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PA State Representative 157 Race . . . Candidate Question #2 and Response

This is the Candidate Question & Response Forum for the Pennsylvania State House 157 candidates. As previously stated, candidate Warren Kampf declined to participate in the question and response forum. Candidate Paul Drucker’s response follows the question. Each Monday for six weeks, a new question and response will be posted. The candidate forum will end the week before the election.

Question #2: How do you propose to encourage job growth in the Commonwealth and specifically in your district?

Paul Drucker’s Response:

The length and depth of this economic downturn is astounding. I think a great deal about my friends, neighbors and constituents who are unemployed or struggling to keep their businesses afloat—and I know that we have to do a better job of fostering a climate of economic growth in Pennsylvania.

While I am proud of some of the economic development projects I helped bring to the district, like the $1 million grant to the Paoli train station that will produce 5,000 construction jobs and 2,000 permanent jobs, I also know we need fundamental changes to Pennsylvania’s business climate.

First, we need to invest in a modern day infrastructure that includes new roads and bridges, better rail access and high-speed internet in rural areas. Next, we need to ensure Pennsylvania students have the best education in America. Finally, we need to help our small businesses grow and expand with a fair tax burden and access to low-interest grants and loans for new equipment and technology.

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  1. Pattye, its the second week in a row you have thrown Rep Drucker a softball and he has missed it. Thank God our Phillies do not swing and miss so much. My issue with Paul’s answer is three-fold:

    1. The Train Station – This looked bad, smelled bad and is bad. The guy that Paul gave a Million Dollar WAM check to just happens to be a contributor to the campaign. I have heard from many of my friends who work in small businesses and this was appalling on many levels to them (Pay to play is death for small unconnected firms that are trying to be ethical). I have mentioned prior that the only good that came out of this mess was knowing that Paul could be bought very cheaply. $250 to buy a State Rep?

    2. The job numbers – Paul’s own office admits that (a) these numbers came from the private developer who received the check, not an independent source, and (b) the numbers aren’t even really 2,000 jobs. But it is sad to see he can stretch the truth further than he can stretch our tax dollars.

    3. $$$ for infrastructure – Paul voted for $600 million in new debt for the State that could have been used for infrastructure instead of pork-barrel projects like a luxury golf resort, the Specter and Murtha libraries, a hotel in California, PA, etc.
    I am not saying that that idea is right either, I am merely pointing out that instead of doing what he says is important he wasted our money on pork.

    Last point, if he was really for job creation he would not have supported two budgets that stopped the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax phase-out which would have made the state on equal footing with the majority of our nation that doesn’t impose this tax.

    Check your facts here, I did. Thanks Pattye.

    Paul must have woken up and said “crap I have to get reelected – job creation… yea that is important!”

    Paul you had two years to get deeply involved with this… We needed your help.

    1. sean, in this environment, Paul can and will do anything he feels necessary to get elected again. And maybe he will. I for one am voting to throw these liberal democrats out.

      This forum IS probably beneath him. I mean, why would he venture into territory with the likes of Mr Petersen around?
      I don’t blame Warren. This forum isn’t that important. Fun and we get some info, yes, but really it is not the Wall Street Journal op ed page.

      1. Community Matters is not the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal and don’t think I ever suggested otherwise. I am getting tired of your constant need to degrade Community Matters — by so doing you are personally insulting me and the time I spend on this project! I try to be respectful of people’s opinions but since you find this forum such a joke, I ask that you take your remarks elsewhere.

        1. all I am saying is that others cannot expect Warren Kampf to respond to this blog, and when he doesn’t, it doesn’t mean others should view that as a negative.

          I am sorry for the way it came out. I recognize that you work hard to keep this thing running, and I enjoy the give and take that transpires here. So please accept my apologies if you see fit to do so.

      2. I disagree with Kampf on centralized big government programs to control education funding. Aren’t you amazed? Can you site anything about Mr Druckers policies that you disagree with? Will you come forth with it if you do?

      3. Here’s something from Drucker’s mailer ‘ Fighting for us Here at Home”

        ‘Fighting for Balanced Budgets
        A true fiscal conservative, Paul ensured that this year’s state budget had no new taxes or tax increases.

        >>>True fiscal conservatives might have considered the notion of NO NEW SPENDING as a way to balance budgets….

        ‘Holding the line on Taxes
        Paul fought to fund our public schools to hold the line on our property taxes.

        >>>WHAT???? Not only is that nonsense, it’s not even possible. The state is cutting the education subsidy now that they see the problems with the Stimulus funds not coming our way …. and TESD only gets what the state funding formula allows…so he has done zero to help “hold theline on our property taxes.” Buzz words and platitudes – nothing more.

        Cutting Government Spending
        Paul….fix the state’s broken pension system to save taxpayers $25 billion.

        >>>WOW — $25 Billion — that’s a big number for a mailer without any substantiation (or truth) to the idea. The state pension system was not fixed (the house bill was passed — and nothing more), the “fixes” hypothesize how much more it would cost without them (but made no attempt to actually re-think the system to share the burden of pensions with anyone but the taxpayers as the primary funding source).

        Let’s face it — Politicians RELY on the stupidity and laziness of their constituents. The Democratic incumbent’s tag line is “Fiscal Conservative Leadership That Works.”

        Whatever we know about this election and the candidates, we know that Kampf is the fiscal conservative, and Paul is trying to appropriate the term for himself, knowing that’s what sells in this area (for many of the voters)….

        I am not going to defend WK’s actions, but here’s John P trying to point out that his education funding idea is “not conservative.” What is the $600M new debt source for Mr. Drucker — the “fiscal conservative.”

        Mr. Drucker’s response to this week’s question is political phrasing and no answers. And again, you can attribute an evil motive to anything you want, but Mr. Kampf opting out of using this blog to answer questions is certainly a political calculation. Those of us that post here find it valuable to us, but I’m not sure why any candidates makes the choices they make. It’s what helps us decide. Given the minimal effort Mr. Drucker put into this week’s response, and how his words are parsed, I’m not sure any candidate is advanced by citizen journalists.

        And yet Pattye knows that I think her effort is worthy — and I very much appreciate it being here. It gives all us junkies a place to vent and to read and learn.

      4. Come on now… does anyone really believe that Drucker’s response is anything but pure political nonsense? I wonder which one of his minions actually wrote it.

        I have a suggestion for question #3:
        “When did you realize you were so awesome?” lol

    2. roads and infrastructure? In other words, government spending at time when government is broke.. Lets borrow more money to funnel to our union buddies to repave roads that don;’t need repaving. A good time to fix roads and bridges is when the economy is good.

      what a crock, Mr Drucker. WE ARE FED UP WITH THIS!!!
      Keep redistributing, suing and regulating. Phonies.

    3. John —

      As you point out, the job numbers were clarified by Pattye and due to her hard work. This clarification was done months ago when Paul had his cardboard check moment.

      It is because of this very fact that one must wonder why Mr. Drucker would provide an answer with numbers that are, again, not correct. First time, maybe a mistake; second time, an attempt to deceive?

      Finally, maybe you should read the bill you talk about: there is $20 million in there for Valhalla Brandywine — a luxury golf resort and spa in western Chester County.

      1. John:

        Not sure if your post is addressed to me, however, if you are going to assert a depletion of the “rainy day fund” (over what period of time?), maybe you could support your statement with references to source documents, such as Township financial statements. Further, when you talk about “nearly 1mm in the sewer fund that really belongs in the general fund” are you referring to reserves or annual operating expenses?

