the top 15 energy-producing states, Pennsylvania is the only state that does not have a severance tax. Such a tax, on the billion dollar companies making huge profits off our resources, would begin to fill the revenue gap.”

    So again a guy who touts his record incorrectly to show that he does not vote for taxes, just said the answer is a tax. Very lib of him…

    My issue with his answer is two fold:
    1/ he had the chance to effect where the monies (revenue?) where directed when the bill was being put together. The bill says that the first $70 million of the tax goes to the general fund. WIth no restrictions I might add….
    Thus instead of doing what he says, he allowed the money to go to the general fund where such great projects as our new luxury spa and golf course, the Murtha and Specter pork projects et al can be funded…

    2/If Drucker really cared about using a severance tax he had the chance to stand up when he voted for the Marcellus Shale tax last month. What was he doing reading a union newsletter? The whole reason we elect folks is so they can get stuff done. This is another example where he basically watches the pitch go by and then wants to tell us all he will do if he gets reelected… He had his chance last month –
    Instead he would rather mislead using words in answer to Pattye’s questions than actually get stuff done… very typical…
    Paul thanks for making this question so easy – Your actions (Inactions really) speak louder than words….
    Say one thing, do another… Gotcha again!

  2. Sean –

    You are so full of it.

    First, have you disclosed on this board that you tried to secure the nomination to run against Paul? You can’t possibly think Warren is the best candidate – because you believed you were! In fact, I believe you put Tredyffrin Township down when you were talking about running – isn’t that correct? You said no one from Tredyffrin could beat Paul.

    Gee, it must hurt to have lost that dream – or perhaps not to have even been considered seriously by your own party. After all, you did tell people you had the nomination “wrapped up”. How did that work out for you?

    That being said, Mr State Rep wanna be – why don’t you answer the question above? What would you do to fix our infrastructure?

  3. So, basically his solution is to tax someone?
    What an original thinker.
    What a reformer.
    What a joke.
    How much longer are we going to have to deal with clowns like this?
    I bet that not even for 1 nanosecond would he even consider cutting spending anywhere.
    Not only that, he also says he wants to build new light-rail systems, creating even more infrastructure.

  4. Hey Schuylkill Dem:
    I did not want to run – there are many reasons and I will not bore you with them, but please get your facts straight. That accusation has been brought up here a couple times and I will deny it again in case you are new. I wanted to get more involved at the committee level, but that did not mean making a run at the 157th.

    Your a freak of wrong info – I never put Tredyffrin down, since you clearly have no grasp on reality let me put this a different way since you heard I said something and got it wrong. I told people (and was right) that no one from Phoenixville could beat Paul. Committee issues and Paul’s presence in Phoenixville made that a tough road to hoe, Ken would have had no chance against Paul. He is a good guy but carrying Phoenixville as an R would not off set the many more votes in Tredyffrin.
    I never told anyone I had any nomination wrapped up. Since I was never running it was hard to figure a nomination locked up. But please do not let a little thing like the truth get in the way of your bed time story.

    Lying about me does not distort the facts I have listed, if you do not like what Paul did please take him to task – do not try a cheap tactic like misinformation and misdirection.

    1. Sean –

      You are officially a confirmed liar. You said those words to my face. That you were “definitely running”, that you had the nomination “wrapped up” and that no one in Tredyffrin was “good enough to win”.

      How can you just lie like that?

      What else do you lie about?

      Do you think you can just come on here and completely malign an elected official and not have to take the heat for anything? Welcome to politics, Sean. It’s not fun sometimes.

      And this does matter to the discussion, because Sean clearly has intense hatred for Paul. He is not “inspired” by Warren – he just wants Paul to lose – period. It is the same thing you all accuse JVP of doing. Nothing Sean says is based on sound reasoning – just hatred.

      I can tell you from living in Schuylkill Township for 10 years that I never even knew I had a state rep until Paul Drucker was elected. He has done a good job and you all know it. All your spewing on here is partisan bs. If you think Warren won’t be beholden to his party leadership you are so naive it’s laughable. Grow up!

  5. I don’t know about any of the charges being leveled against SeanD and wanting to have run for this seat. I don’t even understand how they even matter to this discussion. Staying on point…

    The points SeanD outlined about Mr. Drucker’s vote are valid.

    Mr. Drucker voted for a new tax on the natural gas industry last week that — while being sold in Harrisburg by those who voted for it as benefitting local communities and the environment — actually sends the lion’s share of the revenue directly to the general fund with no strings on how it is to be spent. (In fact, in the first year, a whopping 81% of the $96 million expected would go right to the general fund — not environmental protection and not local communities.)

    I do find it a little disingenous that Mr. Drucker could state in his answer: “We should also consider dedicating some portion of a tax on the Marcellus shale natural gas extraction to fund our transportation needs” when he, in fact, didn’t fight for one moment to make that a reality. Not an amendment offered, nothing.

    Of course, Mr. Drucker’s new tax — much like the $1 Billion tax he supported in 2009 — will be struck down by the Senate because it is so unrealistically high.

    In fact, the tax Mr. Drucker supported was twice as much as the severance tax that Governor Rendell requested because even the Governor understood that an overly onerous tax on this emerging industry would make our state uncompetitive in one more area when it comes to attracting new businesses and job creators. I guess Mr. Drucker didn’t feel the same.

    And, yes, several Republicans voted for this legislation — as several Democrats voted against it. Just thought I would get that out of the way before some start saying “well Republicans voted for it” as a defense of Mr. Drucker’s actions.

    This is not about the tax vote per se, but about the hypocritical nature of Mr. Drucker telling us we should use this tax for infrastructure and then not doing a thing to even try and make that happen.

  6. From the West:
    Great post… your right on target. The other side of this issue does not want to have a debate on this issue. They looked at what has been written and said a collective “Crap they are right he did do nothing when he could have but has blown a lot of hot air since…”

  7. more taxes, taxes taxes. I think the bottom line issue for many folks is we are paying enough and alot of taxes and are not confident nor trusting of our government, “for the people by the people”. For which people is the government for?

    At least Rendell had one thing right.. taxing the Marcellus Shale companies would drive them out of the state, and cancel the potential for jobs, and home grown energy. Insanity. We need to expect more from our elected officials.
    Time for tea.

