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Setting the Record Straight on Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Supervisors Meeting

There has been talk about what happened to the recording of Monday night’s Board of Supervisors meeting. For those watching the recording at home, the taping abruptly stopped at 11:20 PM and (as one of the 2 audience members that stayed until the end) I know that the meeting went until 11:45.

The missing footage included the voting on the zoning ordinance amendment and the registration ordinance, as well as the public budget meeting discussion. Although I reported the results of the voting, some people were troubled and wanted an explanation.

To get an answer and put the conspiracy theory to rest, I called Gene Donahue, the Comcast representative in charge of the township’s public access channel, for answers. According to Gene, the time setting on the meeting was 4 hours but the meeting went over the 4 hours. According to Gene, this should not have posed a problem as he was aware the meeting was going over time setting. But when Gene attempted to switch to a second computer to keep providing the feed, there was a brown-out and he could not continue to providing live coverage. However . . . understanding the problem, Gene stayed very late in to the night (remember it was already 11:45 when the meeting ended) and recovered the missing section of the meeting. By 7 AM yesterday morning the recording of the supervisors meeting is running in its entirety. No missing footage – no conspiracy.

I would encourage you to watch a re-run of the meeting. Here is a link for the Public Access TV Channels Guide:

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  1. After reading some of the comments and conspiracy theories about this broadcast problem, I think it is time to remind everyone that:

    a) Gene Donahue works for Comcast and his salary is paid by Comcast, not the township

    b) all of the retirees who help Gene produce the biweekly broadcasts are volunteers (and they are on their feet for very long periods)

    c) technology is not always perfect

    Our township is very fortunate to have Gene, the studio & equipment, and the volunteers – many other local governments do not have anything comparable.

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