  2. Paoli Transit Center is Drucker’s signature “accomplishment” and he again cites it in his response to Pattye’s question. The 2000 permanent jobs backup he provided this blog in July are:

    “Peter Monaghan, president of Strategic Realty provided Rep Drucker with further details on temporary job and permanent job estimates for the Paoli Transit Center Project. Estimates for permanent job creation are based on the square footage of planned office, retail and residential space. The private development component of the Paoli Transit Center project will yield approx. 300,000 sq. ft of office space, 75,000 sf of retail space and 525,000 sf of residential space. The formula for permanent jobs is as follows:

    * Retail: 75,000 sf @ 1 job/500sf = 150 jobs
    * Office: 300,000 sf @ 1 job/200sf = 1,500 jobs
    * Residential: 525,000 sf @ 1 job/10,000sf = 53 jobs
    * Transit: 50 jobs”

    In Drucker’s world, 1753=2000? Folks, we’re not talking about rounding dollars, we’re talking about rounding up by 247 jobs! Further, the 1500 office ” permanent jobs” are the number of people that will occupy the space. If someone moves from another office in Paoli to the new office space, it’s counted as a “permanent job created” – an office building occupied by 1500 workers is not 1500 permanent jobs created. I spoke to Mr. Drucker at length, by phone, about this matter and he had an unsatisfactory response – he continues to cite these numbers, based on assumptions he knows are fallacious.

    BTW, this project is in Tredyffrin’s long term Capital Budget at $40,000,000. To turn Paoli in to a regional transportation hub, a la 69th Street or Norristown – can’t wait.

  3. John I can not debate you – I am not sure if your crazy or just flat out entertaining by accident. Your posts make me laugh.

    This is what you wrote “Perhaps in between coordinating press events for the Kampf campaign, you might want to brush up on the issues before playing the roll of political spokesperson”

    Let me explain what our tinfoil hat wearing friend means… Someone accused me (wrongly) in another part of this blog of being told by Warren to go set up press for a great volunteer project the Kampf campaign did. John, did I not tell you that it was wrong and false accusation? I thought so, But.. here it is – that story and blog entry are false. I can not be more clear.
    But you went with it and now have expanded it to a fresh and new discussion. That is weak… Its the second time you are trying to pull me into something or label me and you have gotten it wrong. What is next John?
    John in the blog world you can say anything you want, its not true just because you write it, althought I did hear from a reliable source that you are from Mars…

    Are you not able to disagree with someone before you nuke them and distort facts about them?
    I have tried to have some fun and debate with you, liven up this local race. But I will not be sucked into where you want to take this discussion. You remind me of the kid in school who when people were picking on them always, ALWAYS, came back and said “yea well your Mom is…”

    I figured it out though. You are desperate. Warren is running a good campaign, you have heard about some of the recent data and are trying to stop his momentum. Sorry dude the train is running straight to Harrisburg.

    You have run out of arrows to sling at Warren (the same tired rhetoric – St Davids, $35 sewer fee increase, back room maneuvering to get a $1000 campaign contribution from Aqua America, et al is just inspiring people), so now sling them at someone who is a pawn in this whole play.

    The fact is, I am proud to volunteer for Warren and my only regret is that I wish I had more time to do so. His is a noble cause, lets actually you know, help people…

    Paul’s philosophy seems to be lets write about what we could do to help them.. but not do it with the two years we had to actually do it.

    John the voters got it right multiple times when they choose people over you by wide margins in local elections, the voters got it right when they choose Warren in May and they will get it right again November 2nd. Until then man, sling away at me all you want but the folks can see your actions for what they are – desperate mud slinging that is an attenpt to move the issues because it is clear you are incapable of discussion that stays to the issues. John I am eager to see what you will say incorrectly about me next week. Would you like to guess my SAT scores? My favorite color? Who I cheer for on Sundays?

    Hey John, 422? That is too easy…

    1. Hey John — someone elsewhere pointed out that if you were trying to make the most of the MOH event, the headline should be

      Drucker fails to participate in the Medal of Honor Grove Clean-up…..

      We have pictures of politicans sitting and talking….making us feel like they are taking care of us. What’s the flaw in having a picture of a politician doing something? As stated elsewhere, WK is not an incumbent and has no magical moment with a $1M check (with those 2,000 jobs again!!)….

      And for my understanding, is it a lawyer technique to presume “not denying” is “admitting”….. Sean D cannot begin to debate with you, because you are the king of the last word. (or maybe the Emperor of the last word? )

      Cue Kate for her rebuttal now.

  4. John,
    I appreciate your prompt and fact-based response to Kampf’s latest P.R. person. Sean should consider the consequences of nit-picking about Monaghan’s modest contribution. Campaign contribution records are available for all to see as are township board minutes and newspaper accounts of recent controversies.

    … and Warren’s history of soliciting and receiving contributions from individuals and companies doing business with the township on behalf of township fire companies and his own campaign is troubling to many in Tredyffrin. Sean is stepping into a pile of worms.

    The 1 million dollar check is a small and symbolic investment in a project that will cost hundreds of millions when completed, be largely paid for with private money and benefit the area in ways that cannot be precisely quantified at this point, but clearly will bring new jobs and tax revenue to Tredyffrin.

    Sean, may I suggest you focus on Schuylkill Township matters? Or as John recommended, do your homework before jumping to Warren’s defense.

    Warren’ is public statements suggest he is more interested in making Draconian cuts in Harrisburg than investing in the future. We need a representative who is committed to bringing economic prosperity to our district. and region. Paul understands this is a top priority. while being prudent with taxpayer money.

    1. I wholeheartedly oppose the use of gambling money to do anything….but that doesn’t mean that since the government is determined to confiscate earnings from people through gambling that I don’t think those monies should be used for Education.

      Hey Mike — Warren thinks it’s smart to use money the taxpayers have spent in casinos to defray property taxes…..another effort at trying to keep taxes down.

      1. To John
        I think Warren opposes government taking your money…Act 1 was and still is a bad law — but expecting that the $1B a year initially promised is fair (though 70% of that seems to be okay ?) He doesn’t support an EIT as far as I can guess — because it’s another tax — the same reason the community doesn’t support it generally.

        Property tax relief is important because the people under pressure from tent to be seniors — who vote. Pennsylvania is one of the oldest states in the US demographically, and we have the most people living here that were born here statistically. Otherwise, property tax is a pretty fair way of assessing you for the value added to your property by the community and schools.

  5. So now Warren is the puppet and I am the one feeding him lines? John pick a side…. (actually I like that one better, can we keep that here though I do not want Warren to know I am secretly controling him).
    John I know its a blog, but do you have any proof when you make these wild accusations? I am trying to be better at this and wanted to know if I had to fact check like I have been doing or just make stuff up and post it like you are doing…
    Yes all people who do not live in Tredyffrin Township, please do not comment on our affairs. You may make sense and that would make Johnie boy unhappy…
    I will have a flip flop answer on Act one soon, we are running it thru our communications team and then the advance team and then the architect of the campaign weighs in… then I write it, so please stand by!

  6. Okay – the team has come together and we are ready to give Warren his opinion (if you believe JVP)…
    John got it wrong as usual…. Warren has not flip flopped at all. Warren was opposed to Act 1 because of the income tax provision, he still is from everything I can tell. I read the Direct Mail piece and went to his website, all they say is that we should get what we were promised… Use gaming revenue as promised for property tax relief instead of to pay for pork projects like Drucker has supported to the tune of $600 Million.
    One last note – John your good with digging in the dirt.. Do you remember how the 157th voted on the issue of Act 1? I do… It got crushed by a margin even worse than your election results…. Warren stands with the people overwhelmingly on this issue – throw stones but again the facts back me up. Warren railed against it, hates it and the majority agree… Sorry another no issue for you.