  8. Sickened I was to read the post by ShuylkillDem. You moved the issue away from Paul and tried to sully Sean Dempsey, who I can almost guarentee you have never had the pleasure to spend any time with. Shame on you girl.

    First since Sean is too modest to do this, I can tell you the truth. I was one of three people to approach Sean about running – one was from Schuylkill, one was from Phoenixville and one was from Tredyffrin. The three women and Sean sat down at the G Lodge – one of Sean’s favorite joints and we ASKED Him to run. We told him about the support we could muster and how we could cross all three lines (S, P, T)
    We thought Sean would appeal to a wide range of voters – he is very conservative on some issues and moderate on others. He has very strong religious ties and has been a leader in the community in many ways.
    We thought his lack of policy experience may be a good thing given the anticipated climate.
    Sean does volunteer work in the church, the community and with the schools. He has raised a lot of money for projects when he gets involved (1.2 Million for the church most recently!). Thus there are a lot of positive vibes from those folks that know Sean. To his credit he humbly thanked us by said no, Sean told us he was not ready, his wife would not be thrilled to be a campaign widow and there was still some things locally that he wanted to be involved with.
    -Then Sean surprised us all – Sean told us that he had met with Warren and was inspired by him and had in fact come on board as one of the first volunteers to Warren’s campaign outside Warren’s inner circle. Sean was able to explain in detail what he liked about Warren and why he thought Warren was the much better candidate. (Ken was not on the radar yet, Guy was up in the air and it was only known that Judy and Warren would run).
    Could we have gotten Sean the nomination? I am not sure in retrospect, it seemed like the powers to be really wanted Warren. They knew the 157 seat was very open given Paul’s laziness and lack of achievment over two years in office. Maybe they would never have gone for an “outsider” – the ironic thing is that I think the Tea Party crowd would have loved Sean and he with their support could very well be the next State Rep. – but ask Sean and he has no misgivings. He is happy with his job, happy to help with Warren’s campaign and generally happy with his life.

    I appreciate that Sean did not take the bait and get into a parsing of words. Paul’s answer must stand up to critique and it falls way short.

    The posts above this one point out (correctly) that Paul had the chance to enact the very ideas he gives in this forum. From a timing standpoint I believe and could be wrong that Pattye gave Paul this question BEFORE his vote – thus he answered the question and then did not pay attention? Or is this being answered by a staffer who puts the answer together and then shows it to Paul who feigns reading it? Either way, Paul did not lead as he suggests, he followed. Now its time for him to clear the way. Warren you have my vote. You have a good team and that speaks well of you!

  9. Hey keep this issue on point. It is not about me… thanks for the defense though. Each week it is something else I am called (tea Party, gay) or accused of so its okay. Its funny.

    This issue is about Paul doing nothing with his time and his resources. Paul had the chance to stand up and be heard; he could have lent his voice to this issue and accomplished that which on this site he attempts. It is a commn stream through his campaign. The only issues that they keep bringing up against Warren (MY GUY!) are tired ones like St. david… yawn…

    Per JVP I am not allowed to comment on Tredyffrin matters since I do not live there – so I am foreced to look deeper into Paul’s horrendous record. The more I look the more stuff like this I find. Say one thing (I never voted for a tax increase) do another (vote for a ONE BILLION DOLLAR Tax Increase).

    Lets keep this to Paul and his record, although that drives the other side nuts because that is fighting a losing battle and they know it.

  10. John I have an answer for you, before we spend more can we look at what we spend now first?
    I am all for good government…. ALL THE GOOD GOVERNMENT WE CAN AFFORD….
    I enjoy driving on untolled roads, I enjoy sending letters – all things my tax dollars pay for. I pay for my kids schooling… again, no problem… UNTIL we see how much waste there is.

    Let’s use the Head Start program as an example – I think the Feds spend something like $10 Billion a year on Head start (I could be off). On its face it looks like it works, kids in 1st grade have higher test scores than their equally poor classmates; BUT and its a big But, test after 4th grade show that the head start students have come back to the pack and are no better off than their classmates. Their drop out rates are the statistical same in the end when tracked all the way through. So why keep Head Start?, because its an entitlement program and no one has the stones to take it away because we are touching money set aside to help poor students. BUT IT DOES NOT WORK, its proven its a fact… So before the Fed would raise my taxes, I would ask they spend it better… The state works the same way. I do not want the state to pay for a luxury spa and golf course in PA, do you? But Paul does… so before he raises my taxes, which is inevitable given the budget shortfall, I would like him to be introspective and he has shown ZERO ability to do that… (Warren has, like it or not, they DID shrink the budget by 15%)

    Taxes are not bad, overtaxes? now that is bad.
    John there is too much waste in Harrisburg, the last budget had so many it makes a man’s head spin. The feds, the state heck local govt – look at every line of your budget – if you can save $1 a case on paper, do that. After all the efficincies have been gained, then look at revenue enhancements as a last resort.
    Paul voted for a Billion Dollars in Tax increases when Warren will lead the way to examine ways to gain efficenices and lower costs.

    1. Sean-

      Do you even know that state reps cannot vote on a budget “line by line”? On both sides, the budget is only broken down “line by line” by leadership. If Warren goes to Harrisburg he will have an up or down vote on the budget. Unfortunately it is the reality of harrisburg at the moment – on both sides – and little warren isn’t going to change that. Your views are so incredibly naive, and uneducated, that it is astounding. They are only dwarfed by Warrens – whose answer to PA’s budget woes is this:

      “I’ll stand up and say “c’mon guys – we need to get this done!”

      That should fix it. He is as naive as you are.

      Warren wants to be a politician. He moved here after living in Philly to run just like Guy did. He has thrown his hat into the ring by stating he wanted to run for any seat he could find in the past – county commissioner, state senate, even lt governor! He doesn’t care one bit about serving people in the 157th.

      Maybe Sean if you put your hatred aside for one minute, and open your mind, you might see that. But you are just as partisan as he is – so that would be impossible. How do you feel about Warren raising taxes in Tredyffrin TWICE? Do you talk about that? Couldn’t Warren have gone through Tredyffrin’s budget “line by line” to avoid those tax increases? Did you know Warren voted to spend millions on a new park near his home and a million dollar roundabout just to make the park safe to walk to – near his home? This, while voting to raise taxes? Plus, Tredyffrin has a ton of parks already? What do you have to say to that, Sean?

