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Go Green . . . With Tredyffrin’s 1st Eco-Garden Tour

Nine eco-gardeners in Tredyffrin Township will welcome the public in to their backyards this Saturday. The Tredyffrin Backyard Eco Tour will offer an opportunity to see how these community members are gardening in an environmentally friendly way. Living in a sustainable community nowadays is becoming more important as our water and non-renewable resources are becoming scarcer.

The eco-garden tour is Saturday, August 6, 11 AM – 4 PM, rain or shine; tickets are priced at $10. The starting point for the tour is the Tredyffrin Township Library parking lot at 582 Upper Gulph Road in Strafford. Arrive at the library parking lot between 10:45 AM – 3 PM to pick up your ticket and a garden tour map. Homeowners will be available at each of the tour stops to answer your questions. Eco-garden tour chairperson is Cheryl Bittner and is sponsored by the Tredyffrin Township Democratic Committee.

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  1. Pattye, how do you know our water is getting “scarcer”? ( I thought I asked this already.. maybe didn’t hit the submit button. thanks

  2. To say that our “water is getting scarcer” is a totally unsubstaniated statement that some people like to espouse to add to the hysteria of the “global warming”, “climate change” , ‘green” movement – or whatever they’re calling it today.

  3. Pattye, you didn’t realize you were triggering one of the talking points that reliably gets a response by the faux news crowd.

    Fact: there is a scientific consensus that global warming or climate change is occurring. Don’t bother digging up the handful of scientists who claim otherwise.They are in the very distinct minority. There is no loner any serious dispute on this issue. beyond FoxNewsWorld.

    But a more pressing issue is water. People have been living with the effects of global warming for some time, but the global demand for water has tripled in the last 50 years while water tables are falling in many populated areas of the world, including parts of the US.

    Right now a third of all mainland U.S. counties face water shortages – including some in PA. And itey will get worse in the coming decades. See the July 10,2010 issue of USA Today for more info.

    The problem is not that the planet is running out of water. Tthe earth’s water is part of a closed system. But most of it is salt water, and we haven’t figured out how to affordably desalinate water yet. And though fresh water is abundant in some areas of the world, it is scarce and getting more scarce in others. And water isn’t very portable.

    So FF and TV, it’s a “substantiated” fact that drinkable water is getting more scarce ,and that global warming is partly to blame, along with the increase in global population and their density in some parts of the world.

    In any case, we should do our part to conserve water because it costs money and takes energy to purify and distribute – regardless of whether we believe generally accepted scientific conclusions.

    1. By the way pattye, what is a “talking point”? Did that term first come in vogue during the Clinton Administration? Was it a construct of the news media? I HATE this term. thanks for listening

      What is meant by a closed system, considering the earths water? That it doesn’t come from outer space? Who substantiated the fact? kate? Foxnews world? Don’t dig up handful of scientists who think otherwise? Surely if it appears on MSNBC it, anything, must be true!!!

      Who wrote this? I doubt the same person who in the 80’s probably had on her bumper ” question authority”.

      Such intolerance from those who PREACH tolerance and openmindedness. Shrewd. and it worked for awhile.
      “We are the people we were waiting for”.. ba humbug Change is a coming again

        1. Sorry for the confusion. Juggling a couple of things here.

          I just was wondering, since Kate has referred on numerous occasions about “talking points” to dismiss any comments that irritate her, I thought to ask where this term came from.

          Guess I just had a Seinfeld moment.

  4. pattye, no talking points. Just as some Liberals have ripped off Wall Street, there is more to a story than just one view.

    I am faintly aware of a water battle in the west, where environmental lobbies had at least previously succeeded in having a river rerouted to protect some species. I can be corrected on the details but the upshot was that farmers were being deprived of water for their farms. This man made shortage has nothing to do with global warming. I can only imagine, when the entreprenurial spirit returns to this country, someone creating economically sensible desalinazation plants to purify the oceans waters. And maybe get the water to run our cars too. I am sure that would create some kind of waste, and there would be some looney fringe group protestiong about that, but just some thoughts.

    Going to stoke my windmill before global warming melts me like the bad witch of the west.. thanks

  5. Just to substantiate the claim that a water shortage does not actually exist where we live, please check out the website .
    It updates weather info every day and currently shows that the Philly region has year to date precip of 28.80″ and the normal year to date is 25.52″. What a nice surplus of water….looks like global warming has decided to bypass the Philly area. And we live in an area of high population density. Looks like your arguments don’t hold water, Kate. The fact is that we have the resources to turn precip into potable water, the poorer countries do not. They get the precip but mostly because of corrupt governments they do not have the resources to make their water safe for human consumption. Global warming is not preventing them from having drinkable water, Kate.

    1. You must really have too much time on your hands – Pattye makes an announcement about a garden tour and you decide that requires a rant on the average rainfall in Philadelphia. Unbelievable. I’m looking forward to Saturday’s local tour.

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