  7. I find it humorous that Mr. Petersen would sling allegations when still not coming up for an answer to a simple point that shines quite brightly on his own chosen candidate’s false claims.

    Mr. Drucker, months ago, put forth job claim numbers as part of his cardboard check moment (to borrow John’s phrase) that Pattye went to the hard work of trying to verify.

    What Pattye found was two things:

    1. Those numbers came from the private developer who benefits from the project, not an independent source.

    2. The numbers are inflated beyone even the developers projections.

    Taking out the argument of whether the developer’s numbers are even accurate due to questions of are these “new” jobs or “moved” jobs, I do know this: Mr. Drucker made false claims in his first press release and then repeated them in his reply to Pattye today — while knowing that Pattye had already verified those figures as wrong.

    First time, maybe a mistake. Second time, obvious distortion.

    I know Pattye is trying to be neutral by not commenting on the answers provided by Mr. Drucker, but I think she should at least have the right to post the “correct” numbers that she worked so hard to verify.

  8. Mr. Drucker got jobs numbers, which he accepted at face value from the project’s developer with a clear conflict of interest. He then took those numbers and exaggerated them – 1753 became 2000 – and he apparently did not think to question the 1500 office jobs. I spoke to him after he gave the numbers to Pattye in July, pointed out the flaw in the numbers, and he gave me the same DOL mumbo-jumbo that JP parrots above. Great answer to Pattye’s question – the first and last paragraphs are platitudes and the second he repeats the dishonesty and lack of analysis of the earlier release.

    Of course, Drucker’s in such a hurry to throw our tax money around, and borrow more, why do any analysis? I read House Bill 2289 – what a bunch of pork, that we can’t afford.

    1. Where to start: $10,000,000 for the Murtha Center, $10,000,000 for the Specter Library at Philadelphia U., $3,000,000 for a rec center at King’s College, $4,000,000 for a new facility for Highmark Blue Shield, $10,000,000 for a convocation center at Mt. Aloysius College, $10,000,000 for a Sony facility… $890,000,000 total for buildings and structures, another $225,000,000 for redevelopment(hotels, mixed-use developments, etc.) – less than 30% of the amount in the bill is for “aging infrastructure”, bridges, roads, transportation projects. John, you see expansion of certain commercial uses – Why should Pa taxpayers pay to expand Sony’s facility?! Why can’t Sony, a multi-billion dollar global company, pay to expand their own production capacity?! Why should Pa taxpayers pay to build a Highmark Blue Shield facilty?! Why can’t King’s College build their own rec center?! Don’t even get me started on the Specter Library or the Murtha Center.

      Drucker voted for this pork and can make no claim to being a fiscal conservative. As with Paoli TC, he spends our taxes without hesitation, or analysis.

    2. As usual, John, you’re long on bluster, short on facts and analysis. That seems to be the Drucker way.

      1. John
        Please don’t waste our time with your game. Identifying the Transfer Tax as “source document” answer gets no one anywhere and is only a mockery of any effort at serious debate. To suggest that responding to such a stupid “clue” with an “aha” as if it means Mike is not familiar with the budget is disrespectful to all of us.
        Since Kate calls me the resident lecturer, I’ll go ahead and suggest that your need to play with this process is tedious and annoying. And I think I agree with Mike in Berwyn — The Drucker way does seem to be woefully short on information/facts and analysis. VERY LONG on ugliness.

        If you want to make your point about the fund, please do.

      1. Funny, Mr. Petersen, that you continue to fail to mention some of Mr. Drucker’s transgressions on this front. For example:

        $35 million in one time transfers from funds supposed to be used for other purposes to the General Fund.

        Raiding the Mcare fund for $700 Million to the General Fund

        Completely depleting the state’s Rainy Day Fund

        And, my favorite, passing a budget that included $250 Million in federal funding that every federal legislator (Democrat and Republican) told the state legislature NOT to expect.

        You always say those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, well Mr. Drucker’s house is sure looking glassy.

        Plus, if your figures about Tredyffrin are even correct (which is difficult to believe since you have been asked multiple times but never provided proof), those reserves are there to be utilized for just this purpose. The monies Mr. Drucker utlilized (less the Rainy Day Fund) were expressly purposed for a different use and by making these transfers and raids, he basically stole from those uses.

  9. Just to be sure we all know what Bill 2289 is — introduced by Dwight Evans (the guy in the check picture)….

    The maximum principal amount of additional debt to be incurred during the 2010-2011 fiscal year, and thereafter until the enactment of the 2011-2012 capital budget specifying the maximum debt for the 2011-2012 fiscal year, for capital projects specifically itemized in a capital budget :
    TOTAL $1,550,000,000

    Quoting from an article written in July at the time of the budget approval:
    “HARRISBURG — The game is called “Kick the can down the road,” and critics say state legislators have gotten really good at it. While lawmakers are still patting themselves on the backs for enacting a complete state budget on time for the first time in eight years, observers from all sides of the political spectrum contend that the July 1 deadline was met mainly because many critical and controversial issues weren’t addressed. The $28 billion spending plan for fiscal 2010-11 “is another budget where you put off until tomorrow what you are not politically willing to do today,” said Sen. Jim Ferlo, a liberal Democrat from Highland Park……

    [here’s the familiar part if you read Mr. Drucker’s Fiscal Conservative mailer]
    Legislative leaders also were proud of the fact that the 2010-11 budget doesn’t contain new taxes or tax increases, but the main reason for that was simply the fact that difficult financial decisions were left for a future day.

    Read more:

  10. Following today’s thread is tiresome and deeply discouraging….

    So supporters of Paul Drucker make supporters of Warren laugh. Apparently, we’re quite amusing in our defense of Paul’s public record and personal integriy. And one would think Drucker had committed a crime by rounding up a Dept. of Labor estimate from 1753 to 2,000 in a deliberate attempt to exaggerate the job creation numbers. And Warren’s making a 9-11 event a campaign opportunity is perfectly acceptable.

    Puleeze. If undecided voters could make their decisions based on all of the facts, if they kept in mind the conduct and votes made by each candidate, only the right-leaning Republican base would be voting for Kampf. – bc they’d vote for a ham sandwich with an R after it. (In fact, there’s ample evidence they already have.) And Warren would lose because you guys are in the distinct minority.

    Paul Drucker has been in Harrisburg only 21 months, and he’s worked very hard to help his constituents during one of the most difficult times in this country and state’s history. He’s a man of moderation and integrity, and I know this because I’ve known him personally for over 20 years.

    He has worked in a bi-partisan way to help this region.. That’s more than will ever be said of Mr. Kampf, whose disdain for those with non-Republican affiliations has been on public display on numerous occasions. If you’re not a “member of his club”, you’re not worth a moment’s consideration.

    And Warren keeps score and holds grudges against those who have publicly opposed his positions and questioned his judgment.He hopes to go to Harrisburg and represnt Republicans and their interests. Period.

    To the many residents of the 157th who read this blog but choose not to enter into the fray – and I understand why – I ask you to do your homework and go beyond the candidate fliers and website bullet points. e.g it is a FACT that Paul believes tolling on Rte 422 should be one option considered to raise revenue to expand the corridor’s infrastructure . He does NOT favor tolling for short- distance users – as Warren would have you believe. This idea has widespread bi-partisan support from the region’s legislators and regional business people. It addresses the economic realities of decreased public funding in the future and the opportunities for public-private partnerships.