      Do you think you are one of the elite business people Warren will work for in Harrisburg? Or maybe you think oil companies don’t make enough money? Which one is it, Sean?

      1. “elite business people” That sums it all up… The current climate has had the great impact of demonizing business people… Elite? Look in the mirror.. Change is a commin’

      2. Sean – you are awfully quiet. What, no response to the fact that you will not own up to saying you had the nomination “wrapped up”?

        No response to the fact that warren raised taxes twice and wanted to spend millions on a park and roundabout near his home? No response to warren going “line by line” in the tredyffrin budget to avoid those two tax increases?

        Where is your big mouth now, Sean?

  11. No John, those who want things for FREE are those people in your party. 40+ percent of people who still have jobs don’t pay taxes. Poverty at an all time high., Unemployment high and going nowhere but up. Now, who wants stuff for free?
    I work my butt off and pay a ton of taxes. So don’t even go there.
    I really have to ignore you. I understand you get your info from Keith olbermann and rachel maddow. later

    1. flyersfan – dont you miss the clinton years?

      The Republican party survives on people like you. They laugh at you while their businesses and CEOs bring in billions – oil companies too – while their little hardworking Republicans keep voting them into office. They play you like a deck of cards. They use fear, racism, gay marriage, rush limbaugh – all to keep you guys dumbed down and voting for them.

      So do you have season tickets for those flyers? I’m sure Warren could break into his trust fund to buy a good supporter like you some tickets.

      1. Compared to the Obama years, I miss those halcyon days of the Clinton years, except that the reality was Rome was burning while Nero fiddled… Hope the analogy isn’t to difficult.

        The Republican party survives on people like me? Correction, the country survives on people like me. Big difference. You can figure it out, between your perjorative missives to me. I’d rather be played like a deck of cards by Republicans than be a schlub shill for those virtuous Democrats. Right. Don’t need anything from Warren. Who’s your sugar daddy?

      2. Flyers Fan-

        Typical Limbaugh response about the Clinton years!!! Such crap! Do you ever have an actual thought of your own?

        I don’t have a what you call a “sugar daddy”. (Who says that anymore – how old are you???) That’s funny. I know I’m a Democrat, but I actually WORK. I have since I was 16. Yep, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps, worked my way through college, and I have a real job. Pay my taxes, just like you. The only difference between you and me is fear. Your party keeps you in fear. They are very good at it. Fear and hate. You should really try letting go of that. You’d be much happier. I should know, I used to be a Republican. Until I woke up. I cannot believe how gullible I was.

  12. Look.. I don’t think the government should collect one more penny in taxes tan is necessary.. However, it must collect something to operate.

    And Drucker is calling for expanding the infrastructure with rail systems, which will in turn require even more money to build, operate and maintain?

    To me, the question is not ‘how much taxes are necessary’, but ‘how much government is necessary’.

    The circus called, they want their clown back.

  13. I considered the idea of posting under my real name, until I read your post attacking Sean and his sexuality.

  14. John:

    You continue to assert that the rainy day fund was raided – please provide proof (more than a single line item from a budget, without even noting the year). Understand, the budget is not the issue- as you know, for example, in 2009 the Township moved decisively to cut expenses after budgeting. It’s the actual financial statements – the operating results and reserve accounts – that matter. In 2010, the Township is expected to report an operating surplus of $175,400 – how are they raiding the rainy day fund?

    I don’t pretend to understand all as these municipal statements are confusing. I’m willing to admit you’re right, but only if you provide proof in the actual financial statements, the year, and the analysis.

  15. Yes I am giving a talk to the Tea Party folks on Friday. I invite everyone to come and learn a thing or two… (I will not give up what I am saying about Warren but am sure it will annoy JVP and Schuylkill Dem girl).

    While I will mention Warren, my talk is really about a few municipal matters that need attention.

    My big finish is my slide presentation called an inconvienent truth and each slide highlights a lie by Drucker – the Tea Party made me stop after 10 slides…

    By the way check your mailboxes – the new Warren Kampf piece is TREMENDOUS. It calls out Drucker point by point and gives the proper attribution. Its an impossible piece to quarrel about… facts is facts!

  16. Sean, methinks I smell a politician wannabe grabbing an opportunity to raise his own profile.
    I’m sure Warren’s latest flier is “tremendous” to base Republicans. You’re already drinking the Kool-aid. But how many informed voters will be persuaded?

    And here’s a bottom-line fact: Paul Drucker never voted to raise property taxes while a Tredyffrin supervisor. Warren did – two years in a row.

    And Warren voted to tap reserve funds in both those years (2008 and 2009) to balance the budget.. In addition, Tredyffrin’s 2010 budget included a 25% increase in the sewer “fee” , which Warren supported – up until he voted NO once he saw the increase would pass.

    So tout Warren’s track record of fiscal discipline all you want. But the facts show otherwise.

    At the state level, a .6% budget increase for 2011 is largely the result of state mandates to provide for human services in a down economy and for public safety. The $400 million increase for basic education is the one significant discretionary increase, and it is offset by spending cuts in other areas.

    Did Rep. Drucker have the opportunity to vote for every single line item in the 2011 budget ? NO. Did he feel it was, overall, an acceptable budget that spread the pain and held the line on the usual year-over-year increases? Yes. Would he have voted for more spending cuts? Undoubtedly. Budgets and bills require a majority to pass. Everyone compromises.

    Warren believes the budget reflects “out-of-control spending”. But of course, he will not respond to questions or give the public an opportunity in any kind of public forum to ask him WHAT specifically, is out-of-control, and how he would have done things differently.

    Rep. Drucker gives a thoughtful response to what is a difficult, multi-faceted challenge – how to fund the state’s daunting backlog of infrastructure repairs and transportation improvements.

    He has spent the bulk of his first term learning and building relationships with state transportation officials and legislative leaders in in the areas of infrastructure and mass transit . He understands the priorities and the funding options. He is a leader and our advocate on the Paoli Transportation Center and the turnpike widening through Tredyffrin. Voters of the 157th should appreciate the investment we have already made in Paul, and the experience he brings to the job.

    Exploring “new revenue sources” to pay for the maintenance of roads, bridges and mass transit infrasructure properly includes the option of tolling a road to pay for its own needed improvements. IT”S ONLY ONE OPTION and WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BURDEN LOCAL USERS.

    No amount of budget cutting in Harriburg is going to free up funding for these repairs, and it is fair and fiscally responsible to close tax loopholes for energy companies, and to impose a severance tax on out-of-state drillers who are already exploiting our state with little concern for the environmental impacts. Watch the documentary, GASLAND. (HBO)

    Not only are these taxes fair but at the proper levels, they will not be “job killers” as Kampf and his fellow Republican candidates charge. Every other state in Pennsylvania’s position is alredy charging such a tax.

    1. Kate
      Thank you for this contribution to the discussion. It’s a welcome relief from these off-topic discussions about political opportunities. I don’t like your use of innuendo to try to take the upper hand (“me thinks” and then an accusation — and you owe me an apology for your previous use of race baiting, which was well below any appropriate civil discourse line and a Democratic strategy again and again), but at least you are sharing what you believe to be Drucker’s accomplishments. Perhaps Mr. Drucker’s campaign material will start to reflect what he believes are his strong points — instead of spending his campaign dollars trying to dissuade people from supporitng his opponent.

      1. Andrea,

        It is so clear you keep bringing Dwight Evans up because he is African American. Who do you think you are kidding? Kate is right on target. It’s the typical fear Rs use. Shouldn’t you say, though, Dwight Evans from Philadelphia? Now that’s scary.

        I have been told by someone in tredyffrin having your name on his mailer was a negative for Warren! Supposedly you have quite a reputation for being a little difficult on the school board and off. He must have been really desperate.

        Sean and Andrea – the Kampf team.

        No thank you.

        1. HOW DARE YOU??? Your comments barely merit a response. But since you are not LOCAL, you can make any statements you feel like making — no accountability and no name….must feel good to be anonymous and make such a statement.

          Dwight Evans is a political master….he was in the picture precisely to give cover to any criticism of this WAM donation…..and for you to even suggest that my issues with him are because of race is not only ignorant, it is race baiting. Good job. Let’s line up our black friends and see whose line is longer….oh wait, we don’t even know who you are!

          No doubt many in Tredyffrin would have things to say about me — good and bad. IT’s the price you pay for 1) being in an elected office and 2) no hiding behind a blog.
          For your edificaiton: When I was President of the school board, and again when I was chair of Facilities, there was a heavily funded effort to have a second high school built instead of renovating Conestoga. Concurrently, there was an effort to require TESD to acquire more land to get permits to expand Conestoga. What did I do – I took many bullets to get the renovations approved (without the land, which the owner publically accused us of wanting to take it by eminent domain, but in fact, we never wanted the land… So, along with Pete Motel we avoided $100M second high school — ask Lower Merion how their plan worked. Their party politics cost them 2 superintendents, hundreds of millions of dollars, and about 10 years. Happy to debate my efforts in my 3 terms on the school board anytime, any place.

          So Schuylkill Dem , perhaps you can add something valuable to this discussion. I stand by the statement — I want a new voice in Harrisburg, one not beholding to the Democrati powers that care little about our community — the $1M for the PTC — big headlines. There were multiple grants for the solar effort well beyond $1M….no headlines because no one was making it an election strategy. And to help you through your racial strategy, I won’t use Dwight Evans name every time — he’s the CHAIR OF APPROPRIATIONS……and a DEMOCRAT. That should tell you about everything that’s relevant.

    2. So that is your source, GASLAND by HBO?

      I am sure the EPA will be closing down all sorts of industry soon, with hundreds of thousands of job losses.

      1. Andrea – oh puh-leese. How dare me? How dare you. You are pathetic.

        For your information, the money for the grant into Paoli was not a WAM. Do your homework. Do you even know what a WAM is?

        And if you think Warren won’t do the same thing in Harrisburg, you are crazy. You think he won’t take the money for his district?

        Gerlach takes it – Dinniman takes it – they ALL DO! STOP being so partisan. You are blinded by it.

        Send your boy Warren to Harrisburg – I promise you you’ll be bitterly disappointed. You’ll eat your words – and I’ll be here to remind you.

        1. You’ll be where…..we don’t even know you are real.

          WHY are you so personal? You are behaving like someone took your toys……

          A WAM is exactly what it was. But since I’m talking to the wall, I’m done talking to you.

        2. Kate – disappointed to see you pull the race card re Dwight Evans. I’ve read what you’ve written here over many months, and though we often disagree, you seem to be bright and thoughtful, and you definitely add to the discussion.

          As for schuylkilldemocrat, you have recently graced us with your ignorance, and hopefully you will crawl back into the hole from whence you came. I know I speak for many in saying that your threats to Mr. Kampf, insults, race-baiting, and personal attacks on Andrea are not welcome here. If you think you’re helping the Drucker cause, you’re sadly mistaken.

          As for Dwight Evans, the issues with him have nothing to do with whether he’s white, black, green or purple. As Chairman of the PA House Appropriations Commitee, he has abused his power and violated the trust of those he was elected to serve. Start by reading up on his personal project, Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corp., almost $30 million and counting. Including $1,000,000 of taxpayer money for the West Oak Lane Jazz Festival, attended by a couple of thousand people, including $150,000 for “consultants”, $210,000 for security(did the guards outnumber the attendees?), $85,000 for advertising and $10,000 for lanyards. And he’s secured $821,000 of our money for the 2011 Festival.

          Want more:
          “As head of the House Appropriations Committee and a ranking Democrat, Evans is expected to feed the kitty. Out of the $1.7 million he raised in the last election cycle about $600,000 was sent to the House Democratic Campaign Committee, He sent another $245,000 to individual candidates, usually incumbents. …These contributions are not done out of the kindness of the leaders’ hearts. The leaders supply money to win friends and influence rank-and-file legislators. Most leadership positions in the House and Senate are filled by votes of legislators in the caucus. ”

          How about:
          “As the Inquirer piece points out, there are big disparities among legislators over the amount of staff they have. It cited the example of veteran Rep. Dwight Evans, who has 12 staffers in his home office who are paid a total of $822,000 a year, versus newcomer Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown whose has two part-time and two fulltime staffers in her home office in West Philly who are paid a total of $63,000 a year.”