    May I suggest that you visit Rep. Drucker’s office in Paoli across from the train station and ask him his position on the issues that matter most to you.. Look at his voting record. Less accessible is Warren’s voting record as a supervisor, but it can be gleaned by skimming BOS meeting minutes. He did in FACT vote for two tax increases (for 2008 and 2009) after he and his party had run on a platform of no tax increases.. And he displayed real gamesmanship in holding his vote on the 2010 sewer fee increase until he knew it would pass – and then voted NO for the record. But he has a 6-year record to run on. Check it out.

    You be the judge. But please be an informed voter and go vote on Nov. 2.

    1. Mr. Drucker represents us in Harrisburg. He has an obligation to us to evaluate the matters before him thoroughly, rationally and thoughtfully. To check the information he is given independently and think for himself, understanding the needs of this community. And to articulate his decisions and their rationale. The available evidence – his statement and my discussion with him re the PTC, his interview on 422 tolling, his answers to Pattye’s questions… – would indicate a lack of seriousness of purpose in his decisions and a cavalier attitude toward spending our money.

      That’s what I’ll be thinking about on 11/2.

      1. Thanks Mike. Today’s mailing from Mr. Drucker with JOBS on one side and “info” on the other proudly states — once again somewhat growing in its bravado:
        1. NEW JOBS
        Paul secured fuding for the Paoli Rail Yard facility which will create over 7,000 new jobs. “Funding” for the rail yard facility? Seed money? 7,000 NEW JOBS…for who, for what?

        “He will fight to make sure local public schools get the state funding they deserve so school boards can lower property taxes.” LOWER PROPERTY TAXES? Has anything Harrisburg done in anyone’s memory lowered property taxes for our community? Why claim that?

        “with no new taxes or tax increases”

        There’s that phrase again….careful not to mention new spending, new debt, and reliance on revenue from the Feds (also tax money) that is not coming.

        Dwight Evans has been Democratic Chair of Appropriations since 1991. His participation in the “Check Moment” with Mr. Drucker, a Dem, and not Mr. Milne, an R whose district seriously overlaps with the intended project, tells me all I want to know about how deals are made.

      2. Here to serve you, John. According to Mimi’s 2010 Budget message, the general fund budget was reduced from $19.4mm in ’09 to $16.4mm in 2010 – down 15.5%. The total operating budget declined from $26.9mm to $23.1 – down 14.1%. Administration was down from $3.5mm to $2.9mm – down 17.1% (2009 actual numbers were lower than 2009 budget, as the Township made a “mid-course correction” during the year to bring expenses in line). Sounds like an accurate claim to me.

        If Pennsylvania’s finances and fiscal discipline were as strong as Tredyffrin’s, we would have much less to worry about.

      3. According to Resident #2, reporting from the Budget Workshop, ” The Township Is set to end the year with a projected operating surplus of $175,400.”

      4. John:

        Look at the reports, on Tredyffrin’s website, yourself and draw your own conclusions. The operating reports there are similar to a corporate income statement – whether the Township “made” or “lost” money. They reflect a projected operating surplus. The total cash and investments and the bond schedule are similar to a corporate balance sheet and the total is nominally higher than the figure as of the beginning of the year. Plus, there’s the seasonal timing of tax revenue and expenses – not exactly sure how that will work this year. As for the draw down of reserves, if they spend money on a sewer project, for example, that restricted reserve account would be drawn down. What we do know is that the Township has almost $17,000,000, unrestricted, in the bank.

        As JD suggested at the workshop, there are probably better ways to present the information, making it more effective as a management tool.

      5. Yes, there are several components of the general reserve – $17,000,000 is unrestricted. How do the components make the total misleading?

        Further, I take Mimi’s #’s at face value because they come from the actual budgets, on the public record – if you can point out where her numbers are not accurate, be my guest.

        As for Mr. Drucker we know that on the PTC he: 1. accepted the numbers from the developer with a clear conflict of interest, 2. not looked at the obvious flaws in the “analysis”, and 3. exaggerated the total – I’ll call it “the triple crown of deceit”.

  11. Kate — you’ve apparently forgotten it was you who introduced the notion of levity into the discussion

    “If Andrea’s suggestion is that a singular neophyte legislator could go to Harrisburg and lead the effort to revamp the state pension system, pardon me while I laugh.”

    Apparently YOU found it amusing that I pointed out that voters should consider who has a history of cutting spending (and sometimes who he has ticked off) …. but you are find it deeply discouraging that ” Apparently, we’re quite amusing in our defense of Paul’s public record ” Claiming to save $25B because of a house bill that went nowhere relating to pensions — without a single new approach — I consider that unimpressive. Not voting for tax increases is worthless if you vote for major spending increases….a over $1.5 billion in new debt.

    You cannot have it both ways just because you are able to write with such a patient yet condescending tone…. You spent a considerable effort here denouncing Warren’s personality, and want us to believe that your personal relationship with Drucker trumps our own judgment about his political choices and the alliances he has built – now that he’s not a neophyte. You want to diminish any challenges to the claim of 2000 new jobs — do you need an inventory of empty square footage (office and retail) in the township and surrounding areas to understand why some would question that MORE new space would generate 2000 NEW permanent jobs?

    After the past few days where we have been lectured that D’s always vote for their candidate, but R’s won’t all stay with Warren, isn’t it a bit of a “flip flop” to suggest that some R’s would vote for a ham sandwich ? I will take personal offense to that because there are times when unable to choose which candidate I can support, I do chose to support a party in an effort to reduce the influence of the other party (Dwight Evans). If the D candidate is stronger and more aligned with my values, I would vote for the D. (I did in fact fall for Rendell his first time through — until it seemed he spent more time on Post Game Live than in Harrisburg.) I have never detected a hint that you would vote for anything with an R….even that hypothetical ham sandwich. You must be smarter than the rest of us. Or you believe that voting only for a D makes you intellectually superior.
    And I’ll say in advance that my tone is directed at your tone — because I feel that your posts are all personal attacks on anyone who doesn’t drink the kool aid of an incumbent.
    We agree again on your closing — You be the judge. Please be an informed voter and go vote on November 2nd. .

    1. Wow, Andrea, what a condescending little reply, and so full of misinterpretations.

      We’re all entitled to our own sources of amusement. I was responding to Flyers Fan, who thanked me “for the laugh”. His cynical, off-the very-top of the head remarks should probably be ignored, but I took the bait.

      Re my personal remarks about Paul Drucker, that’s all they are – a personal recommendation based on our long-time acquaintance. I expect all voters to do their own judging, and I have no illusions about changing minds among the usual commenters on this blog.

      Re Warren, I am not alone in witnessing Mr. Kampf’s temper, and I believe a candidate’s temperament is relevant. As for holding grudges, ask people who’ve publicly opposed him about the fallout. But of course, these very behaviors didn’t keep Arlen Specter from enjoying 50 years as a public official……

      You accuse me of lecturing? I think you’ve handily won the title of resident lecturer here..

      Regarding your accusation that I would vote for a Democratic ham sandwich (note that I use an upper case D) and that I’ve probably never voted for a Republican – not true. I voted for Tom Ridge the first time around, but just as you were disillusioned by Rendell’s extra-curricular activities, I came to regret my vote.

      But of course, I’ve voted for Carol Rubley and have no regrets about that.

      You close with, “We agree on your closing .” We? Speaking for the troops?

      As a committeeperson, I ‘d love to see a large turnout of informed voters on November 2. No sitting out this election. It’s too important. But I believe that the moderate make-up of Tredyffrin voters PLUS their knowledge of the retrograde policies and positions held by the Republican slate will favor Democrats

  12. Politicians will say anything to keep their jobs. Actions reveal the real character:

    1. From the 12/21/2009 BOS minutes: “Mr. Kampf said we have capital improvements we are obligated to make to our sewer system which need to be funded.” Having then orchestrated the vote to ensure that the sewer fee increase would pass, he voted against that funding.

    2. From the 2/25/2008 BOS minutes, re the N Valley/Swedesford intersection: “Many residents felt that a serious accident could occur at anytime, and the Board should take steps now to prevent future accidents. …. the motion (to stop work) carried with a vote of 5-2, with Mr. DeHaven and Mrs. DiFilippo voting no”. Just 10 days ago a local resident was airlifted from that intersection to Penn Trauma Center in critical condition.

    Then there are the 2010 budget cuts that eliminate basic capabilities to fix errant traffic lights and cut the grass in all Township parks. Salary increases for union workers at the expense of jobs and cash compensation cuts for other employees.

    Kampf appears very much as a conniving politician who puts his own advancement ahead of the interests of those he is supposed to represent. Can anyone vote for such a lack of integrity, character and judgment? Really?

    1. Ray,

      In defense of Warren on your point #1, the reason is, and I quote from an attack mailer used by him against me during the primary, “Republicans Are Supposed to Oppose Taxes.”

      It will be interesting then, if Warren makes it to Harrisburg, how he will fill the huge budget gap and also make the pension fund whole again without a tax increase. If it can be done without new taxes, I’m for it.

      You can view the mailer by clicking the link:

      BTW, I believe the person in the photo with Warren is Sean D.

      1. I think that’s an explanation, not a defense, for an outrageous manipulation of the process.

        The sudoku was fun.

        Electors need to be aware that we’re in a new world, whatever politicians say. It’s easy to rail against government spending, but when the consumer and business sectors are deleveraging after decades of excess-liquidity-fueled asset price gains, are we prepared for government to do so as well, and for total demand to fall off a cliff?

        How can the pain be distributed most equitably? Probably the least divisive solution will be inflation, fueled by the Fed’s bond purchase programs, as I’ve stated here before.

        But the days of reliable long term 8% nominal, 5% real, investment gains are long gone. So you’re right about the remaining challenge of the pension funding. (Of course, Drucker can claim nothing beyond deferring the problem!).

        However, is the solution to raise taxes, or is it to adjust down excessive pension expectations of public sector workers? Here’s an interesting statistic from the Census: “The poverty gap between young and old has doubled since 2000”. The current fashion to attack benefits for new employees will just exacerbate the divide.

        1. Thanks for this response Ray. THIS is what we would like to discuss with our elected officials — but platitudes and generalizations is all that we get. My airbag comment earlier was meant to be a generalization — sorry that it sounded like I was dismissing your comments. My point is that there are lots of ways to spend our tax dollars — I initially responded to Drucker’s response to Pattye exactly because he did nothing to change the thinking regarding pensions — just changed the long-term assumptions, but did not in any way alter the fact that the taxpayer takes on the responsibility for funding ultimately.

          I got a full page color mailer today telling me all the bad things about Jim Gerlach — I don’t even know who is running against him from the mailer — there is no other name at all. So this mailer is about warning me about voting for Gerlach, but gives me absolutely no reason to vote for “the Democrat.” Is that election politics? It’s mailed to my “independent” voter daughter in the house (I think all the mailers for Drucker and any democrat have come to her at our home address. Kampf appears to be sending them to our household).

          Clearly good people also use these tactics because it’s how you run a campaign nowadays if you expect to win. WHose fault is it that negative campaigning is so successful? Even this blog is about what is wrong with the “other guy”….and any effort to champion someone is quickly bludgeoned by short talking point attacks. Not sure how to change that — or if abandoning it would work.

  13. So you are saying the accident was Kampf’s fault? Even if he voted NO it still would have passed.

    Maybe that accident was the fault of at least on of the people involved. I enjoy your commentary but this one is ridiculous.

    1. Just drawing a contrast with those leaders that have the vision to use available funding resources to reduce the chances of fallible citizens making life-threatening mistakes, and those that do not.

      1. That’s the air bag mentality Ray. Air bags were invented to protect the driver from the steering wheel. Now we have air bags in every possible spot — and people will still die in car accidents. Do you use all your available resources to buy the most safe (Mercedes?) car to avoid life-threatening mistakes, or do you use your judgment about how to deploy your family resources to provide the greatest good within reason. “All available resources” are infite when you are a taxing authority….isn’t the point of this to look for people who use judgment about where to spend YOUR money on our behalf? You can ultimately disagree with their judgment, but you cannot criticize decisions that are reached thoughtfully where limited resources are concerned.

        1. You’re complaining about air bags? The reason that thousands of lives have been saved? And actually I do chose to drive my 25 year-old car with no air bags, but it’s only my own life at risk, not others’. And that PennDOT funding for the intersection was available, although obviously taxpayer money from the entire state, and will have been spent somewhere; I’d just prefer it to have been spent keeping my own children safe. It didn’t take much judgment to know that accidents at that intersection will just keep on happening.

  14. Ray — “available funding resources” is just exactly what taxes support…it’s called debt and I know you know that well. We can all “spin” the things we know about the politicians any way we want to — that’s why religion and politics are often grouped together in “don’t talk about it” forums…. it’s not just what we know, it’s what we BELIEVE.

    John writes: One other thing… the GOP leadership voted for this budget. That means that Kampf would have voted for it as well. Not being the office holder, Kampf has the luxury of saying what he would do if he was there…. The final HB 2289 passed 110- 85 on July 3. It was passed with the support of 8 Republicans, all of whom from my quick glance had significant projects getting money in their districts….it had only one democrat in the house vote against it. Local R’s did vote against it….so please don’t be so cavalier to assume a rubber stamp of a bill that passed….clearly only the Dems rubber stamped it.

  15. Ken that is very funny… Ken and I saw each other at a fund raiser last night and for anyone who was not there Ken and I shook hands and said hello. I appreciate the defense of Warren. Your a good guy as I told my kids on election night when you were with us at the polls.
    John in case you miss the joke – that is not me in the picture, so as your making your voodoo dolls, please spare that poor guy.

  16. I keep reading where Drucker’s supporters say he never voted for a tax increase, when in fact he did.

    In July of 2009, Drucker voted yes to a billion dollar tax increase that passed straight down party lines in the House.

    The Senate Republicans refused to support this tax, but if they had, we’d be paying it today.

  17. From the West, right church wrong pew – the Vote was on HB1531, 10/2/2009 —- he voted yes and then voted no… so not only did he vote for a tax, when someone grabbed him by the arm and said if you do this we can not make up stuff like your a fiscal conservative — he flip flopped… That vote is a fact – any time someone says he never voted to raise taxes is a liar… unless of course all the State House voting record have been doctored… Lets see how Kate and John do with spinning this…

  18. Sean —

    Thank you for the update. I did some research and Drucker actually didn’t “flip flop” as much as play politics.

    On the 2nd of October, he voted YES to the billion dollar tax increase. That’s in the House records.

    That increase went to the Senate who, thankfully, said no to it and cut the tax down by a half-billion dollars plus.