          Is this the type of “leader” that Paul Drucker should be associated with, a la the Paoli TC big check moment?

        3. Andrea, you say you are so informed. Then get informed. It was NOT a WAM! My God – look it up!!!! It is a fact, that it was not a WAM. You are just 100% wrong.

        4. Paul Drucker fought hard to get money for Paoli. How can you fault him for that? And you say you are pro-business Republicans? Yes, Dwight Evans is the chair of the appropriations committee and as such, Paul did work with him to secure those funds. Just because Evans has a large staff has nothing to do with Paul. In addition, Republicans have large staffs as well! In fact the highest paid member of the state house is a Republican staffer. So stop acting like its only Democrats.

          Paul does not even use his whole budget to pay his staff. He runs two offices with 3 people, and they have provided outstanding service to this community. I know for a fact on a weekly basis they hear “we loved Carole – but your office provides such better service”. And they are not just Democrats – in fact most are Republicans. They won’t say it in public – but I bet they speak at the polls on election day!

          That should tell you most of what you need to know about how Paul handles his staffing.

        5. What about the OARC, schuylkilldemocrat? And how about the West Oak Lane Jazz Festival – a couple of million of our tax money??!! In Paoli, Pattye and her group worked extremely hard, knocked on doors to raise money from the local community, and put on a successful jazz festival without any tax money – that’s how it should be done.

    3. “Not only are these taxes fair but at the proper levels, they will not be “job killers” as Kampf and his fellow Republican candidates charge. Every other state in Pennsylvania’s position is alredy charging such a tax.”


      No disagreement on the proper levels comment, so the question becomes: why did Paul Drucker support a tax not even close to the proper levels? In fact, the tax he supported was twice as high as the Governor requested.

      The level Drucker supported isn’t competitive at all with all those other states that already have a tax.

      1. Mike Race baiting taken right from their playbook. Ignore… Very typical of a Democrat. They are very openminded you know!

        1. right, like republicans never do that.

          I believe i remember reading a letter from the chair of the Rs in tredyffrin scaring people about democrats wanting to turn tredyffrin into philadelphia? is there any other explanation for that gem?

  17. Warren (and by saying Warren I of course mean the BOS) retired debt that was existing at a higher than (current) market interest rate. They were able to do this at a time when they were refinancing other debt to get a more favorable rate – they saved a lot of money in interest payments by doing so. Homeowners do the same thing. You retire debt and then refinance the debt that is still owed to lessen your payments.
    So the statement reduced debt means just that – they eliminated some debt, paid off that debt. Refinanced some other issues, and voila the savings are real because your total payments and total payback is less.

    anything else I can help with John? that was a pretty straight forward question… oh last thing, the firm that rated Tredyffrin Aaa noted in the review how they gave them high marks for their retiring of debt and sound financial management!

    1. Actually, John, according to the township along with re-financing they also brought down the principal balance by $2.5 Million. (Not principle by the way — if you had any beyond attack Kampf you might know that). That means, wait for it…they reduced debt.

      Try again.

  18. Hey — check out the new Drucker piece….nothing to attack about Paul Drucker, because HE”S NOT ON THE PIECE anywhere. Can Mr. Drucker even consider running on HIS record??? Can Mr. Drucker cite something specific that he has accomplished and can run on?

    We all make choices with our vote — someone above suggested that SD’s support of Kampf is more about wanting Drucker to lose. To me — that is a distinction without a difference. You support a candidate is one way to pick — you oppose a candidate is another. You only get one vote and why/how you cast it is private if not personal.

    We can ponder the Marcellus shale issue, but wander out to the hinterlands and they will tell you that the whole shale extraction process might destroy the water table…where is that debate?

    I would like Mr. Drucker and his surrogates to tell us something specific that they believe qualifies Mr. Drucker for another bite of the apple. As I have said before, I believe our community would be better served with a new voice, one without ties to Dwight Evans and an agenda about WAM and reelection strategies.

    It’s hard to call Paul Drucker a liar very often, because he doesn’t say much at all, and when he does, he leaves open the options to say he was misunderstood.

    I hate these mailers because they are created by political strategists. Votes are ours — and I hope that at some point we can return to substantive discussions rather than nyah, nyah, nyah – unh huh comments.

  19. Andrea – Do you think Warren’s campaign material is fair? Not done by “political consultants”? Not negative? You are really something. Is it fair that Warren has put a billboard on 422 about how Paul wants to toll 422 when Warren knows its not true? When he knows Paul said only if local residents were exempt and only that he would consider it after he had all the facts? You find that okay? That Warren is basically sinking to the lowest of the low just to win?

    And what about you…what do you think about Warrens tax raises? What do you think about his support of spending millions on a park and roundabout off of Upper Gulph Rd? You think that wasn’t political to win favor with his neighborhood? You don’t think everything Warren does is not political? Open your eyes.

    Paul Drucker is the least partisan, least political state rep in this state. He is honest and has integrity. He wishes to seek no higher office, just to simply serve his constituents in the 157th. You are dead wrong about him. And you are dead wrong about Warren.

    I will state here for the record, if Warren wins this election, his next two years will be pure hell. He shouldn’t put his family through it. But he has drawn the line with this 422 assault, and he will pay for it.

    If you and Sean think Drucker supporters are wimps, and you can sit in your chairs behind your computer and beat him up, you are seriously mistaken.

    1. I will state here for the record, if Warren wins this election, his next two years will be pure hell. He shouldn’t put his family through it. But he has drawn the line with this 422 assault, and he will pay for it.

      A Drucker supporter using a venomous and threatening tone against their opponent and his family? Typical union thuggery. Next thing you know his supporters will be attacking people with baseball bats at the mall. lol
      Are the cries of racism the final desperate attempts of a ultra-negative, failing campaign? Let’s hope so.
      It’s time to pull that clown out of the union’s pocket and send him packing.

      1. That is not a threat – it’s reality. Do you think paul and his family hasn’t gone through hell? Republicans have been vicious to him. And we’ll gladly return the favor.

        1. democrat.. looking for a fight? Why not join forces and fight the real enemies. I will leave it at that so maybe your toughness can be directed towards a less safe direction, and towards those enemies fighting against us to destroy us….Try to figure it out, I can help later if you can’t..

          From Russia with love…

      2. correct. Another page from Democratic playbook.. Country tired of it. Won’t work thi time around.