    When the Senate version of the bill went back to the House, Drucker voted no on it.

    I am not sure if that was a political decision to make himself appear fiscally conservative (as you suggest) — or if it was because Mr. Drucker believed the tax should have been higher like he originally voted for.

    Perhaps some of Mr. Drucker’s supporters can enlighten me whether this was about politics or about him wanting a higher tax than finally passed.

    1. 3 points, John:

      – “Warren would not waste time on a non-issue like 422”. 422 is a “non-issue”? So why would Drucker want to spend almost $500,000,000 of our money on a non-issue?

      – Kampf’s 15% reduction in government is verified – see my post above.

      – As for Drucker’s “rounding”, who’s gonna tell those 247 people that thought they were getting jobs.

      1. Forget those 247 people — his most recent JOBS flyer claims he is part of 7,000 new jobs. So not only is he claiming the construction jobs (new is a semantic claim – Is a company starting up because of it?) , but he’s lumping them in with the office/retail jobs which as John so clearly stated are about “rounding” and to challenge them would indict any project seeking federal funding. Systemic kind of fraud. Is that why you used the word “indict?”

      2. During last night’s Mayor report at the Phoenixville Borough Council meeting, Mayor Leo Scoda, honorary chairman of Drucker’s re-election campaign, stated he was not in favor of tolling 422.

        If you were to watch a broadcast of that meeting, the Mayor’s report is at the end of the meeting; about 3 hours in. Yes, it was a long night.

      3. Thank you for the update, Ken. From the article in the Times Herald in early April titled, Rep. Paul Drucker Favors 422 Tolling, quoting Mr. Drucker, ” “As I understand the proposal, the only way that 422 can be developed, along with the light-rail line, is by tolling,” he told The Times Herald.”

        John Petersen commented on this blog on 4/10, “Paul suggesting this idea is probably one of the most politically misguided suggestions I have heard in quite some time.”

        Guess Drucker’s now doing the pre-election backpedal…

    2. So he voted for the $1 Billion tax increase in other words.

      Also, I think the concurrence was the later vote (10/7 or 10/9) that he voted no on…that pesky politics thing again.

      The GOP Senate CUT the $1 Billion tax increase Drucker voted yes on.

      Either way, Drucker voted yes and you just confirmed something you earlier said, “can’t be true”

  19. John —

    Of course you would never “confirm” a fact that is detrimental to Paul. But the research you provided does.

    The vote on 10/7 was not a concurrence — that was the House Democrats and Drucker voting YES to a $1 Billion tax increase.

    And the vote on 10/9 was the concurrence with the lower tax sent back by Senate Republicans.

    So my original question still stands:

    Did Paul do this for politics – or – because the second vote was too low a tax for his tastes?

  20. Did someone say that Paul Drucker does not favor tolling 422? He is misinformed or Drucker did a great fliperoo…
    The media’s report
    Paul’s own website
    or maybe from his web site two months later

    or just google it, there are over 228,000 links you can check…
    Man this just gets easier and easier – first Johnnie Boy starts agreeing with the folks making sense and now this…
    Good night all

  21. all this fuss….

    I don’t like either candidate. Can we get a 3rd options? someone with honesty, integrity and independent of partisan ideals. Ideas that are not selfish. Not at the mercy of what the ‘party’ standards are.

    These discussions are like OJ Simpson trials. If it don’t fit, you must acquit.

  22. CJ
    I have no great affection for either candidate, but the mailers from Mr. Drucker’s side are getting very hard to tolerate. Today I saw one in the trash at the post office that says that Mr. Kamp will cut thousands of kids from health care and will cause higher property taxes. “Not For Us” and “Not on our Side”….. There is not a single thing on the mailer about who the opponent is or why we should vote for hiim. If. Mr. Kamp is running on a record that people don’t like, then run against Mr. Kamp. Mr. Drucker isn’t saying anything. There is a picure with scisors and Kampf cuts. So does this mean we are supposed to be scared out of voting at all? Who can I trust???????????????

  23. anyone remember 2008? I swear from all the Drucker mailers I did not learn anything about him, but I saw plenty (negative) about Guy. There was Guy with Senator Rick Santorum and and explanation of sleepovers or something silly – There was Guy with Cheyney, Guy with Bush… It was amazing that Paul could win an election by smearing one guy and never saying – “I am for…” whatever it is he is for – I mean we ultimately learned what he is for, A Billion Dollar Tax increase, A billion dollars in new spending, 600 Million for a luxury spa and golf course and other pork projects… I applaud (transparency alert — I am an unpaid volunteer for Warren) Warren for doing positive mailers to allow people to get to know him and his good works and what he believes in AND what we need… Pauls first mailers – belong right where they ended up – in the trash with the other grabage.

    1. Guy was a mouthpiece for the Archdiocese of Philadelpha whose primary job was damage control over the sex abuse scandal.

      No Sean, there was plenty we knew about Guy.

  24. Warren is a good and honest man. Is he perfect, heck no. But I can tell you from the campaign side when things have gone wrong and mistakes have been made, Warren has impressed me by standing up and taking the blame even when something was not his fault… Character means a lot for me as I have little kids, I want to point to someone and say that person is a good person, I can do that with Warren. I do not like Paul’s politics but you have never seen me slam him personally… I can speak about Warren as I got to know him, I only know Paul and Guy’s politics…

    1. So, John, have you made up your mind yet on who you are going to vote for? lol

      Accusations of a homosexually? Really? How utterly hilarious…
      I guess its better than the whole Nazi/Holocaust rant that I expected from you. You have really grown and matured over the last few months!

  25. So John, now I am gay? I do not want to make a joke and be insensitive to those that are gay or are struggling with their sexuality but I I have been called many things in my years, being called gay though is a first for me.
    Each week you find a different tag to hang on my neck (all wrong so far so no surprise)… I just did not know you would be so low as to call someone you never met, gay.
    Stay classy John… Stay classy!

  26. Pattye
    Is there any way you could take out the feature that allows people to “reply” rather than to continue posting. If people could not hit reply to an earlier post, it would allow all of us to follow the conversation sequentially. As it is, people hit reply and the comment might be to something way up the list, and then they can respond in a new place. John is a master of it — picks a fight one spot in the posts and then goes elsewhere in the same post to pick another one. I answer him as “reply” but find that he only responds to the fights he picks — and we don’t get resolution, just innuendo. Mike above asked John for some analysis — John had a gotcha moment and then moved on to take on the public execution of Warren Kampf. The fact that people can post “out of order” makes it all hit or miss.

    Anyway, just a suggestion.

    1. Andrea, I agree, sometimes it is confusing. But why not fix the problem yourself and just don’t answer John Petersen?

      He is a small dot on the radar and really is irrelevant to the discussion Kampf vs Drucker. We all know his position. It is well exposed. I have been responding less and less, but appreciate the work Pattye puts in to try and have a forum for reasonable discussion. Still, it is insane to go back and forth with him. If he has no one to respond to, maybe he will get real therapy instead of using this board for his catharses.

  27. I wrote: **
    The Drucker way does seem to be woefully short on information/facts and analysis. VERY LONG on ugliness.
    John Wrote:
    This from someone whose name name is on the latest Kampf mailer.
    Sorry Andrea, I can’t get into substantive debates with those who support violating our local constitution for the benefit of political friends. ”

    My comments were to ask you to address (with source material as Mike requested) the issues of the rainy day fund. WHERE did that name come from?