    2. I didn’t see the billboard, but there needs to be a “Paid for by” statement on it somewhere, doesn’t there?

      Can anyone prove it is Kampf’s campaign before blaming his campaign?

      I am sure it probably benefits his campaign, but lots of different groups are spending lots of money on these races this year, and it could be one of them.

      If it is Warren’s campaign, take umbrage. I am only suggesting we all exercise some caution before we know the facts.

      1. John –

        As I stated: please prove either Warren is paying or your new charge, “Warren knows.”

        I think I made it clear in my original point that it is troubling that there are people in the shadows doing this…but I am unwilling to attack Warren (or Paul if it happens in his case) for doing something which they may not be responsible for without proof.

        I believe it’s called “innocent until proven guilty” and it’s something I would have thought they taught you in law school.

        Circumstantial evidence isn’t a conviction, no matter how hard you try. It is unfair to everyone on this blog, Warren and Paul.

  20. Schuylkill D — Again, I am desperately trying not to personalize this election and election politics. Your denouncement of WK is as passionate as your endorsement of PD. Opposition research did not start with this election, but I sure wish it would end.

    The phrase ‘political spin’ is a tragedy….and I don’t believe there is any place on the planet that is a “no spin” zone….Advocate for your candidate — share your reasons for picking HIM. If I am wrong about Mr. Drucker, tell me why. That’s what gets votes.

    For the record — just to share with you how things become urban legends on their own: Westover Park (also known as the Fireworks tract) was acquired by the township in 2002. Warren Kampf became a Supervisor in 2003. In the time leading up to its acquisition, Judy D lived quite nearby as well. .

    When I was involved in facilities with the school board, arguing with the BOS about the district program fields and the options of co-developing with the township, Paul Olson walked the site with me and discussed the specific issues associated with why the township was sensitive to how it was developed. Warren Kampf lived nearby . There was a master plan developed in 2006 by a large community and township committee. It was put on hold. In June 2008, there was another RFP for design/consulting services on the park. I have no idea if that was ever accepted or anything related. The “completion date” has passed. I’m sure googling the park would produce more up to date information.

    Out of the political arena, I have no doubt that Paul Drucker and Warren Kampf are good people. Politics makes strange bedfellows — and competition is ugly. I did it 3 times and would NEVER do it again. My time on the school board was about doing a job — not about politics. John P loves to say the GOP ran the school board, but in fact during my tenure, I never went to a township meeting and had no political influences at all. One of the reasons I made some enemies is specifically because I took on the townships where our schools were located — be it about fees, park uses or winter creation and crossing guards. So — think what you want, but it’s not personal.

    I don’t believe the election of either candidate will mean pure hell for our community. It’s about choice — and we all get to make our own.

    1. Warren’s big mistake? Putting up the billboard and and 422 yard signs so early. This is war now. Anything Warren gets – he deserves. No one can blame Paul for how he fights back now. Warren LIED, and he will pay for it.

      1. Brave words from an anonymous source……

        Please tell me when Paul wasn’t just fighting back? This is all crap and we all know it. The disrespect shown for voters by political mailers and bill boards is too transparent. They count on us not knowing anything.

        Stop the noise and make some sense.

      2. Point 1: again, no one can prove this was Warren. Other groups are doing things as well.

        Point 2: How is a billboard that someone put up any different that the TWO attack mailers sent out by the state Dem party — before the billboard went up? (Note how I credited who did it to the group I can prove did it? that’s how it is supposed to be done).

        Point 3: If Warren should call for billboard to be taken down, Drucker should call for the Dem Party to stop their attack mailings.

  21. Some various points to correct the many false statements from Kate and Schuylkill Dem girl:
    Warren did not put up that sign on Route 422… I had people call me to tell me they loved it but I had to tell each of them thanks, but it was not a campaign sign… I told them who paid for it and we moved on. At least they had the stones to ask before they wrote something off base!
    Schuylkill Dem if she did any homework would have found out as much. Signs too early? Drucker had his signs up too early also – you being in Schuylkill and all should have known that… Your probably the one who to date has stolen 22 Kampf signs just in Schuylkill. That is okay, it happened in 2008 too… we have enough, the dedicated folks of this area will be more vigilant and will replace them immediately as we have already done once.
    I like your threats… I mean it used to be Johnnie Boy just doing name calling, now its threats. When you entire campaign is sponsored by the unions and trial lawyers I guess bullying is part and parcel to your everyday life.
    Paul Drucker’s life has been hell? really? That is certainly not what he has said privately.

    Kate are you sure publicly you want to announce as a campaign worker for Paul what his biggest achivement in two years was?
    Kate said and I quote “He has spent the bulk of his first term learning and building relationships”

    What job in the world do you get paid by the taxpayers to learn and build relationships? Is he in the State House of pledging a fraternity?

    Schuylkill Dem Girl and Kate you make me long for the posts of JVP… but I guess when you two are so wrong about so many things, JVP is not needed…

    Last thing, Pattye great job on the Paoli event Saturday, it was a great event, kids loved it, Dad enjoyed it… everyone looked like they had a great time

    1. Republicans set the tone on this board. We are simply responding in the same way. And there have been no threats. Not sure what you are talking about. A “threat” is saying Paul will fight back? What is Warren doing? It’s politics. Politics is not afternoon tea, if you haven’t noticed.

      It doesn’t matter who paid for the billboard. If Warren doesn’t want it up, he should ask for it to be removed. But, in the end, it will only hurt him.

      1. Schuylkill Dem Girl;
        You write,
        “I will state here for the record, if Warren wins this election, his next two years will be pure hell. He shouldn’t put his family through it. But he has drawn the line with this 422 assault, and he will pay for it.”

        That is not a threat? You brought up his family? What hell should he not put his family through.. Also, notice how kate and andrea and john and I stand next to our words… drop the anon moniker if you have the stones… or maybe your too embarrased because of the luggage store you are carrying around… oh wait, if you gave your real name you would not be able to just lie and lie about people and issues… anonymity is your armor. It gives the opportunity to say whatever you want and stand up big as you LIE. Want to sit at the big person table, come out from behind your mask…
        I may not like JVP’s politics, but I RESPECT that his name is next to what he writes. Is he off the reservation at times? Yep, but he has the moxy to put his name to his crazy assertions and takes ownership of his words… You are free to do as you wish but please know people take you far less serious than Kate or JVP whom everyone knows…

        1. Sean,

          If you didn’t shoot your mouth off all the time, and not remember who you say what to, you would remember meeting a Schuylkill Democrat at your church, and would remember exactly what you said to me. But you can’t even keep track of the crap that comes out of your mouth. I wouldn’t want you working on any campaign of mine, that’s for sure.

          As far as putting my name up here? I wouldn’t do that in a million years. Just because you guys did doesn’t mean anyone should! You wouldn’t take me seriously anyway – because you have your minds made up, and nothing will change it. I just want some people on the board to hear the truth – from someone who really knows the truth.

  22. My brother owns land up by the NY border and he made a ton of money by selling the drilling rights to his land…paid off the mortgage…built a nice new hunting lodge…yet I worry about his children eventually drinking contaminated well water.

    I would like to know where Warren Kampf stands on the Marcellus Shale Severence Tax.

    Does he believe frack drilling should be regulated to protect our environment and our children?
    Right now it isn’t. The industry doesn’t even have to let the public know what chemicals it’s using. Proprietary info. Drilling for natural gas here in PA is bringing in a lot of money and creating jobs and that’s a good thing but it should be regulated.

    Even if he doesn’t support the tax itself, yet it is imposed, where does Warren Kampf think the tax money should go?

  23. Christine:

    good thoughtful questions. I am not the spokesperson for the Kampf campaign but I will effort an answer for you. Regarding the tax, did you know that out of an estimated $96 million first year revenue – only 13% would go towards enviromental protection. The rest goes into the general fund for more of the wasteful spending we have seen Paul approve.

    1. The deal is – the severance tax is about filling the budget gap.

      JVP —

      A few points:

      1. What budget gap? Mr.Drucker claims to have passed all balanced budget, so there should be no gap. Or is it the $250 million in federal funding he included in his budget when federal legislators told all the state legislators not to count on it — and it didn’t come through?

      2. Mr. Drucker and the other Democrats have touted this new tax as for environmental protection and helping local communities. I give you credit for at least admitting it’s to fill gaps. But you also shouldn’t attack someone for pointing out basically the same thing you are: the mass of the money is going to the General Fund to be spent, not to the environment or local communities.

      3. Isn’t the fact that there is a gap sort of important in and of itself? Instead of borrowing $600 million more this year and raising spending $1 Billion over the past two years (and $8 billion over the past 8), shouldn’t the state, the Governor and, yes, Paul Drucker have been a little more fiscally responsible?

      1. Will we see you after the election?
        I vaguely remember you posting something about moving out of the area if Kampf wins…
        I can’t remember if you said it before or after you marginalized the holocaust, but I think it was around that time.

  24. In the West,

    As you well know, the House’s 154-45 vote on a severance tax on gas drilling represents a first pass Due to Rep. Kate Harper’s amendment, it passed with strong bi-partisan support. But every representative voting knew it was destined to be reduced in the Senate version..

    While there may be some sharp differences of opinion on what tax rate will maximize revenue without chasing drillers out of Pennsylvania, Senate Republicans can hardly afford to let badly needed revenue slip through their fingers. A number of them have received sizable campaign contributions from gas drillers – as has Tom Corbett – and voters should keep a close eye on how this affects their voting behavior.

    So attempting to tag Paul as a tax and spend guy is off the mark. He was one of 154 who felt the gas tax bill was a good start.

    1. Gas drilling would be good for all, maybe except you since you are probably driving around in a Volt, which still uses carbon to charge the battery.

      Let’s do it right, and get it done. Natural gas, not the kind found on this blog sometimes could be a ticket to at least partial fuel independence from the Middle east as well as affording more jobs. Sure, lets not abuse the environment, but with entreprenurial (sp) skill and the freedom to implement it, maybe this would work..

    1. To Chet, Flyers Fan, HockeyPuck,

      Do you know anything or have anything to add to a discussion? Or are you as empty-headed as your comments suggest?

      I am not an official spokesperson for Paul’s campaign. I know him personally, am a committeeperson who keeps up with legislative activity and local politics and believe stink bugs like you should be squashed.

      1. empty headed, interesting you addressed just three posters. Pattye, isn’t this a bit personal? I enjoy your empty-headed comments though. I am sure Chet, Flyers fan and the rest do as well. Can I say you are a miserable bitter whining liberal fool? Or will that get censored. Let’s see how Pattye the moderator and owner? of this blog responds. SInce Kate, you are allowed to get through with meaningless posts that you so decry.

  25. John just to catch everyone up – you have incorrectly called me:
    1/ Gay
    2/ a moron
    3/ an idiot (stone cold variety)
    4/ a sychopant
    5/ a bully
    6/ a tea party member

    So I now know at least all the facts I have brought up really gotten under your skin. Here is another for you, since I have been schooling you for so long I figure I should help further your education on the 422 sign issue.

    Lets all agree with this clear fact – Warren had nothing to do with the sign.
    Does he gain from it? Only if the other person on the ballot is foolhardy enough to be in all the papers saying he is for it… A group of concerned citizens got together and want this message made clear… No tolling on Route 422. I fail to see how Warren could stand in the way of their first amendment rights speaking out about a wildly unpopular issue as they are doing.
    Does it anywhere on there say – Vote for Warren? Just curious…
    Motorist against tolling Route 422? Sounds like a subversive group – JVP, Karl Rove probably set it up Vice President Cheyney right?

    I said I would find an answer for her, but since you were so rude John you go find it… I was trying to help someone out who had a question… instead of bash them I thought an answer would be appropriate but I will pass since I got my hand slapped for trying to be nice.

    John you are clearly upset, not sure who peed in your cheerios but man the sun came up, the kids were laughing this morning and Warren is less thgan four weeks away from victory – Bro its all good…

  26. Two comments to Mike and Schuylkill Democrat:

    Mike, I did not intentionally “play the race card” in my response to Andrea’s many derogatory references to Rep. Dwight Evans. I was and remain troubled by her need to work his name into nearly every post and link him with Paul. I saw that as a deliberate attempt to smear by association – as she clearly finds Evans loathesome and hopes others,once aware, will eel the same.