    A reserve fund is all about bond rating and nothing more, since tax increases at the township level do not require taxpayer approval. So here’s the theory you want us to absorb:
    The township overcollects taxes and puts it in the bank. When expenses are increased, the township raises taxes and asks taxpayers to dig into their savings if their incomeo does not support it. Now — you have an issue with the township digging into its own savings (which is already OUR money) and you believe that is mismanagement. I do not agree.

    As to whether or not you want to have a “substantive” debate (I find the use of the word substantive when it comes to your oratory a bit misplaced) with me because my name is on Warren’s most recent mailer — I’ll explain that despite not needing to. As a 3 term school board member, I was asked if I would be part of an endorsement piece for Warren Kampf in this election. That means I am endorsing Warren as my choice over Mr. Drucker. For me, that was an easy call. You continue to talk about Mr. Kampf’s flaws (as does Mr. Drucker I might add), but there is absolutely no evidence for me to support Mr. Drucker. Even he doesn’t have anything good to say about himself — his mailers either have talking points about how he helped fix the pension fund, or how he provided funding for the PTC (funding? ), and I cannot get past the use of a picture with Dwight Evans that did not include Duane Milne. I believe that Warren is better positioned to reflect fiscal conservatism, regardless of how you continue to point out the decisions he made that you find flawed. If I thought anyone was a perfect candidate, I would be surprised, as politics with all its ugliness does not draw people who have any kind of thin skin. But I have only seen Kampf mailers about what Kampf will do — he highlights the differences between himself and his opponent. Mr. Drucker cannot shine a light on himself as he’s in the dark with the rest of the back room dealers.

    I DO take umbrage with your continued ignorance about the pension system and the local school board governance in the past. But since you absolutely have no substantive information relating to my time on the school board — or you would know just how inaccurate you are — there is no point in debating or offering up opinions.

    Listen — I said before — politics is about what some people know and what other people believe — I believe Warren Kampf offers this community a better shot at new thinking than Paul Drucker does. The mere fact that Mr. DRucker would point out in response to Pattye’s question about pensions that he has “fixed” the system (knowing it was a house vote only, that it didn’t fix anything, and that the PSEA would hammer his party if he did anything more than that) is enough for me to want to give another voice a try. I know you irritate Warren Kampf. I know you are determined to cause his demise at all costs…..I just wish you had a candidate worthy of your loyalty. Whatever the issues in Tredyffrin, I believe the township is on solid footing. I didn’t agree with how the SDGC was handled, and I communicated such. It was reconciled. So you can continue to go back in time to warn me about WK, but I am about the future — and I believe our community and its values would be better served with a new voice — one that doesn’t owe Dwight Evans anything.

    1. John writes to me:
      If Kampf is your kind of guy – great. It means your OK with how things have been. Your OK with decisions like St. David’s. Your OK with a government that does deals for political insiders and friends at the expense of the rest of us

      Tit for Tat — “If Drucker is your kind of guy, it means you are okay with claims of fixing the pension system when in fact nothing has been done and the efforts to date have been window dressing”. If Drucker is your kind of guy, it means you are okay with the state passing a budget where it knew that $250M (or thereabouts) was not coming from the Feds…but passed it anyway.
      Bottom line — if “Kampf is my guy” it means one thing — I choose Kampf over Drucker in this election. My tag line…. I believe our community and its values are likely to be better served with a new voice — one that doesn’t owe Dwight Evans anything. To me, the clear choice for that new voice in this election is Warren Kampf.

  28. You can’t get past the picture of Drucker with Dwight Evans. For me, I can’t get past the picture of Kampf with the cardboard check for the Fire Company, (after he voted to take money from the fire company). Yes, with cameras rolling, Kampf took his cardboard check moment. The fire company and St. Davids ethical issues make it impossible for me to support Warren Kampf. Looking at that list of supporters on Kampf’s mailer, I guess Bill DeHaven, Trish Kreek and JD also found it difficult to support the man. And the last time I checked I believe they are all Republicans.

    Whether or not they are supporting Paul Drucker is their business, but certainly as ‘elected’ officials they were also asked to support Kampf . . . and couldn’t do it! Just because you don’t support Drucker, doesn’t mean that you have to support Kampf. As a republican myself, I certainly can’t support him.

  29. Anonymous
    If you are someone who plans to vote, instead of leaving the decision to someone else, you have to make a choice. I have done so. And I have done so because of what I believe to be one candidate running on what he has done (Kampf), and the other running on what his opponent has done (is this because Drucker hasn’t done much imo). From the West has given us examples of Druckers votes that defy his claim of fiscal conservatism. I believe those votes were political payback for HIS cardboard check moment.

    WHich brings me back to the picture with Dwight Evans. Mr. Evans has been chair of appropriations for the Dems since 1991, The PTC overlaps the region with Duane Milne and Paul Drucker. The picture was only of Paul Drucker because it was a deal…. and calling it “funding” troubles me. FUNDING for that project is hardly a million dollar moment….and if it was truly to publicie the regional effort, it would have included Duane Milne … except he’s an R (who didn’t vote for the budgets Drucker did ultimately)

    I understand the ire over the cardboard check in Tredyffrin, but it was a public effort to restore funding when the hard cuts were made. I don’t agree with the cuts per se but I’m not on the BOS and I stand by the notion that we elect people to do a job. I listen to the angst about any kind of taxes and know that this community wants it both ways. The method of the cardboard check for the fire departments may trouble you, but the motive (to restore funding cuts) is not something I object to. I do not think it is wrong to raise public awareness about the fundraising.
    Bill DeHaven and Trish Kreek being silent on the topic can go both ways — they aren’t endorsing either candidate. Warren Kampf replaced Trish Kreek on the BOS — so I would assume from that (and her letter to the editor which I considered somewhat petty) would tend to suggest she might harbor some level of bitterness for WK and the party. Bill DeHaven is a maverick — to call him either a D or an R would be to disregard his independence. I respect and listen to his opinions, but WK’s campaign is neither helped nor hurt by names not on his mailer.
    If you want to note names missing, you meed to acknowledge that Judy D is on the mailer….and she certainly had the option to refuse. So you can look at the glass as half full, half empty, or broken. I agree that just because someone does not support Drucker doesn’t mean they have to support Kampf — but I stand by my statement — I believe our community and its values are likely to be better served with a new voice — one that doesn’t owe Dwight Evans anything. I consider owing him to be far more burdensome than calling in chits to raise money for the fire fighters.

    1. Certainly got an answer for everthing don’t you? Fire Funding solicitation by supervisors certainly ‘stretches’ the guideliness of the Home Rule Charter. St. Davids & the $50K sidewalk mess — I don’t reward Kampf’s unethical behavior with my vote. Don’t think that belongs in Harrisburg. You are right about one thing Andrea, we elected these people to govern, wish some did a better job!.

      So the absence of names on Kampf’s flyer neither helps nor hurts him. What about the ones that are on the list — is that going to help him? JD not being on the list won’t hurt him but Judy D. on the list helps him? And the retired school board people on the list — they’re going to help him get votes?

  30. If you are trying to bully me into a confrontation, I don’t see the point.

    I don’t have an answer for anyone but myself — and I am very comfortable with my answer. The names on the flyer are what they are — you are the one that made the leap about who is not on the list being a problem and reached the unlinked conclusion that their absence from his list was because they woudln’t support him. That was a conclusion you reached — it was not one supported by any facts.

    I simply pointed out that those on or off are who they are. I think the reasons people have “lists” of supporters is perhaps to provide a closer link to the candidate running currently, to expand the base of people that some people know. I presume that people on the list would be available to answer your questions if you know them.