    I still think it is a reasonable explanation for why his name has appeared with such frequency in Andrea’s posts. She’s way too savvy to have ignored this.. An African-American politician, a Democrat, from that black hole of entitlement expense , Philadelphia — all code to affluent, white Republican suburbanites.

    As chair of Appropriations, Evans certainly has sway over the allocation of the $200 million fund available for “special” projects – without going through the normal legislative approval process. It would seem he has used his power to fund projects of questionable value in his own district. But we all know this is but a drop in the bucket of wasteful, unnecessary spending by both parties. Everyone would like to see it come to an end.

    Personally, I think this fund should be eliminated and that all spending be at least approved by bi-partisan committee and a matter of public record within a day of its approval. (So does gubernatorial candidate, Dan Onorato, who would eliminate this fund and also enact term limits and reduce the size of the state legislature. )

    I take Andrea at her word that it is Evans’ record and not his skin color that she abhors, but I think she left herself open to a racial profiling charge, given her repeated efforts to link Evans to Paul, who merely accepted a check to start the design process for the Paoli Transportation Center. Same party? Yes. Buddies and collaborators on wasteful spending? NO.

    And please don’t suggest that if offered the same check , Warren would have turned down money for his district..

    Schuylkill Democrat,

    I was also troubled by your statement that if Warren wins, the next two years will be pure helll for him and his family.

    The stupid, insulting remarks about unions by the blog’s resident lightwieights notwithstanding, your statement was understandably interpreted by some as a threat.

    My interpretation of it was that Warren’s every vote, every statement, every public appearance would be monitored in anticipation of an all-out effort to unseat him in 2012. Am I correct?

    1. “The stupid, insulting remarks about unions by the blog’s resident lightwieights”

      Another shining example of your elitist attitude and your ignorance of real-world union behavior.

    2. Thanks Kate.
      The fact is — I have said one thing about Dwight Evans and that is his credentials….
      You say:
      “Mike, I did not intentionally “play the race card” in my response to Andrea’s many derogatory references to Rep. Dwight Evans. I was and remain troubled by her need to work his name into nearly every post and link him with Paul. I saw that as a deliberate attempt to smear by association – as she clearly finds Evans loathesome and hopes others,once aware, will eel the same.

      I still think it is a reasonable explanation for why his name has appeared with such frequency in Andrea’s posts. She’s way too savvy to have ignored this.. An African-American politician, a Democrat, from that black hole of entitlement expense , Philadelphia — all code to affluent, white Republican suburbanites.”

      I truly don’t get your continued efforts to try to create an association with my comments to your stereotypes. My “continued reference” is one line that I have repeated — I believe our community and its values need a new v oice, and one that doesn’t owe Dwight Evans anything. The fact that Paul Drucker included Mr. Evans in the picture was his choice — and he has continually claimed “funding” for the PTC as one of his accomplishments. I believe that funding was a downpayment for his vote on budget matters that a “true fiscal conservative” that he claims to be would not have cast. His pension claims — about the fixes — are also clearly in lock step with his party. He’s certainly savvy enough himself to know that the “first pass” changes aren’t changes at all….but represent more of the same at a different price.

      I don’t think he rubber stamps his party, but his spending votes this year are inconsistent with his claims of being a fiscal conservative. I believe Kampf will BE a fiscal conservative and isn’t likely to trade a spending vote for anything….

      Glad to see that you agree that the WAM that Dwight Evans controls is an extremely flawed system. I would have the same problem with it whoever lived in the body of a career politician who has been around for 30 years….no aspirations for higher office because of all the power he has accumulated in his own title. WHY was he in the picture? It’s PD that refers to the accomplishment.

      Keep talking about YOUR candidate and anything I worry about can be moot. My worry, as I have said, is that that $1M check moment cost Mr. Drucker more than our community would have been willing to pay for it — and the check was made out to a developer….so I am looking for a new representative for this community, one without any ties to Dwight Evans OR the Democratic power elite.

  27. oh yes, Kate, you are correct. just like sean did when he said paul was reading a “union newsletter” while on the house floor. every move of warren’s will be scrutinized. that is what I meant – of course! and it is hell on a person and their family. the Rs on here just want to diminish the truth I am telling. typical R behavior.

    honestly, I would never want to be a state rep in a million years. my point was that warren has no idea how his life, and that of his family, would change if he was elected. it is no longer the nice experience carole rubley had. it is cut throat, and warren will need to defend his seat again in 2 years – one he would most likely lose. I actually feel sorry for him. As opposed to what people think – I dont hate him. I do think he’s making a huge mistake for his future, should he win. it is not a life for any family man. I wouldn’t want my husband doing it – no way!

    1. SDemocrat

      I think Warren has developed pretty thick skin being a Supervisor in Tredyffrin. He’s a litigator, a former public defender and a former DA. Don’t you worry about him. Megan and the kids will be fine….it’s the status quo in Harrisburg you should worry about.

      Do you realize that you have more than once defended an action by saying “everyone does it.” Not all that convincing.

      1. I didn’t say I was worried about him. I said I felt sorry for him! Big difference. And his wife and kids will be fine barely ever seeing their husband/father? I certainly wouldn’t want that for my family. I actually have, you know, family values, in case you were wondering, since I’m a Democrat. Personally, I would never do this job with small children.

        I will be traveling over the next week, and after that all my time will be spent helping Paul Drucker get re-elected. I believe he will win. As Bill Clinton once said “the people almost always get it right”. I still have faith in people. (Except for a few on here.)

        Oh, and Sean – I hope you will soon wake up to see exactly what Warren sees you for. You are kind of making a fool of yourself.

  28. Thank you, Kate. My problem with Dwight Evans is the same as yours (and Andrea’s, I think) – the way he has handled his role as Chair of the Appropriation’s Committee and the distribution of the taxpayer money under his control. I agree that the existing appropriations power structure should end.

    As for Evans association with Paul Drucker, I’ll take your word that they are not buddies. But, as Mr. Evans has been often been associated with questionable projects, a photograph with Drucker and Evans is bound to be seen by some as “pork” – by others, the picture is a milestone on the road to “progress” in Paoli. That’s the politics of it, so Drucker takes the bad with the good.

  29. JVP done? Given in to fact and reason? That is amazing… I guess when pressed with the facts they proved too much.

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