    Warren Kampf is campaigning. He is campaigning personally and through media pieces about Warren Kampf. I don’t see Mr. Drucker doing the same thing — my view is that he is campaigning by trying to highlight what he wants voters to see as Warren Kampf’s negatives — doing opposition research to generate buzz.
    Why does it trouble you that I refer to the Dwight Evans picture, yet you seem to be focused on something that happened in the past — and this election for me is about the future. NO one helps anyone get votes — they simply suggest that these people are supporting him. You are free to choose what it means to you.
    Again I will close with the statement that I think reflects my position:
    I believe our community and its values are likely to be better served with a new voice — one that doesn’t owe Dwight Evans anything. To me, the clear choice for that new voice in this election is Warren Kampf.

    1. John writes: “So just because YOU don’t see something, it does not exist. There have been several pieces that highlight Paul’s accomplishments.”

      Not at all what I said. I simply pointed out that Mr. Drucker’s campaign pieces that I have seen (mailed to my home) have all been negative assaults on Mr. Kampf or a series of claims regarding the state budget (no tax increases — but a budget yet to be balanced), the infamous 7,000 jobs (seed money to a developer converted to funding to create these jobs), and fixing the pension system to save billions (in fact, didn’t fix it just passed a house-only bill extending the pension system and modifying its variables).

      You keep wanting me to denounce Mr. Kampf and magically ignore my concerns about Mr. Drucker. It’s a CHOICE John. You make decisions using other data points. I don’t think you are tilting at windmills – I’m not trying to convert you John. I’m explaining why I believe that Paul Drucker’s affiliation with Dwight Evans causes me more concern than WK’s connection to any local residents.
      I cannot comment on behalf of others, but I believe you are overreaching with a comment (regarding those on the mailer’s support) that “It means to me that those on the list openly support dishonest and unethical government..” That’s a pretty bold statement attacking a very significant group of people who have served as elected officials in this community. Example: School board — 20-30 hours a week 10 months a year — no pay — because we care. Not sure anything about that job description warrants your summary judgment of “openly support{ing{ dishonest and unethical government.”
      And John — from your earlier post about directed at me “When people like you support ethically and morally compromised people like Kampf, it can only mean that you share that candidate’s value system” — — again you are judging issues without merit. Should I say “people like you” (what does that mean anyway?) who choose to accept negative campaigning and stunts with $1,000,000 checks made out to a developer clearly meant to enhance his candidacy from Dwight Evans clearly don’t care about back room deals in Harrisburg. Certainly not. I believe you care about a great many issues. We simply see this election from a different perspective.
      Mr. Evans bio:
      Evans began his career in the House in 1980 when at the age of 26, he was elected to represent the people of the 203rd legislative district in Northwest Philadelphia. He was elected Democratic Chairman of the Appropriations Committee in 1990, a position he has held ever since.
      With all the history behind the pension problems, the state budget problems, the increases in income tax rates in PA over time — I believe Mr. Evans solidifies his power each time we send a “D” to Harrisburg. The check payable to a developer was unsettling to me. You refer to the “cardboard check moment” with Mr. Kampf, but I recall THAT check was made out to
      our local firefighters.

      You can choose to parse the words I have used by trying to refute each statement, but in the end, it’s a choice we all must make if we care about our government. So I will conclude yet again — I believe our community and its values are likely to be better served with a new voice — one that doesn’t owe Dwight Evans anything. To me, the clear choice for that new voice in this election is Warren Kampf.

      The redundancy of my answers to your posts is getting tiresome. Perhaps Pattye can shut down this post and we can start anew with this week’s question to the candidate ?

  31. Everyone:

    I wanted to pass along a story given the accusation that Warren does not care about his community, which is so funny it makes the gay comment look trite.
    On Saturday, Paul had a choice — he could be at the Blues fest whopping it up and stumping for votes, or he could have been with State Rep Duane Milne and State Senator Dinniman, they were in WILSON PARK to speak to the hundreds (if not 1500 people) assembled to participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Light the Night walk. This is a chance to shake hands of the heroes of our community – those people who raise money for and HONOR the people afflicted with awful blood cancers. Its one of those moments that people respect politicians for showing up and supporting thier cause – Rep Milne gave a nice speech thanking everyone for their efforts. Senator Dinniman, who baiscally pushed his way on stage – echoed the same and explained his Mother’s loss to Leukemia.
    Drucker? Mingling with real people in a somber moment where you have to be a real person? No way! he went the pulled pork sandwhich and beer approach instead of actually shaking hands of people making a difference. I have more than one of these examples over the last few weeks but lets just say that they will reach a bigger audience than here.

    Care about the community – ha! To steal a quote from the West Wing, I figured out who Johnnie Boy Peterson is… “Your not satan, your the guy who goes into the 7-11 to buy Satan a pack of cigarrettes.”


    1. As one of the co-chairs of the 2nd Annual Paoli Blues Fest, you really have some nerve demeaning this event! Hundreds of volunteers worked on this event for 9 months, devoting hundreds of hours of their time. The local business community and individuals helped us with the $30K budget — didn’t cost the taxpayers a dime! Thousands of people turned out for this community event and how dare you slander it!! Just for the record, Milne and Drucker were the only elected officials who cared enough about the community to have a table. As for Wilson Farm Park on Saturday — Drucker actually left the Blues Fest to go to Wilson Farm Park to meet with a group of parents with children with learning challenges and disabilities. He met with the parents at the disabilities children’s park in Wilson Farm Park that he helped create.

      Sean, I’m very disappointed that you would choose to caste any negativity on our annual blues festival that so many in the community supported, including MYSELF as one of the 2 co-chairs.

      1. Pattye
        If it helps, I don’t think anyone reading Sean’s post would draw any conclusion that the Blues Fest was any kind of second class effort. WHile I was unable to attend, I understand it was again a fabulous event. I believe you have stated before the Paul Drucker is a friend of yours and I believe he was perfectly entitled to attend your event in this community. There is no comparison between the two events even worth discussion. Kudos to you for your efforts — don’t let this silly political baiting create any ill will. You are neutral on this site and that’s what makes it go.
        Thanks for all you do.

    2. If any readers outside the small circle of obsessed political insiders are even paying attention anymore, comments like those by Sean, Andrea and others must seem incredibly petty.

      The continual pairing of Rep. Drucker with a certain Phildelphia politician ( do i sniff racial animus or the deliberate effort to stir it up in readers?) clearly is meant to cast a shadow in the true Karl Rove tradition. Meanwhile. they want readers to believe that Warren Kampf’s relationships with disgraced attorney Jeffry Rottwitt and fired (and under federal investigation)Turnpike Commissioner Tim Carson apparently carry no taint.

      Warren campaigns at a 9/11 memorial event and shows up unannounced at a Heroes fundraiser to upstage the planned program and present an American flag to the parents of a fallen hero – and that’s considered entirely proper. But if Rep. Drucker chooses to support the Paoli business community and spend the afternoon talking with voters at an annual event, he’s open to crtiticism.

      You’re ( not your, Sean) hypocrites.

      Sean and Andrea, your intentions are crystal clear. You have co-opted this blog to promote Warren and demonize Paul despite the fact that Warren has dismissed CM as unworthy as a forum for campaign discussion.

      Your game plan is fully revealed. I’m sure you are chomping at the bit to rip into Question # 3 – a question to which no one will ever know the answer from the your Republican candidate for the 157th.

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